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‘Tales Of Us’ is Goldfrapp’s sixth studio album, and is strikingly cinematic in its aural feel. The album feel like a continuation of the gentle 60s psych-pop of 'Seventh Tree', but given a filmic twist. Simple acoustic guitar work is augmented with lush, sweeping orchestration, while Alison's voice is as seductive as ever. Lush and dreamy and atmospheric, 'Tales Of Us' is an intimate offering for autumnal evenings.

The songs’ narrative form makes sense given they were born out of a rediscovered love of cinema and the written word for singer Alison. All the songs bar one are named in the first person with a cast list of evocative character sketches, the contrary love affairs, the suspense, hallucinations, fairy tales and modern folklores documented and the traces of redemption they find in song take the poetry of Goldfrapp’s delicately considered music somewhere brand new.

The artwork features stunning photography of Annemarieke van Drimmelen and will form the core visual component of the marketing campaign. Additionally a stunningly beautiful film has been created by Lisa Gunning that showcases five of the songs from the album.

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