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Exit Group

Adverse Habitat

    From the dank warehouse recesses that brought us Useless Eaters and Dry Erase, Castle Face introduces Exit Group—sharply futuristic post-punk with a pissed-off lean, antisocial lyrics spit over an abnormally locked-in guitar / bass / drums triangle, wound up tighter than a Swiss watch. Post-everything sample tweakery and chromedipped guitar tonality lend a darkly robotic sheen, abraded riffs pop up everywhere but where you think they should be, clanging and clanking inhumanly around elaborate Rube Goldberg patterns, tessellating under flickering municipal neon. Adverse Habitat is bone-dry furious, turning on a dime just to slap the drink out of your hand. 


    1. Collage 1
    2. Cruel Fog
    3. Plastic Coffin
    4. The Butcher
    5. Chained Up Against The Ritual Clique
    6. Constant Punishment
    7. Collage 2
    8. Soft Option
    9. Negative
    10. Automatic Heart Attack
    11. Subtle Persuasion
    12. Collage 3
    13. Stuck Like A Brick

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