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Faten Kanaan's fifth LP Afterpoem is a mysterious, smudgy, bittersweet, and uniquely playful album. Deeply melodic, it continues her poignant exploration of counterpoint as a narrative tool.

From the repetitive structures of modern minimalism and early music/baroque influences - to more languid textural ebbs & tides, there's a warmth in her use of electronic instruments that gives the album a curiously timeless feel. Composing intuitively, her music has often been described as 'strange', mostly because it creates its own world - one that isn't easily categorised.

The album's title refers to the haze of a poem's intended meaning being abstractly fleeting and barely graspable. Glistening threads of understanding still touch us - the poetry becoming intimately personal, and no further literal explanation is needed.

"I find pleasure in music as a language that nudges and hints. There's a potential that lives in things left unsaid... meanings drifting in and out of focus... hovering like spirits. It's a romantic and earnest album... of yearning for lost places and people, while still looking out at the world with tenderness and humour".


Matt says: Instantly transporting you to a ancient, medievalesque world - Kanaan's palette of manipulated strings, harpsicord, organ and such like conjures up vivid images of places and times you've never experienced. Its intensely absorbing music for solitary listening. Shut the curtains, light a candle and get totally engrossed. Just no animal sacrifice please - leave that to the ancients.


Side A
A1 Fin Août, Début Septembre
A2 Trenchcoat
A3 Ard Diar
A4 Ebla
A5 Florin Court
A6 Snowing
A7 Domari's Lamp
Side B
B1 Votive
B2 La Smorfia
B3 Castling
B4 Falconers
B5 Cascando
B6 Storm Signal

Faten Kanaan

A Mythology Of Circles

    ‘A Mythology of Circles’ is the new album from Brooklyn-based composer and musical artist Faten Kanaan, her first to be released on Fire Records. Cyclical patterns and 'variation through repetition' are central to Faten’s music. Harmony and counterpoint are composed intuitively and treated as narrative tools- with sound, silence, and the resulting mystical relationship between notes used as gestures to tell a wordless story. The album is separated into a ‘dusk to evening’ side, and an ‘underworld/dream-state’ side; highlighting the myths of Ishtar, Inanna, Orpheus, Persephone, and others.

    Inspired by cinematic forms and mythological story structures: from sweeping landscapes and quiet romances, to patterned tensions and dream sequences; Faten brings an earthy, visceral touch to electronic music. In symbiosis with technology is an appreciation for the vulnerability of human limitations and nuances.

    All the sections are played in real time, neither looped nor sequenced- allowing for subtle changes to unfold. The use of VST sampled choral voices in this album embodies the forlorn state of technological acceleration, and the desire to return to a vulnerable human sound. The album art also explores a complicated relationship with technology: the statue comes from a series of digital replicas, returning in its last stage to a more intimate and handmade feel.

    Composed, produced and mixed by Faten Kanaan, the album was mastered by Heba Kadry (Bjork, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Julianna Barwick).


    Barry says: I've been a fan Of Faten Kanaan's work since her superb split 7" with Pye Corner Audio on Polytechnic Youth a few years ago. What we have here is the spiritual and logical culmination of an artist working hard at their already considerable skills in the intervening years. It's a stunning work of scope, beautifully transportive and haunting.


    1. Patagonia Motet 1: Lago
    2. The Archer
    3. Hesperides
    4. Birds Of Myrrh
    5. Night Tide / Anteros
    6. Sleepwalker
    7. Mist & Madrigal
    8. Rêve-Rivière
    9. Erewhon
    10. Patagonia Motet 2: Andes
    11. The North Wind
    12. The Heron
    13. Ishtar Terra

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