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Rodney Cromwell

Memory Box

    'Memory Box' - the new album by Rodney Cromwell - fuses a European synthpop sensibility with a world of magical realism. It was inspired as much by the literature of Alice in Wonderland, Franz Kafka and Anna Kavan, as by its musical influences of artists such as Kraftwerk, Neu!, The Cure, Silver Apples, Oppenheimer Analysis and Polyrock. The sonic pallet of 'Memory Box' is rich, colourful, often surprising and utterly unique. Since the release of his debut 'Age of Anxiety' album in 2015, Rodney Cromwell has been featured by the likes of NME, Electronic Sound Magazine, Huffington Post, Paste, BBC6 Music and national RNE3 in Spain for whom he recorded a live session. 'Age of Anxiety' was included in a wealth of Best of Lists, not least that of Electronic Sound.

    He has appeared on compilations alongside Cavern of Anti-Matter, John Foxx, Devo, OMD, Katy Perry and many more. Rodney Cromwell is the project of Adam Cresswell. The first band he founded was SALOON, who were John Peel darlings, who recorded three Peel Sessions and the Festive 50 number 1 of 2002. They released three acclaimed albums on Track & Field (UK) and Darla Records (US) and played with a host of alternative acts including Stereolab, Electrelane, Quickspace, Laika, Of Montreal & Movietone. He followed Saloon with ARTHUR & MARTHA the acclaimed tweetronica duo that released the sole album ‘Navigation’ before vanishing. In addition to performing as Rodney Cromwell, he runs the Happy Robots record label.

    The Rodney Cromwell live set is a joyful mixed-media extravaganza, incorporating analogue synths, video visuals and live instrumentation, interjected by Rodney’s ‘offbeat wit’. His debut festival appearance at Indietracks in 2015 was described as 'like a spiritual experience". He has shared stages with acts including Pram, Marsheaux, Death & Vanilla, Rowetta and Steve Davis. His sole performance in 2020 was as part of Damo Suzuki's backing band.

    He will be promoting the album with a series of live-dates in 2022. Cromwell's recent singles 'Memory Box' and 'Get Me To Prague' received play on BBC 6 Music as well as national play in Spain, Finland and Japan. 'Memory Box' featured in the Official Festive 50 on Dandelion Radio. To coincide with the album we have early confirmed reviews with Electronic Sound Magazine and interviews with, Pennyback Music and You haven't heard this music vodcast.


    01 Intercom
    02 Opus Three
    03 Memory Box
    04 Fluctuations
    05 Waiting Room
    06 Butterflies In The Filing Cabinet
    07 Cloud Catalogue
    08 The Small Print
    09 The Department Of Public Tranquillity
    10 Wristwatch Television
    11 Calculations
    12 The Winter Palace 

    Mood Taeg


      Mood Taeg (pronounced Mood Tag) is a three-piece Scottish/German musical project split between Düsseldorf and Shanghai. The band name, a term in functional linguistics, is a reference to their day jobs, while the album title Anaphora, meaning reference to that which preceded, or came before, is a further nod to linguistics, and their own musical evolution. Mood Taeg have been described as Neo-Krautrock, combining a contemporary take on the lange gerade drumming style of Klaus Dinger and Jaki Liebezeit with the melodic sensibilities and tones of Michael Rother and Kraftwerk. However, outside of their Krautrock roots, they also cite John Carpenter, Philip Glass, Mastermind Herbie, The Beach Boys, Isao Tomita, LFO, Roy Ayers, Ennio Morricone, and Airto Moreira as musical influences. Production-wise, they look to the work of Conny Plank, Greg Wilson, and Brian Eno for inspiration.

      The band self-produce all of their music back and forth between their Shanghai and Düsseldorf studios and are part of the wider Mood Taeg Kollektiv which includes musicians, graffiti artists, DJs, photographers, painters, and video artists. They also maintain their Scottish connection through collaborations with artists such as Dundee poet Andrew French. On this new album, Mood Taeg have built on their well-received debut, Exophora. And while some motorik elements remain, patterns generally eschew repetition and evolve organically within tracks. Emphasis has also moved on from the subtle vocal textures found on Exophora, to stronger, more prominent vocal elements featuring poets (Christopher Logue), cultural critics (Michael Parenti), film makers (Alan P. Chilchier), and trade union activists (Jimmy Reid), who reflect their political, social, and cultural views.


      1. Pilomotor Reflex
      2. Squirrels Dancing Amongst Elephants
      3. Tachistoscopic Interval
      4. Diskonkordanz
      5. Ohrwurm
      6. Happiness Fragment 

      Hologram Teen


        Hologram Teen is releasing a 2-track single on 7" vinyl via London's Happy Robots Records. This is the solo electronic motorik disco project of Morgane Lhote, former long-term keyboard player of Stereolab. Originally from Paris, Morgane moved to London when she was 20 and spent 12 years there. Then she moved to NYC and, nine years later, moved to Los Angeles. Her name is known to many for her work as keyboard player in the seminal indie kosmische act Stereolab, having recorded and performed with the band during their imperial phase between 1995 and 2001, when they released a series of career defining albums including ‘Emperor Tomato Ketchup’ and ‘Dots and Loops’. Fans of Common will also be able to find Morgane on the Sgt Pepper inspired sleeve for his Electric Circus album. She followed her time in Stereolab with a stint in The Projects and, from 2005, played in Garden with members of Simian Mobile Disco before starting the Hologram Teen project.

        FOR LOVERS OF: French house, Etienne de Crecy, Deadmaus5, ESG, Umberto, Yello, Add N to X, Death in Vegas, Stereolab, Ghostbox Records, Goblin and Italian Zombie Horror Soundtracks.

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