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Sleaford Mods

Divide And Exit - Coloured Vinyl Reissue

    Once dismissed around their native Nottingham as "two skip rats with a laptop" the Sleaford Mods have simply knocked all their distractors clear out of the way.

    Divide and Exit was originally released in 2014 and contains 14 tracks, and it is as immediately in your face as its vicious predecessor. Whilst Fearn's beats and loops will pull you up into the urgency of Sleaford Mods they also allow you to run the gauntlet from delibrate clumsy dance-floor swaggers to full-on punk throwabouts with them. Williamson is let free to spit out his unempathic litany of bile and anger towards the bloated and tedious. His verbal salvos and side-swipes are often savage and brutal , yet at turns, hilarious, but always spot on as Sleaford Mods rage and despair as the country sinks deeper into a cesspool of its own idiocy. It's an album that doesn't have the privilege of luxury, indulgence or extravaganza and it will strike a resonant chord with many because it simply refuses to compromise.


    1. Air Conditioning
    2. Tied Up In Nottz
    3. A Little Ditty
    4. You're Brave
    5. Strike Force
    6. The Corgi
    7. From Rags To Richards
    8. Liveable Shit
    9. Under The Plastic And N.C.T.
    10. Tiswas
    11. Keep Out Of It
    12. Smithy
    13. Middle Men
    14. Tweet Tweet Tweet

    Sleaford Mods

    Key Markets (Repress)

      Housed in a gatefold sleeve designed by Steve Lippert, mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Everything else was done by Sleaford Mods. From Original Press Release 2015 “Key Markets was a large supermarket bang in the centre of Grantham from the early 1970's up until around 1980,” explains Jason Williamson. “My mum would take me there and I'd always have a large coke in a plastic orange cup surrounded by varnished wood trimmings and big lamp shades with flowers on them. Beige bricks with bright yellow points of sale and large black foam letters surrounded you and this is why we called the album 'Key Markets'. It's the continuation of the day to day and how we see it, the un-incredible landscape.” “The album was recorded in various periods between summer 2014 through to October of that year. We worked fast as we normally do, the method was the same as the other albums and like the other two, the sound has naturally moved itself along. 'Key Markets' is in places quite abstract but it still deals heavily with the disorientation of modern existence. It still touches on character assassination, the delusion of grandeur and the pointlessness of government politics. It's a classic. Fuck em


      1/ Live Tonight
      2/ No One's Bothered
      3/ Bronx In A Six
      4/ Silly Me
      5/ Cunt Make It Up
      6/ Face To Faces
      7/ Arabia
      8/ In Quiet Streets
      9/ Tarantula Deadly Cargo
      10/ Rupert Trousers
      11/ Giddy On The Ciggies
      12/ The Blob

      Sleaford Mods

      Eton Alive

        Sleaford Mods are one of the most important, politically charged and thought-provoking duos currently making their mark on the UK music scene and beyond. They are now poised to release their fifth studio album entitled ‘Eton Alive’ in February 2019. The album, which features 12 new tracks from the prolific artists, was recorded in Nottingham. The record will be the first release on Jason and Andrew’s newly formed label ‘Extreme Eating’ and their first album since parting ways with Rough Trade Records.

        “Eton Alive speaks for itself really. Here we are once again in the middle of another elitist plan being digested slowly as we wait to be turned into faeces once more. Some already are, some are dead and the rest of us erode in the belly of prehistoric ideology which depending on our abilities and willingness, assigns to each of us varying levels of comfort that range from horrible to reasonably acceptable, based on contribution. So after the digestive system of the Nobles rejects our inedible bones we exit the Arse of Rule, we fall into the toilet again and at the mercy of whatever policies are holding order in the shit pipe of this tatty civilisation. It is here our flesh regenerates as we rattle into another form, ready, and ripe for order”. – Jason Williamson.


        Barry says: The Mods return once again for another politically charged slice of snarling vocal fire and wry social commentary. This time we get a more momentous charge towards post-punk minimalism, drum machines and distorted bass taking a back seat to the increasingly effective two-part baying of Williamson & Fearn.


        1. Into The Payzone
        2. Kebab Spider
        3. Policy Cream
        4. O.B.C.T.
        5. When You Come Up To Me
        6. Top It Up
        7. Flipside
        8. Subtraction
        9. Firewall
        10. Big Burt
        11. Discourse
        12. Negative Script

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