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Pye Corner Audio

The Endless Echo

    The Endless Echo is the fifth album on Ghost Box for the highly prolific Martin Jenkins. Pye Corner Audio cinematic electronica shifts effortlessly between brooding ambience and menacing dance floor grooves. It evokes awe-inspiring vistas and moments of sublime spine-tingling wonder. This time around Jenkins draws inspiration from scientific and science-fictional notions about the nature of time and the idea that it may be entirely unreal.

    Pye Corner Audio’s discography includes eleven full length albums and many more singles and EPs across several labels. There are also remixes for John Foxx, Mogwai, Ride’s Andy Bell, Mark Lanegan, Maps, Apta, Alice Hubble, Stealing Sheep, Knightstown, Dolphin Midwives and Japanese Television.

    Pye Corner Audio’s music appears in the soundtracks to Adam Curtis’s 2016 film
    HyperNormalisation, the 2018 Shudder TV series Deadwax, Sky TV’s 2019 sci-fi drama series Curfew and 2022 Netflix documentary Slay.

    As a live performer Pye Corner's Martin Jenkins (aka The Head Technician) has played shows and festivals all over Europe, Canada and the USA. Most notably he has supported Mogwai on several tour dates, played the Mutek festival in Montreal, the Mugako Festival in Spain, and Barcelona’s Primavera Club


    Barry says: Let's just preface this by saying i'm a massive fan of PCA, and have been since I heard the Black Mill Tapes many moons ago. I love his work as The Head Technician, Stratus and House In The Woods. I loved the beautiful warm soundbath that was 'Let's Emerge', but this is VERY MUCH a Ghost Box release. Dusty beats and soaring arps, throbbing basses and heavy saturation. It's another undeniable triumph, and will be on the player for some time.

    The Focus Group

    Hey Let Loose Your Love

      Pieced together with musty samples from children’s exercise records, vintage drama, clunky British jazz and library records, this is an archaeology of emotion, an exploration of the power of not only childhood memories, but of the collective unconscious.

      Julian House’s own The Focus Group; oddly assembled sampledelic collages, stitched together from fragments of library cues and forgotten soundtracks. A beautiful, unhinged stream of consciousness that seems to prod at buried memories


      Julian Houses's Focus Group should appeal to anyone who grew up in Britain in the '70s: its a condensed memory of that decade's daytime and after hours television. These 19 soundbites ape the incidental music for The Tomorrow People, The Clangers and Follyfoot, jazz drums, bass flutes, continuity men and grubby science-lab electronica. Like Boards of Canada minus beats, the feeling of smothered innocence evokes powerful intimations of the uncanny.


      1. Icicle Wheel
      2. You Do Not See Me
      3. Clockbell
      4. Echo Release
      5. Xylophone Signal
      6. Modern Harp
      7. Inside The Rubber Box
      8. Lifting Away
      9. Today’s Rhythm People
      10. Hey Let Loose Your Love
      11. String Sine Romance
      12. The Moon Ladder
      13. Planning For Urban Green
      14. Swinging Phantom
      15. The Thre
      16. Jam-jar Carnival
      17. Baroque Face
      18. The Leaving
      19. Reflected Message

      Eric Zann


        We're absolutely delighted to announce the reissue of Ouroborindra on the Ghost Box Records label.

        Ouroborindra was first released in 2005 on CD-R, and now re-issued on CD and, for the first time, on Vinyl. Eric Zann was an alias for the more experimental work of Jim Jupp, aka Belbury Poly and Ghost Box co-founder.

        Inspired by early 20th century cosmic horror fiction, Ouroborindra sets out to conjure up it's own awe inspiring and chilling imagery. It's drone music with melodic elements, stitched together with synthesizers, samples, found sound and effects.

        Another exceptional reissue from the consistently excellent Ghost Box.


        1. It Is Narrow Here
        2. Threshold
        3. Ouroborindra
        4. Dols
        5. The Obsidian Pyramid
        6. Voolas
        7. The Human Chord

        The Focus Group

        Sketches And Spells

          The Focus Group is the recording alias for Ghost Box co-founder and well respected graphic designer and film maker Julian House. This debut album was first release in 2005 on a burn to order CD-R. Now packaged in a 4 panel digipack with the original sleeve art by Julian House that established the rules for the primary Ghost Box artwork layout. It’s a design grid that the label has continuously revisited and tinkered with ever since. 

          Large Plants

          The Carrier

            Large Plants started as a solo project for Jack Sharp, the singer and guitarist for Wolf People. It was spurred on by a writing frenzy during the lockdown of 2020 when Sharp played and recorded all the parts for what would become the debut single, La Isla Bonita and the first album The Carrier. In summer of 2021 the tracks were mixed by songwriter Chris Cohen (formerly of Deerhoof & Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti).

