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Todmorden's cultural flagship Golden Lion Sounds are back with their forth record in what feels like as many weeks! After gracing us with The Orielles, Dub Smugglers, The Lounge Society and Working Men's Club, Waka's snaffled the delectable talents of disco sensation Crazy P and the psychedelic-pop utterances of one Jane Weaver - I've said it once and I'll say it again - what a coup! 

Apparently now as happy pulling pints behind the GL's beer taps as she is wooing global audiances with her sulty electro-disco style, Danielle Moore fronts Crazy P and for GLS adopts one of her effortlessly cute personas, dropping fizzy 'shoops' over an iconically typical CP groove complete with flanging, low-slung bass, delicate guitar picks and that driving 4/4 that'd make James Murphy blush. "Make Me Feel It" another one of those tracks that instantly makes you feel young and vitalic. 

Jane Weaver, who's frequently populated our End Of Year lists with some incredible albums for Fire and Finders Keepers, reworks one of the killer tracks off 2019's "Loops In The Secret Society": "Mission Desire". An ethereal, dusty jaunt into spiralling psychedelic abandon it's perfect for soundtracking the cleansing period which comes after sampling too many of Waka's concoctions foraged from Todmorden's surrounding countryside.... 

Stupendously limited copies! Buy now or cry later! 


A. Crazy P - Make Me Feel It
B. Jane Weaver - Mission Desire (Loops Variation)

The third 7" from Golden Lion Sounds - so far proving very popular with our customers; pre-orders are essential on these instant-sell-out units!

Local faves Gnod and Dub Smugglers join the Todmorden-based massive for a double A-side of industrial-dubwise-experimentation!

The Islington Mill dwelling force of Gnod bashes out some primordial beats over Paddy's idiosyncratic shout-n-drawl. Skeletal but vicious, and awash with primitive, primal energy.

MCR's primo dub outfit vacate their natural home of Moss Lane East and skip over the hills with an array of fine digi-dub units - "Paint It Blacker" a technicoloured digi-stepper littered with echo, sweeps and sirens; with an uptempo energy that'll work in the dance!


Matt says: GLS are unstoppable! After mining the two best upcoming bands from Calderdale and beyond, Waka turns his sights onto Manchester - enlisting two of our city's finest acts for a double A side disc of industrial and dubwise pressure. Check!


A: Dub Smugglers Sound System - Nuevo Comienzo 2021 
A: Gnod - Paint It Blacker

Second installment from the Todmorden based, Golden Lion Sounds; the newly inaugarated record label born outta the infamous North West venue and cultural hub.

Volume 2 in their highly collectable 7" release features Piccadilly favourites The Orielles, alongside the rambunctious, Speed Wunderground-signed The Lounge Society  - so it's a Halifax and Hebden Bridge affair on this local labour of love; with grand and global ambitions!

Taking turns to collab on each other's tracks must always been a buzz, and here each act treat the other's to a power up behind the mixing desk. The Lounge Society treat The Orielles' "Euro Borealis" to a jangly, indie-disco refix; full of metallic Strats, large keyboard bass and 4/4 energy. The Orielles, in turn; join the boys for a new version of "Burn The Heather": turning out a kinda mid-90s jazzy d'n'b jam - referencing Squarepusher, Photek and a plethora of other breakbeat manipulators as they layer up the taur guitar lines and the MESian vox of the OG in a perfect hybrid. 

Another winner from't hills! Limited copies...  


A: The Lounge Society X The Orielles - Euro Borealis (The Lounge Society Remix) - 04:08
A: The Orielles X The Lounge Society - Burn The Heather (The Lounge Society Re-work) - 04:23

Ok you've heard the story now hear the music!! One of the modern North's proudest and realest stories, a true tale of grit and determination, seeing a tired old venue going onto become the centre of cultural invention and integrety for a whole generation of digital rapscallions, nu-hippies and still-chugging acid casulaties looking for better views but no less quieter life.

Lost? You shouldn't be - The Golden Lion, based in Todmorden, has dragged itself out of small town life and shines as a beacon of artistic innovation amongst a (don't-say-bohemian) set of workers, creatives, comer-iners and comer-outers as money from the South slowly drifts North. The result, after years of building up their reputation as one of the best (read: only) place outside Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool you're guaranteed to hear good music, on a week-by-week basis; built amongst an unpretentious set and setting.

The result of all this blood and guts is that main man Waka has now got the steam to expand his dream further into the wild world of record distribution. Inaugurating Golden Lion Sounds with two of the hottest new bands on our tight circuit: W. H Lung & Working Men's Club; who each contribute a track each for a double-A of raw, independant, DIY power!

'Lung's effort is the more rocking of the two, a wide-eyed ode to JCC laced with guilded guitars, Big Drums and expansive vision.

WMC deliver an experimental jam / remix of their track "John Cooper Clarke" - completed on lo-fi drum boxes run nice n hot in the red. Over this skeletal track we get the original vocals half-crooning with that broken falsetto. It's an accomplished remix that should keep their already massive fan base salivating for a live version!

Annnnnnnnnnd their off! What a tasty start to this label - let's see where we are in a few more releases!


A: W. H. Lung - Symmetry (3:50)
AA: Working Mens Club - John Cooper Clarke (Stephen Mallinder & Benge 'Conspiracy' Mix) (5:09)

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