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Painting Of My Time

    Melbourne band, Floodlights release their second album Painting Of My Time physically in the UK on July 28th after an initial digital release on April 21.

    Painting of My Time encapsulates the sonic and personal progression of the group, masterfully showcasing the signature, evocative lyricism that the band is known for. It’s a journey of observations, reshaping views and identity, elaborating on themes of personal turbulence, self-exploration, and the Australian landscape as a form of escapism.

    In the spring of 2021, Floodlights brought to life their second full-length release, Painting of My Time. A project recorded live on a 24 track tape machine over three days by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studios in Melbourne. The resulting ten tracks were sent to London to be mixed by the acclaimed sound engineer, Andrew Savours (Black Country New Road, Arctic Monkeys, My Bloody Valentine), before returning home to Melbourne to be mastered by Joe Carra (Amyl & The Sniffers, King Gizzard).

    Painting of My Time marks a natural departure and arrival. An evolution as a group, and as individuals, fuelled by life’s singular and shared experience. A response to questions asked over time, written down, and yelled with the conviction of honesty. 


    1. Moment Of Distraction
    2. Lessons Learnt
    3. Human
    4. On The Television
    5. Something Blue
    6. Painting Of My Time
    7. Things You Do
    8. Colours
    9. Ramblings Of A Passenger
    10. Wide Open Land


    From A View

      ‘From a View’ is the debut album from Melbourne’s Floodlights.

      'From a View' explores themes of identity, personal cross-roads and the misuse of power.

      The bands first exploration into proper studio recording with a well regarded sound engineer. It was recorded over two days onto a 24 track tape machine at Head Gap studios in Preston in November.

      Floodlights are made up of members Louis Parsons, Ashlee Kehoe, Joe Draffen and Archie Shannon. They present a distinctly Australian perspective, with a shambolic, catchy sound that melds 80s Indie-Rock rock with 90s New Zealand jangle-pop.

      Following a tour of Australia’s East Coast in October last year the band began working on “From a View”. The songs were arranged and performed as a band, but often began from Louis or Ash presenting ideas to the group and building on them from there. The songs themselves were written over various points in the bands short career, yet come together very fittingly to show their distinct sound.

      Lead single Thanks For Understanding is about two lives going in different directions. It describes the complicated process of growing apart from someone, even though you still care for them.


      Laura says: Great debut album from this Melbourne four piece. They have a distinctly Antipodean sound, that draws on 80s and 90s indie rock with a nod to Flying Nun records in it's prime.


      Side A: 
      1 Water's Edge
      2 Matter Of Time
      3 Walk Away
      4 Don't Pick That Scratch
      5 Glory Of Control
      6 Thanks For Understanding

      Side B:
      7 It Was All Going So Well
      8 Tropical Fun
      9 Proud And Well
      10 Shifting Shadows
      11 Happiness

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