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    Listening to the dissonant, hallucinogenic world of pigbaby feels like sinking deeper into the artist’s subconscious. His introspective bedroom folk draws together the most surreal of reference points - from Sinead O’Connor playing the Virgin Mary in Irish film ‘The Butcher Boy’, to the online reality game ‘Second Life’, to random YouTube videos of people fighting - to imply a doomscrolling, daydreaming mind.

    Pieced together on a small keyboard during a period of intense isolation, pigbaby has formed a picture of digital chaos, longing, and loneliness on his debut EP, ‘Palindromes’.

    The artist behind pigbaby grew up in Ireland, where he spent a lot of time in a record shop in Dublin. His earliest musical education came from listening to his grandad playing the mandolin as he sat on his knee, or his mum blasting Thin Lizzy. The musical loves that can most clearly be heard in his own songs are Daniel Johnston and Jim O’Rourke - experimental, ambient singer-songwriters who deal in rough-edged truthtelling.

    In crafting these off-kilter musical collages, pigbaby called in friends and asked them to add saxophone, piano, some Irish folk-indebted violin, and a Swarsangam, layering these diverse sounds with scraps of internet ephemera and his own field recordings. The finished EP caught the attention of Joe Thornalley, aka Vegyn, who leapt to release them on PLZ Make It Ruins.


    In The Movies
    It’s A Long Way Down From Here
    Tá Mé Ar Muin Na Muice
    I Don't Believe In Jesus But Three Grams Of These Mushrooms Is Making Me Feel Some Kinda Way
    Why Don't You Stay, For A Moment

    Visionary artist John Glacier combines punk and grime informed poetry with futuristic, glacial electronics and warped, poppy hooks. It's a singular and unique sound which although the sole owner of its author, would find company and sympathy with acts such as GFOTY, Hype Williams and AJ Cook as much as it could be found next to a Lil Simz, DISCHI or Tyler The Creator track on a mixtape. Her slack but inspired rhyming shuns old tradition, hanging loose with benzo-rap, Princess Nokia and Blackhaine like they're all just friends on the school bus.

    Produced with fellow London-born, LA-based producer Vegyn, it treads the radioactive, post-hip-hop badlands where genres, identity and culture blur and interact.

    John has confessed that the album's content is incredibly personal and poignant, opening up her heart and soul to the listener whilst keeping up a streetwise, asphalt-hardened front, the product of a world and society in which weaknesses can be exploited by the greedy and malevolent.

    It's striking, instantly arresting and rather quite special. An intimate and seductive journey that you'll want to play from start to finish every time. 


    1. If Anything
    2. Icing
    3. Cryptomnesia
    4. Trelawny Waters
    5. Timing
    6. Senseless
    7. Boozy
    8. Platoon
    9. Green Elephants Freestyle
    10. Some Other Thing
    11. On Formulation
    12. No More Left Like It’s Death

    Various Artists

    PLZ Make It Ruins - Locked Grooves

      London-based record label PLZ Make It Ruins have today announced a 40-track compilation of original loops from popular artists across the spectrum of contemporary music. Each track is exactly 1.8 seconds long and has been crafted with the intention of being looped repeatedly, creating a uniquely hypnotic rhythm. The compilation is set for release on December 4th 2020 with net proceeds from the release as well as the project’s merch package being split between ACLU and Liberty UK - organisations that fight systemic inequality on both sides of the Atlantic. Among the list of contributors are Blood Orange, Arca, Clairo, 100 gecs, Kenny Beats, Dominic Fike, Four Tet, Floating Points, label head Vegyn and many more. Artwork for the project comes from Isha Dipika and Travis Brothers. Please see below for a full list of participants. The phenomenon of locked grooves is something that has captured the attention of DJs and record collectors alike for decades; the final note on a record forming a coherent loop as the album comes to a close, creating its own abstract beat. This abstract beat is then used by DJs as a tool to seamlessly blend tracks after the song’s final moments. This purpose is the genesis of the idea behind the project, allowing popular artists from all genres of music to give their own take on the formula with a host of different sounds and atmospheres. The project launched today with a one-off special on NTS, hosted by Vegyn, that explores the music of all the project’s contributors, as well as including a mix created from all 40 loops on the project.


      1. 100 Gecs - One Bar To Rule Them All,
      2. Arca – UwU,
      3. ARTHUR - Rest_less,
      4. Blood Orange – MORRIS,
      5. Buddy Ross – Future,
      6. Channel Tres - Locked In,
      7. Clairo – Jasper,
      8. Daniel Aged - 3 Pictures,
      9. Dijon - PEACKOCK!,
      10. Domnic Fike - Cheesy Wine,
      11. Duval Timothy - Penny Sweet,
      12. Eris Drew - The Beat That Never Dies,
      13. Floating Points – Recourting,
      14. If You Spin Your Love Around,
      15. HAIM - I Know Alone,
      16. John Glacier - Shiny Sounds,
      17. Kelsey Lu – Only,
      18. Kelvin Krash - Guardian Angel,
      19. Kenny Beats – Dontoverthinkshit,
      20. King Kurle – Moonnn,
      21. Lauren Alder – Thorn,
      22. Loraine James – Sooth,
      23. Matthew Tavares - I Know Myself,
      24. Mica Levi - ˜

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