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Don't Wait For The Doctor

Gallery is back, and this time they're unleashing a one-sided wonder just in time for the party season! Brace yourself for the ultimate sonic experience as two massive anthems collide, giving birth to a new and priceless piece of musical art.

This masterpiece has been exclusively hammered by the dynamic duo, the keepers of the coveted copies—none other than the legendary DJs, Harvey and Artwork. Get ready to be swept away on a musical journey that's set to elevate your party vibes to a whole new level!


Matt says: The cat's outta the bag... Artwork mashes up First Choice, Peech Boys and some other old school goodness into an intoxicating extension that's gonna rock the discotheques all thru party season. ooowee-ooowee ... ooowee-ooowee...


A1. Don't Wait For The Doctor


One Dollar / Brief Encounter

Everyone’s favourite gallerists are back in town, with a brand-new offering following back-to-back sell-out shows. Two mysterious mid ‘70s creations that have been causing chinstrokers the world over to lose their marbles. The bids have been wild on this one, and for good reason too, who wouldn’t want them taking top spot glistening like gold in their collection.

Artistry like you’ve never seen it before, retouched to perfection to create two new priceless pieces of musical magic - solely played by Harvey and Artwork.


Matt says: Artwork's back with exhibit five from the Gallery. These limited edition edit 12"s have been impeccable throughout the series and this latest one - hammered by Harvey on promo - is pure disco gold. Don't sleep!


A1. One Dollar
B1. Brief Encounter

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