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Girl Ray


    Girl Ray, the three-piece comprising Poppy Hankin, Iris McConnell and Sophie Moss, release their much anticipated third album, Prestige, on 4th August 2023 via Moshi Moshi.

    Co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer, Ben H. Allen (M.I.A, Gnarls Barkley, Christina Aguilera, Deerhunter) along with the band’s singer and songwriter Poppy Hankin, Prestige takes the shambolic charm of their debut, Earl Grey (2017), and the indiefied R&B of 2019’s Girl, and injects it with a booster shot of Hi-NRG eighties disco pop.


    Barry says: I knew right away that 'Up' was Girl Ray, with their instrumental stylings and distinctive vocals shining through the decidedly different overarching audio narrative, which is DISCO! Bright Chic-esque guitar stabs and echoic Linn drums, atop atheltic basslines and excitable skittering hi-hats. Classic Girl Ray, perfectly infused with a neon streak.


    01. Intro
    02. True Love
    03. Up
    04. Everybody’s Saying That
    05. Love Is Enough
    06. Hold Tight
    07. Begging You Now
    08. Easy
    09. Tell Me
    10. Wanna Dance
    11. Space Song
    12. Give Me Your Love

    Girl Ray, the North London three-piece comprising 19 year-olds Poppy Hankin (guitar/vocals), Iris McConnell (drums) and Sophie Moss (bass), was formed two years ago when the band were still just 16 years old and in a twist of fate as symbolic as it was bittersweet, ‘Trouble’, their first single for Moshi Moshi was recorded on what would have been their final day of school.

    A band whose songs document the dramas of adolescence with a wit and wistfulness far beyond their years, Girl Ray are the sound of that uncertain period in everybody’s life when the rest of it starts to loom large, when feels are felt more intensely than ever before, and when every decision seems like a fork in the road on your way to adulthood. Being a teenager is a crucible of heightened emotions and transformative confusion from which the ‘real’ you will ultimately emerge, having fallen in love (and out again), outgrown friendships you thought would last forever, and changed in ways you never thought possible. What you typically won’t emerge with, however, is a debut album as richly evocative of the experience as ‘Earl Grey’.

    Recorded with their friend (and now touring guitarist) Mike O'Malley over two "intense and insane" weeks at Ramsgate's Big Jelly studios, Earl Grey is a record of invention and ambition, whose delicate, sun-dappled melodies dance around the inside of your skull like a flickering zoetrope of memories - some fond, others less so.


    Andy says: It's crazy that the 3 women in Girl Ray are only 19 years old! The themes may be gloriously youthful but the playing is anything but! You could call it C86 era retro indie but that's doing them a bit of a disservice, as the unusual arrangements and lovely melodies make this a unique, fresh and totally now record. This is buoyant, charming, charismatic pop music!


    1. Just Like That
    2. Monday Tuesday
    3. Stupid Things
    4. Don't Go Back At Ten
    5. Cutting Shapes
    6. Preacher
    7. A Few Months
    8. Earl Grey (Stuck In A Groove)
    9. Where Am I Now
    10. Stupid Things (reprise)
    11. Ghosty
    12. Waiting Ages

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