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After an intense year of touring, Brooklyn-based recording artist Jesse Marchant, a.k.a. JBM, felt an insatiable need quietly gestating. After a much-needed break, he relocated to a remote cabin in the Catskills and started the long process of writing and recording Stray Ashes, his UK debut and follow-up to 2010's limited edition ‘Not Even in July’.

Rather than starting with an acoustic guitar and vocals, Marchant experimented with drums and loops of electric guitar melodies. John Congleton joined the project for additional recording and mixing and his contributions help to define a sonic space throughout ‘Stray Ashes’ that perfectly cradles Jesse's earnest vocals, as do the additional performances of McKenzie Smith (of Midlake, Drums), and Macey Taylor (of A.A. Bondy, Bass) on several tracks, which were recorded by Congleton in his Texas studio.

The gauzy sonic blanket Marchant and Congleton have created provides a foundation for this mysterious collection of songs. ‘Stray Ashes’ tested the limits of loneliness and self-discipline, and reveals itself to be a dark, dynamic and raw album. It flows with refined grace and intense force, with the elegance in restraint of Marchant’s haunting vocals and arrangements enveloping the listener in a sound that is at once eerie and comforting.

Two Gallants

The Bloom And The Blight

    Two Gallants release their fourth LP The Bloom and the Blight. Produced by John Congleton (The Walkmen, Explosions In The Sky, St. Vincent) the album is their first since 2007’s self-titled release and comes after a three-year hiatus. Friends since they were five, Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel grew up playing music together, from early teen-age house parties in their hometown of San Francisco, to multiple world tours.

    The Bloom and the Blight is the work of a band that has matured and redefined itself, and the album is imbued with a palpable sense of personal catharsis. It moves away from Two Gallants’ more folk and blues-based past, representing the duo’s ferocious live show and their past steeped in punk and grunge. The songs have a dark side and a dynamic sonic heft, yet a sense of salvation and resolve courses throughout: an urgent, emotional poignancy stemming in part from Stephens’ recovery from a serious van accident in 2010.

    "They've still got the goods...fingerpicking meets MC5 rock & roll" American Songwriter

    "I wanted to find a rawness in the music and take us back where we'd come from, from punk rock and grunge, to our childhood, in some ways." Adam Stephens (Two Gallants)

    Richard Buckner


      A husky-voiced country / folk singer-songwriter, his guitar is based in rootsy country traditions, but his lyrics are far too personal and ambitious for Nashville. "Impasse" is his first new record of original material for over four years, and was recorded entirely at his home studio in Canada, with Richard playing virtually every note on the record. The album strikes the perfect balance between his acoustic introspective side and his driving electric side. For fans of Smog and Damien Jurado.

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