            Large Plants’ songs are immediate, heavy psychedelic rock belters filtered through a haze of analogue tape flutter. Sharp’s voice has an eerily distant and delicate tone that lends a strong folk sensibility to the album; like the scent of winter mornings and fresh soil mixed with the whiff of petrol. Though the songs are generally three-minute gems, they are lyrically more like ancient ballads; peopled with tragic youths, witches, lovelorn troubadours and femmes fatales. Sharp is now touring Large Plants as a four piece along with Ed Taylor on drums, Ollie Taylor on bass and Joe Wooley on guitar with dates booked so far at OSLO, Hackney -17th April and The Betsy Trotwood, Clerkenwell 5th May

            STAFF COMMENTS

            Barry says: Swooning, progressive psychedelia from Jack Sharp bringing to mind the loose garage wooze of BJM or heady echoic psych a-la Jefferson Airplane all tinged with Ghost Box's distinctive and almost ever-present tape-distressed aesthetic. A beautiful addition to the label and a wonderful full-length for the Large Plants. A superb addition to any collection.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. The Carrier
            2. No Difference
            3. Don't Let Me Let You Down
            4. Never Seen
            5. How Far
            6. Wreckers
            7. Hold Onto
            8. I Lie Awake
            9. Marceline
            10. The Witch

            Pye Corner Audio

            Entangled Routes

              Entangled Routes is the fourth Pye Corner Audio album for Ghost Box Records. It’s the third part of a loose trilogy of albums starting with Stasis in 2016 and followed by Hollow Earth in 2019. Each album is a kind of high concept sci-fi epic, the latest instalment of which plays with the idea of mycorrhizal networks and attempts by humans to listen in and communicate.

              As always with Pye Corner Audio and Ghost Box Records generally, narrative is not spelled out. It's only implied in the drama and mood of the music, with the help of careful attention to track titles and sequence and of course Julian House's consistently evocative artwork.

              Martin Jenkins builds up tension with his minimalistic synth sequences and dance floor abstractions. His masterful sound design creates a sense of awe and vast space as he takes us on a fantastic and exciting voyage from peril to redemption.

              Pye Corner Audio specialise in majestic, cinematic electronica that evokes sci-fi soundtracks, dystopian futures and the sound of haunted dance floors. The discography to date includes ten full length albums and many more singles and EPs across several labels. There are also remixes for John Foxx, Mogwai, Ride’s Andy Bell, Mark Lanegan, Alice Hubble, Stealing Sheep, Knightstown and Dolphin Midwives.

              TRACK LISTING

              New Roots
              The Creeper
              Hive Mind
              The Clearing
              Growth Potential
              The Long Now
              Phantom Orchid
              Leaf Mould
              Buried Network

              Im Hag is the debut Ghost Box album for Berlin based Sebastian Counts’ ToiToiToi, following on from his single for the label’s Other Voices series in 2015. It’s very detailed and lovingly produced music, crafted from electronic, synth, sampled and acoustic sources. Its a wunderkammer of an album crammed with original ideas. All at once managing to be witty, spooky, melodic and abstract.

              The music and design explores the polarities of folklore vs modernity, and wilderness vs civilization. It’s an album about German culture but it pre-empts a nostalgia for the vanishing concept of internationalism, once exemplified by town twinning. It’s also a warm-hearted record, hopefully a tiny morale booster against Europe’s resurgent spectres. As always the beautiful CD and LP packaging is designed by Julian House.

              TRACK LISTING

              1 - Alte Weise
              2  - A Travel Agent's Dream
              3  - Outside In
              4 - Der Duft Der Wälder
              5 - Mond In Den Ästen
              6 - Cumulus Culture Centre
              7 - Gummi-Marsch
              8 - Leaving Backwards
              9 - Im Schatten Großer Bäume
              10 - Kilon
              11 - Tanz Um Den Kopf
              12 - Talkoller
              13 - The So-So Kids
              14 - Terminal To Nothingness
              15 - Lichtfest
              16 - Bei Der Hagschen
              17 - Perpetuum Mobile

              The Pattern Forms is a collaborative project between Ed Macfarlane and Edd Gibson of Friendly Fires and Jon Brooks of The Advisory Circle.

              Peel Away the Ivy is the culmination of a fruitful collaboration that followed on from a debut single for Ghost Box’s Other Voices series in 2015.

              On the surface this is a romantic pop album, but its roots lie in both bands’ shared love of soundtracks and electronic library music of the 70s and 80s.

              The artists bring their own distinct sensibilities to the project but find a common ground that conjures up something entirely new to both. A balance of powerful pop hooks and sonic experimentation that masterfully evoke the melancholy of lost summers and lonely outsider reveries.

              Heartrending ballads are lifted away on soaring electronics with beautiful pastoral and kosmiche instrumentals forming perfect atmospheric interludes.

              Brooks and Macfarlane both have proven track records as outstanding producers and the sound here is, unsurprisingly, breath-taking.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says: A perfect mix of Jon Brooks' impeccably realised library/synth sound and the ethereal echoing vocals of the Ed(d)'s. Triumphant arpeggios and silky saw basses are injected with beautiful pad sweeps and delightfully neon synth solos. Melodic and thoughtful, resplendent with shine and exhibiting a how-to in perfect songwriting, this is a dreamy and breathtaking synth-pop masterpiece.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Peel Away The Ivy
              2. Black Rain
              3. Don't Let Me Dream
              4. A Simple Walk
              5. Daylight
              6. Sparrowhawk
              7. Man And Machine
              8. Fluchtwege
              9. Polymer Dawn
              10. First In An Innocent World

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