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Alison Goldfrapp

The Love Invention

    Alison Goldfrapp has set a towering bar for British synth-pop in the 21st century and she’s only just getting started. The magnetic London-born singer, songwriter and producer’s seven albums with Goldfrapp were fuelled by an unfailing modernity and a sixth sense for sounds that were more timeless than any trend. With the release of her debut solo album The Love Invention- an electrifying dance-pop suite - her multi-faceted musicianship reaches a new peak.

    The Love Invention marks Alison’s reawakening as a dancefloor priestess, in an intoxicating showcase of the disco and house influences that have always been at the heart of her musical DNA. “So Hard So Hot” bottles the ephemeral joy of a dancefloor with its anthemic house beat, disco handclaps, and an exquisitely alluring vocal from Alison. The sense of uninhibited liberation courses through album highlights like “In Electric Blue,” a yearning synth-pop confection with a chorus as blissful as love’s first butterflies. On “NeverStop,” she is flooded with the rush of an all-encompassing love over a buoyant, rubberised beat; the sublime synth-pop of “Fever” is an ode to the intoxicating majesty of the dancefloor, with a chorus that explodes as if setting off a glitter cannon.


    Love Invention
    Digging Deeper Now
    In Electric Blue
    The Beat Divine
    Hotel (Suite 23)
    Gatto Gelato
    So Hard So Hot


    Felt Mountain - 2022 Reissue

      "For countless fans listening to this day and for those involved in its creation still feeling its magic, Felt Mountain retains every ounce of meaning and depth.” Lior Phillips

      Mute/BMG announce the reissue iconic debut album from Alison Goldfrapp & Will Gregory, Felt Mountain. Originally released on 11th September 2000, the Mercury Prize nominated album has amassed over 250,000 sales in the UK alone.


      Lovely Head
      Paper Bag
      Deer Stop
      Felt Mountain
      Oompah Radar
      Horse Tears


      Head First - 2021 Reissue

        Goldfrapp’s fifth studio album, Head First, was originally released on 19 March 2010. The album debuted at number six on the UK Albums Chart, selling 23,000 copies in its first week and went on to sell over 70k units in the UK alone, It featured three singles Rocket, Alive and Believer and received a Grammy nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album. Following the reissue series of Black Cherry, Supernature & Seventh Tree by Mute/BM, this is the first time Head First has been reissued and will appear on 140g Transparent Magenta vinyl with an exclusive 12x12 art print in a gatefold sleeve.


        Head First
        Shiny And Warm
        I Wanna Life


        Seventh Tree - Vinyl Reissue

          Mute / BMG announce the long-awaited vinyl reissue of Goldfrapp’s fourth album, Seventh Tree. Out on 5 March 2021, this is one of a series of Goldfrapp vinyl releases on special edition coloured vinyl.

          Originally released in February 2008, Seventh Tree has been out of print for many years and will be reissued here as a yellow vinyl pressing in a gatefold sleeve, with an exclusive art print of the original artwork.

          Featuring the singles ‘A&E’, ’Happiness’, ‘Caravan Girl’ and ‘Clowns’, the album was written by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory and recorded at their own studio deep in the English countryside.

          Seventh Tree followed the glitterball glamour of platinum-selling album, Supernature (2005), and is very much its sensual counterpoint. Where its predecessor came cocooned in style and sex, Seventh Tree emerges gilded in the butterfly colours of an English surrealism. It shimmers and shines with the warmth of a hazy summer, an electric whirlpool of sound over which Alison’s glistening voice soars.

          Alison Goldfrapp described the album as “English romanticism with a hint of California sunshine.” while Will Gregory called it “heartache dressed in ten louche outfit”’.


          Supernature - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

          Long-awaited vinyl reissue of Goldfrapp’s third album, “Supernature”. This new, collector’s edition of the album is transparent green vinyl, packaged in a gatefold sleeve with an exclusive art print of the original artwork.

