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Previously available as part of the Harmonia - Deluxe box set, this album features live material and studio recordings showing them at their best.


Tiki-Taka At Harmonia Studio In Forst (1975)
Live At Onkel Pö In Hamburg (1975)
Proto-Deluxe At Harmonia Studio In Forst (1975)
Live At Farbrik In Hamburg (1975)


Musik Von Harmonia - Remastered

Musik Von Harmonia is the debut album from the highly influential Krautrock/Kosmische Musik group Harmonia. Harmonia, was formed by the addition of Neu! guitarist Michael Rother to Cluster, the duo of Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius. They recorded the album from June to November 1973, in Forst Germany.

Ned Raggett's review for Allmusic opens: "The debut Harmonia album is at once a product of their source bands and a fine new twist on them, resulting in music that captures what for many is the Krautrock ideal..." He adds "'s at once playful and murky, steady and mechanical, a supergroup of sorts who easily achieves and maintains such a seemingly overstated status by embracing a variety of approaches that work wonders."


Darryl says: Sublime Krautrock album, and one of the best in my humble opinion, from the combined talents of Michael Rother from Neu! and Moebius and Roedelius of Cluster fame.


1 Watussi
2 Sehr Komisch
3 Sonnenschein
4 Dino
5 Ohrwurm
6 Ahoi
7 Veterano
8 Hausmusik

Harmonia was a Krautrock supergroup, containing Roedelius and Moebius from Cluster and Michael Rother from Neu! Recorded and released in 1975, this was a perfect combination of the sounds of the two bands, ESSENTIAL!!!

Ned Raggett's review for Allmusic opens: "A touch more immediate and song-oriented than its predecessor, but no less enchanting and lovely to hear, Deluxe again features the trio experimenting with a variety of approaches, most particularly including vocals here and there for the first time."


1 Deluxe (Immer Weiter)
2 Walky Talky
3 Monza (Rauf Und Runter)
4 Notre Dame
5 Golum
6 Kekse

A milestone in the history of ambient/electronic music, this legendary 1976 album has been unavailable for nearly 10 years. Now remastered and including three previously unreleased tracks.


1. Welcome
2. Atmosphere
3. Vamos Companeros
4. By The Riverside
5. Luneburg Heath
6. Sometimes In Autumn
7. Weird Dream
8. Almost
9. Les Demoiselles
10. When Shade Was Born
11. Trace
12. Aubade


Live 1974

    The legendary Harmonia's first release in 31 years. While it's a live recording, there's no gig atmosphere - simply the sound of a band locked into a groove. "Live 1974" is a gig recording capturing Michael Rother (NEU!), Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius jamming with that typical impassive euphoria. It is more in the vein of their first album "Musik Von Harmonia": imagine the humming seascape pieces from "Neu! 75" augmented by the gently chattering rhythm patterns of Cluster's "Zuckerzeit". A recording that sounds as fresh as any work of their Krautrock influenced peers of today - Aphex Twin, Fujiya & Miyagi and Secret Machines come to mind. The five lengthy tracks here have an enveloping momentum that makes them feel like they could, or indeed should, go on forever.

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