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Toxic Narcotic

We're All Doomed

    Toxic Narcotic - don't know 'em yet? You should and you will, they're not for the sensitive. This is the real thing - anarchic punk rock with a 'Fuck the world' chorus line on the album's opener and a vicious growling vocalist in Bill Damon who just will not stop.

    Icons Of Filth


      One of the greatest anarcho-punk bands of all time has returned with a brand new album that stands up to their brilliant early releases. Simply put, Icons of Filth have grown in stature to underground punks all over the world. "Nostradamndedus" features their trademark brash guitars and in your face vocals. Their confrontational lyrics take to task capitalism, corporate greed and a gamut of social issues that are more timely and important today than ever before.

      The Varukers

      How Do You Sleep?

        Brand new release from this classic band. They have been making punk records since 1981 and this is their first in five years. Pure old skool punk.

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