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Alice Boman


    Alternative pop / folk.

    Second release on new London label Happy Death.

    Alice Boman’s voice hits with the emotional force and haunting fragility of Nina Simone.

    Recorded in a cabin in the woods near her home town of Malmö, Sweden.

    Boman has a penchant for creating beauty through simplicity, her lyrics are direct and incredibly revealing.

    “Muffled microphones and ghostly vocals… racked with an unplaceable nostalgia” - The Guardian

    “Alice Boman’s voice wavers between ethereal and ghostly, but its fragility doesn’t limit the force of her songs” - The Huffington Post

    For fans of Stina Nordenstam and Joanna Newsom.



      First release on new London label Happy Death.

      Ejecta are Leanne Macomber - of Neon Indian fame - and Joel Ford - formally known as GAMES with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never).

      Produced by Ford, whose credits include Autre Ne Veux, Oneohtrix Point Never and Ford + Lopatin.

      Macomber describes Ejecta as a character, one which conceptually represents her inner struggles and also as a way to deflect them.

      Unrequited love, failed attempts at adulthood and the death of a close friend are the key themes explored lyrically.

      Ejecta’s electronic pop sound hints of quintessential early 4AD releases like Cocteau Twins and This Mortal Coil, but feels fresh in a Kavinsky and Chromatics kind of way.

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