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George Riley

Un/limited Love

    London based singer and producer George Riley releases her ‘Un/Limited Love’ EP via Ninja Tune. Through a progressive sound that encapsulates soul, forward thinking electronics, ambience and so much more, Riley has, over the space of two critically acclaimed projects in ‘interest rates, a tape’ and ‘Running In Waves’, carved an abstract yet wholly relatable niche within London’s thriving music scene.

    The EP explores themes of agency and feeling in control, as well as Space, female archetypes, surrendering to something you can’t control, love and voyeurism.


    1. Lust
    2. Skin
    3. Elixir
    4. Star
    5. S E X (Feat. Hudson Mohawke)
    6. Satisfy You 

    George Riley is London music's most uncategorizable new star. With a smoky, jazz-inflected voice, she weaves her way through productions that borrow from jungle, R&B and ambient soundscapes. On “Running in Waves”, a new eight-song collaboration with producer Vegyn, she's defiantly herself, writing with searing emotional honesty about everything from relationship anxiety to fear of failure to her love for Camper shoes. Whilst paying tribute to the faithful singer-songwriter genre, Riley’s grasp of harmony, modern inflections and dynamics; combined with Vegyn’s meticulous grasp of futuristic rhythms and a glistening, sparkly production aesthetic make this very much a pop record for the right now. Equal parts anthemic, introspective and danceable – it’s a personal and intermate record that you’re likely to revisit time and time again. It seems equally suited to both solo listening and singing along with your best girl mates on the bus, at the shopping center, or excitedly getting ready for the weekend.

    George has previously collaborated with ANZ, Joe Armon-Jones, Lex Amor & Olver Palfreyman.


    Side A
    A1 Sacrifice
    A2 Time
    A3 Jealousy
    A4 Running In Waves

    Side B
    B1 Delusion
    B2 Honesty
    B3 Acceptance
    B4 Desire

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