          Originally “Supernature” marks the point when Goldfrapp brought their sound to an even wider global audience - the Grammy nominated album debuted at #2 in the UK Albums Chart and the album’s lead single, the pulsing, sophisticated, glam-pop dynamo “Ooh La La”, went straight to #4 in the UK Singles Chart.

          The album generated further hits in the form of “Number 1”, “Ride a White Horse” and “Fly Me Away”. Described by The Guardian as ‘a brash, beautiful celebration of love and dancing’, the album is a colossal, multi-layered, sonic-pop thriller, a radical, confident, bold record that took a joyous step forward from 2003’s Black Cherry.


          Ooh La La (uk #4)
          Lovely 2 C U
          Ride A White Horse (uk #15)
          You Never Know
          Let It Take You
          Fly Me Away (uk #26)
          Slide In
          Satin Chic
          Time Out From The World
          Number 1 (uk #9)


          Black Cherry - 2019 Reissue

            Originally released in April 2003, Mute/BMG announce the long awaited vinyl reissue of the much sought after ‘Black Cherry’. Unavailable for many years, the album will be pressed on 140g Purple vinyl with an exclusive 12” x 12” art print.

            ‘Black Cherry’ will be the first of a series of limited edition Goldfrapp vinyl releases.

            'Black Cherry’ still builds on their trademark experimental edges from their debut ‘Felt Mountain’ and that force is every bit as evident and not a shred less relevant. On first hearing, the driving basslines of 'Train' or 'Strict Machine', or the playfully, joyously sexual 'Twist' seem a world away from some of ‘Felt Mountain’s’ atmospherics. From the heartbroken beauty of the title track and the inordinately sensual, disturbed purr of 'Deep Honey' to the sonic whirlpools of 'Tiptoe', ‘Black Cherry’ reinforces Goldfrapp’s siren–like ability to suck you into other realms.

            TRACK LISTING

            Crystalline Green
            Black Cherry
            Deep Honey
            Hairy Trees
            Strict Machine

            Goldfrapp follow up 2013’s Top 5 album ‘Tales of Us’ with the deep, dark and electronic musical palette of ‘Silver Eye’, their brand new studio album, made, for the first time, with an eclectic collection of collaborators. John Congleton, Grammy-winning producer of St. Vincent, John Grant and Wild Beasts, electronic composer Bobby Krlic, aka The Haxan Cloak and mix engineer David Wrench (The XX, Caribou, fka Twigs) have helped create an album of stomping underground electronica, sensual ethereal melodies and metal machine pop, that is undeniably Goldfrapp.  A passionate and increasingly in-demand photographer, Alison art directed and shot all the images for the album cover and the publicity campaign.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: As effervescent and brilliantly melodic as ever. Gritty synths, swirling pads and Alison's unmistakable vocal stylings. Soaring neon 80's numbers, pensive gothic ambience and shining angelic harmonies. Superb.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Anymore
            2. Systemagic
            3. Tigerman
            4. Become The One
            5. Faux Suede Drifter
            6. Zodiac Black
            7. Beast That Never Was
            8. Everything Is Never Enough
            9. Moon In Your Mouth
            10. Ocean 


            Tales Of Us

              ‘Tales Of Us’ is Goldfrapp’s sixth studio album, and is strikingly cinematic in its aural feel. The album feel like a continuation of the gentle 60s psych-pop of 'Seventh Tree', but given a filmic twist. Simple acoustic guitar work is augmented with lush, sweeping orchestration, while Alison's voice is as seductive as ever. Lush and dreamy and atmospheric, 'Tales Of Us' is an intimate offering for autumnal evenings.

              The songs’ narrative form makes sense given they were born out of a rediscovered love of cinema and the written word for singer Alison. All the songs bar one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new.

              The artwork features stunning photography of Annemarieke van Drimmelen and will form the core visual component of the marketing campaign. Additionally a stunningly beautiful film has been created by Lisa Gunning that showcases five of the songs from the album.

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