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    First time on vinyl, Highly sought after by fans and frequently bootlegged, Limited edition color vinyl (yellow/blue/mixture of both 'surprise'

    Childish Gambino is (and isn't) Donald Glover, a recording artist, writer, actor, director, producer and comic who was gifted his alias by an online Wu Tang-Clan name-generator. Originally hailing from Stone Mountain, Georgia - his Mum was a daycare provider and his Dad a postal worker, where TV was banned in the house - Glover first entered the spotlight as a member of sketch-troupe Derrick Comedy, via a stint working on The Daily Show and the invitation to join the '30 Rock' writing staff by Tina Fey before he'd even graduated from NYU. A succession of mini-albums and mixtapes surrounded all of this, parallel to acting roles ranging from The Muppets to NBC's cult hit comedy 'Community'.  It was 2011's debut album 'Camp' - his first since signing to Glassnote Records - which marked a breakthrough for Childish Gambino, whose music explores everything from identity, race, and technology to hip-hop culture, class, and family. Follow-up 'because the internet' went top 10 on the Billboard chart, was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards and further assimilated Gambino's multiple disciplines (it was accompanied, for instance, by two films and a standalone 72-page screenplay). Around this time - and between roles in HBO's 'Girls' and movies like 'The Martian' - Glover also announced that he was working on his own TV show: a comedy-drama which he would star in, write and direct, 'Atlanta' premiered on FX this autumn to significant critical acclaim (it's already been described as "Twin Peaks with rappers"). The show w
    as launched alongside the third Childish Gambino, 'Awaken, My Love!', this summer at 'Pharos', a series of secretive, audio-visual live performances which took place in a custom-designed dome in the middle of the desert in Joshua Tree. A second series of 'Atlanta' has already been commissioned, whilst Glover has recently been cast in the forthcoming Spider Man movie and has also been confirmed to play the iconic role of Lando Calrissian in the next Star Wars film (a Han Solo spin-off). 


    1. Me And Your Mama
    2. Have Some Love
    3. Boogieman
    4. Zombies
    5. Riot
    6. Redbone
    7. California
    8. Terrified
    9. Baby Boy
    10. The Night Me And Your Mama Met
    11. Stand Tall

    Jade Bird

    Different Kinds Of Light

      The British singer-songwriter's second LP, which follows on from her self-titled 2019 debut album.

      'Different Kinds of Light' is at it's most basic about falling in love, and at its most complex, the chaos of trying to get away from your past.


      Barry says: Jade Bird writes in the classic folk tradition, with acoustic guitars and percussion working their way beneath Bird's perfectly pitched vocals, further accentuated with sweeps of synth and electric piano. It's a familiar formula, but done this well it's hard not to be bowled over.


      Open Up The Heavens
      Different Kinds Of Light
      Trick Mirror
      I'm Getting Lost
      Now Is The Time
      Red White And Blue
      Rely On

      Hamilton Leithauser

      Live! At Caf Carlyle

        Live at Cafe Carlyle is a new live album of 10 recordings from Hamilton’s annual residency at the iconic Cafe Carlyle, mixed by Leithauser.

        In its third year, he sold-out all five shows played some new songs as well as covering Big Thief’s “Not,” Randy Newman’s “Miami,” and Lana Del Rey’s “The Greatest.” He recently collaborated with Lana Del Rey during her 2019 Fall tour covering Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” as well as playing “When The Truth is...”


        The Stars Of Tomorrow
        Here They Come
        The Greatest
        Don’t Check The Score
        New England

        Hamilton Leithauser

        The Loves Of Your Life

          Hamilton Leithauser has proven himself as a master collaborator and solo artist throughout his nearly 20 year career. His latest work and second solo record “The Loves of Your Life” was written and produced by Hamilton in his home studio and is a collection of stories about real people he’s met over his years living in New York City.

          Following his time as the frontman of the Walkmen, Leithauser released the critically acclaimed collaboration with Rostam “I Had a Dream That You Were Mine” in 2016. The album debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart, #1 New Artist Album, and was named one of the Year’s Best by Pitchfork, Esquire, NPR, and more.


          The Garbage Men
          Here They Come
          Cross-Sound Ferry (Walk-On Ticket)
          Don’t Check The Score
          Til Your Ship Comes In
          The Stars Of Tomorrow
          Wack Jack
          Stars & Rats
          The Other Half
          The Old King

          Jade Bird

          Jade Bird

            Twisting big themes of disillusionment, divorce, cheating, sorrow into the realities of an independent-minded, modern British teenager, Jade’s music transcends genre with a wealth of influence coming from everywhere, and anywhere. Classic, contemporary, and a total breath of fresh air in the current musical landscape, Jade Bird is that rare, next-generation artist who appears as clued up on the past as she is determined to learn from its lessons: in control, sometimes in your face, and in possession of gifts beyond her years.

            The debut self-titled debut album via Glassnote Records. Featuring breakthrough singles Lottery, Uh Huh & Love Has All Been Done Before.

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Jade Bird's voice is simply astounding for someone so young, perfectly capturing the spirit of 70's psychedelic Americana mixed with the more subtle tones of modern emotive pop. Bird's songwriting shines through whatever medium it may present itself, from the more downbeat piano ballads and the more rocking, effusive pieces, this whole outing is an absolute delight.

            TRACK LISTING

            I Get No Joy
            Side Effects
            My Motto
            Does Anybody
            Uh Huh
            Good At It
            Love Has All Been Done Before
            Going Gone
            If I Die

            Royal Bangs return with their rollicking third album, “Flux Outside”, released in May via Glassnote Records / Cooperative Music.

            Trading instruments and production duties, band members Chris Rusk, Ryan Schaefer and Sam Stratton recorded the album in an old house in their hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee with the help of Scott Minor (Sparklehorse) and his dog, Loretta. After a few weeks of tracking, manipulating, alternately weirding and un-weirding the material, they travelled to the rural western New York studio of Dave Fridmann (Flaming Lips, Sleater Kinney, MGMT), who mixed the album with the band.

            TRACK LISTING

            01. Grass Helmet
            02. Fireball
            03. Back Then It Was Different
            04. Triccs
            05. Bull Elk
            06. Bad News, Strange Luck
            07. Loosely Truthing
            08. Faint Obelisk Two
            09. Silver Steps
            10. TV Tree
            11. Dim Chamber
            12. Slow Cathedral Melt

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