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After a two year hiatus, Fasaan return with an EP from the local one-man-band that is Inre Kretsen Grupp. Gems of carefully melted down new wave, dub, aor and boogie sit confidently together on this EP which marks the debut of keyboardist and multi-instrumentalist Martin Blomberg. 
We're in a future primitive dream on opener "Loggia", as an exotic new age dancers unwinds at boogie pace over a steady drum box rhythm. Marimbas, funky hooks and digi-pan pipes brim with tropical warmth and lead perfectly onto the humid dub of "Campo Santo" and its echo drenched guitar licks. Over on the flip, the titular "Dorisk Ordning" drifts through new wave, dub and chamber pop like a lost Vini Reilly collab brought back to life by Stroom. Finally "Dubbad Dougong" nails that coastal dub sound we adore at Piccadilly, calling to mind Domenique Dumont, Peaking Lights or A Vision Of Panorama. 


says: Finally Fasaan are back! The label's 12th release is the first for one man band the Inre Kretsen Grupp, who displays a mastery of melody, drum programming and production across four dreamy downbeat jams brimming with dub, wave and Balearic flavours.

Swedish synth botherer and established purveyor of the 'smooth-groove' revival returns with another brilliantly realised and effortlessly enticing EP for the ever-essential Fasaan. The evident fascination with the early 80's audio palette is present and correct, but this is homage done with a knowing 20th century something, which means this extended player distills things into a perfectly chilled glass of cocktail and beach bar delights as pastel slacked Donald Fagen hangs with Jan Hammer, who both buy a round for Loose Ends, while house-band Level 42 tune up across the bay. A little late for Summer maybe, but no doubt these will still be at the front of the Balearic record bag next year too !


says: Since its original (criminally limited) release in 2016, Sasaac's Balearic boogie masterpiece has shot to the top of everyone's wantlist. Thankfully Fasaan have taken pity and provided a fresh pressing for 2016. Cocktail coolers and coastal groovers of the finest AOR disco vintage.

For their 12th release, Fasaan Recordings has dug deep into the techno underground of Malmö to find Frankie Twilight and her drum machine anthems. Not your usual techno producer, the woman behind this Alan Vega-esque alias does not subscribe to any genre definitions. Having played in a Berlin-based punk band as well as acting as resident DJ at a members only 78 rpm jazz club, it's a total understatement to say her tastes are diverse. A quick skwizz at the sleeve suggests a hardware fascination, and the feverish live jams which form the base of these tracks comes off as raw and undiluted. Sometimes they are weighted down with the moody blues of numbing synth chords, like on "My Opal Gems" and "Coral Desires". Sometimes they're frying in the squelch of a classic acid bath, like on "Dizzmol". All the while, the deranged funk of her playful rhythm patterns will see you crawling towards a concrete basement after sunset, contorting your body to fit your limbs into the grooves or sulking in a corner breathing in all of its gothic glory.


says: Returning after the success of the stellar Free Arts Band EP, Fasaan keep things wild and wavey courtesy of Swedish DIY freak Frankie Twilight. Marshalling her hardware army right into the witching hour, Frankie drops the best synth-goth-freak-funk EP of the year so far.

Swedish label Fasaan Recordings reinvents itself once again with a 4-track EP from the Free Arts Band! Still rummaging around in the general field of dance music, but now with a touch more avant-garde on their palette. The faceless entity that is the Free Arts Band introduces us to the simple idea of bringing a drum machine to art school. Infused with the creative space of the white-painted studio, a healthy dose of post-modernist pondering and the depth of traditional lineage, these four jams seem oddly timeless. Each of them riding on the verge of reductionism, they seem to ask: how funky can this get with as limited means as possible?  Opening track "Cool Grey" offers synthesized new age jazz with some sundazed guitars, while "KADK" strips everything down to their primal elements and lets the rhythms do the talking, pierced occasionally by a woozy keyboard figure that perfectly mimics the gestures of someone walking in on the wrong party. With lo-fi gloom, the heavyweight of the E.P. that is "Inhouse" rolls along on a beat that gently approaches the aesthetics of a West Coast low rider cruising track. Closing the cycle is a sequel to its opening track, and walks you out into a Japanese garden of British new wave guitar twang and brightly colored Badarou-style synths.


says: After a brief flood-related natural disaster, Malmo's Fasaan return with a killer 12" from the Free Arts Band. Sparse, stripped back and oddly funky, this four tracker fuses the DIY stylings of the post-punk era with new wave optimism and bedsit escapism to deliver the finest weirdo disco around.

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