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After plenty of fruitful contributions to the Future Nuggets catalogue as part of Steaua de Mare, Horatiu Serbanescu dons his Plevna alias for his first full length EP. After incubating for almost 2 years while extracting and forging gems in the south-east space-time anomalies, the untraceable sound of Plevna has reached the optimum balance between delicate eighties nostalgia and contemporary local oriental melody. Bouncing on the delightfully twisted 9/8 groove, this is a unique contact with a multiverse under meticulous construction, an excursion abundant in haunting tunes and unfamiliar melancholy. The dancefloor thrust of "Kor" sits nicely between the spaced out ambience of "Cherna M" and the woozy and wonky odd pop of "Gazelei Spirit" and "Dunarea" on a unique and rewarding debut offering.


A1. Cherna M
A2. Kor
B1. Gazelei Spirit
B2. Dunarea

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