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Number six in the highly collectable Golden Lion Sounds series - featuring artists and friends of the iconic Todmorden based hub and released on limited edition vinyl. A true treasure and curio of Yorkshire musical and cultural history!

Manchester's Henge take over side A with a jaunty, indie-psyche number. Guided by a waspy synth motif and marching drums, it's as reassuringly eccentric and grooving as we've come to expect from this bunch of noisy weirdos.

Speaking of weird and wonderful, anyone who's witnessed Tirikilatops crazed live show will enjoy "Tomato", which captures all the quirky Korean-influenced madness over a kinda Eurodans / K-Pop hybrid which reflects the luminous colour palette of the 7"'s center label and somehow manages to align itself with International Teachers Of Pop and recent outings by Confidence Man all at once!

The Lion roars strong once more!! Stupendously limited copies, will sell out pronto! 


Matt says: Inspired, Korean influenced synth-pop madness here from Tirikilatops and the crazies at The Golden Lion. Meanwhile, local pranksters Henge embrace middle age, swapping the Quaaludes for valerian tea but remaining deliciously outrageous as ever.


Henge - Valerian Tea
Tirikilatops - Tomato 

On his recent trip into the shop, Golden Lion Sounds main man and Todmorden's unofficial spiritual guide Waka conjured up some back catalogue releases we'd missed and presented them to us in a holy ritual straight outta the northern spell books.

Contained within number five of the Golden Lion series are two magical movements from psychedelic wizards Carlton Melton and Dead Sea Apes; absolute stalwarts at the forefront of the new psychedelic frontier.

With both bands contributing now historical appearances at the Yorkshire venue, it's a great coup for everyone involved to get them onto one of these limited edition 7"s.

"Night Of This World" by Dead Sea Apes shimmers with a nocturnal suspense; tense, hovering drones eventually subsiding to reveal a Pagan-esque guitar motif calling out to the wild in the witching hours.

Carlton Melton deliver a psychedelic afterburner via "Lion's Roar"; turning up the feedback settings and scorching a path through their usual forest haze for this eponymous dedication to the label and venue they've loved performing at.

Splatter-eyes 3D center label. Comes with 3D glasses!


Matt says: Psychedelic fireworks and dark forest soundscapes from two titans of the scene. One of the latest clutch of unmissable and highly limited 7"s from Golden Lion Sounds.


Dead Sea Apes - Night Of This World - 07:00
Carlton Melton - Lions Roar - 06:53

Are the walls bending? Is that a leprechaun at the bar? No, you're just in the welcoming psychedelic bosom of the Golden Lion! Be at rest in this venue & cultural hub-cum-cult record label and let Waka be your spirit guide!

Number seven in the highly collectible series comes from Piccadilly favourites The Emperor Machine alongside The Summerisle Trio which is infact no other than Sean Johnson, Duncan Gray, and Sarah Rebecca who have forged the project specially for this release!!

An inappropriately named but undeniably grooving, cosmic disco track;  "Willow's Song" by the cosmic disco end boss Emperor Machine introduces the record in fine style. It's stuttered Strat, octave bass and swirling arps conspiring to take us off into a lysergic disco heaven with a definite nod to Patrick Adam's Bumblebee Unlimited project riding high throughout! The attuned and eager eared amongst you might just recognize that it is actually Gig & Waka, metaphorical parents of the Golden Lion who make a guest cameo on vocals - making this a very special release for the label indeed.
Meanwhile, The Summerisle Trio deposit a serene and dreamy interstellar ballad on side B with a take on "Willow's Song". Nestling into a star studded pillow, a wash with long reverbs and floating pads; the perfect tonic if you've danced your tits out on side A!

Super limited edition as always. Don’t sleep.


Matt says: Not only does GLS007 feature Todmorden's cultural ambassadors and Golden Lion gatekeepers Gig and Waka, we get a luxe and serene debut from The Summerisle Trio. A real and highly collectable treasure from this rich seem of musical heritage.


A: The Emperor Machine - Dance Your Tit Out! (4:07)
Additional Vocals By Gig & Waka.

A: The Summerisle Trio - Willow's Song (4:17)
Sean Johnston, Duncan Gray And Sarah Rebecca.

Todmorden's cultural flagship Golden Lion Sounds are back with their forth record in what feels like as many weeks! After gracing us with The Orielles, Dub Smugglers, The Lounge Society and Working Men's Club, Waka's snaffled the delectable talents of disco sensation Crazy P and the psychedelic-pop utterances of one Jane Weaver - I've said it once and I'll say it again - what a coup!

Apparently now as happy pulling pints behind the GL's beer taps as she is wooing global audiences with her sulty electro-disco style, Danielle Moore fronts Crazy P and for GLS adopts one of her effortlessly cute personas, dropping fizzy 'shoops' over an iconically typical CP groove complete with flanging, low-slung bass, delicate guitar picks and that driving 4/4 that'd make James Murphy blush. "Make Me Feel It" another one of those tracks that instantly makes you feel young and vitalic.

Jane Weaver, who's frequently populated our End Of Year lists with some incredible albums for Fire and Finders Keepers, reworks one of the killer tracks off 2019's "Loops In The Secret Society": "Mission Desire". An ethereal, dusty jaunt into spiraling psychedelic abandon it's perfect for soundtracking the cleansing period which comes after sampling too many of Waka's concoctions foraged from Todmorden's surrounding countryside....

Stupendously limited copies! Buy now or cry later! 


A. Crazy P - Make Me Feel It
B. Jane Weaver - Mission Desire (Loops Variation)

The third 7" from Golden Lion Sounds - so far proving very popular with our customers; pre-orders are essential on these instant-sell-out units!

Local faves Gnod and Dub Smugglers join the Todmorden-based massive for a double A-side of industrial-dubwise-experimentation!

The Islington Mill dwelling force of Gnod bashes out some primordial beats over Paddy's idiosyncratic shout-n-drawl. Skeletal but vicious, and awash with primitive, primal energy.

MCR's primo dub outfit vacate their natural home of Moss Lane East and skip over the hills with an array of fine digi-dub units - "Paint It Blacker" a technicoloured digi-stepper littered with echo, sweeps and sirens; with an uptempo energy that'll work in the dance!


Matt says: GLS are unstoppable! After mining the two best upcoming bands from Calderdale and beyond, Waka turns his sights onto Manchester - enlisting two of our city's finest acts for a double A side disc of industrial and dubwise pressure. Check!


A: Dub Smugglers Sound System - Nuevo Comienzo 2021 
A: Gnod - Paint It Blacker

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