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Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Purple Collection

    Fresh from releasing Bill Brewster's 'Tribal Rites' compilation, a critically acclaimed trawl through the past 4 decades of dance music, Belgium's Eskimo Recordings return to the present and look to the future with the release of 'The Purple Collection', the 7th release in the label's annual colour series of compilations. Featuring brand new tracks from the likes of Simple Symmetry, Cavego and Future Feelings alongside recent label highlights from Horixon, Atella, Paresse and NTEIBINT, 'The Purple Collection' provides another essential snapshot into today's electronic music scene, covering everything from underground house & disco to sparkling electronica and leftfield pop.

    Kicking things off in style hotly tipped Norwegian duo Atella team up with bonafide Scandinavian sensation AURORA for the frosty ambience of 'Ascension'. Taken from their recent 'Beacon One' EP it's a prime example of why the likes of DJ Mag have been tipping them for great things in recent months. Vibe well and truly established Berlin duo Languages pick up the baton with the stunning Balearic heart-melter, 'Helicopters'. Having caught the label's attention with the release of their debut EP on Days of Being Wild, their mix of dreamy laidback beats and hypnotic vocals (sung in their own made up language no less) fits in perfectly amongst their new label mates.

    Inspired by the Turkish music of his grandfather Dogu Civicik is another artist making his debut on the label and judging by the slow paced, hypnotic 'Andromalius IV' this won't be the last we hear of him. The kind of music that really should come with a warning for those driving or operating heavy machinery, it's a heavy, psychedelic brew of chugging beats, delicate jazz flourishes, drones and industrial sounds echoing off into oblivion. Pulling us back from the brink of pure ego-death Brooklyn producer IV Edition teams up with Californian singer Lilianna Wilde for the languid, nostalgic jam that is 'Whose Man’s', a track that breathes light whilst also managing to sample the sound of rain falling in a forest and a close-up recording of fire ants, which is probably the point where any yacht rock comparisons end.

    Having made a splash with his contribution to last year's 'Red Collection', Russian producer Antenna continues to swerve any preconceived ideas of what music made in a region that regularly experiences -15°C temperatures sounds like. Rather than cold, austere and forbidding 'Sparks' instead is a vintage sounding cosmic disco gem, warm arpeggios that brim with the optimistic belief of a producer who believes that music can change the world. Parisian producer Simon Says has been doing his thing for over two decades now and it shows in the insouciant funk of 'Feel Me', the kind of outrageously funky sex jam that can turn on both electro kids and disco dads, and could be released on a brand new vinyl only imprint or have sat proudly on an old Ze Records compilation.

    If things have been chugging along at a more sedate tempo so far it's the turn of Mexican producers Dan Solo and Future Feelings to turn up both the heat and the tempo with 'What Else Can I Do', a perfect slice of electro-funk all topped off with the heartfelt vocals of Tony Browne. Keeping the party vibe going Norwegian producer Cavego steps up next with the snappily titled and irrepressibly upbeat 'Vår I Øyer' ('Spring in Øyer'), a track that funnily enough sounds exactly like that first sunny day of the year after months of dark clouds and sub-zero temperatures.

    Longtime fans of Eskimo Recordings won't be surprised to see the inclusion of Greek producer NTEIBINT on this collection. One of the label's veterans he's once more teamed up with his fellow Athenian Σtella for a sci-fi disco ballad, full of heartbreaks and mellow synth lines, it's another essential release from the pair. Swedish producer Paresse made his debut on Eskimo late last year with the 'Sloth Machine' EP, a release so successful the label elected to press up a limited edition 12" that quickly sold out. Taken from that EP 'Quiet Light' is the kind of sun kissed instrumental track that crate diggers would re-discover tucked away on the b-side of an 80’s pop single and would, decades later, go on to enjoy a golden second life on the beaches of the Adriatic coastline, timeless and beautiful music.

    Next up we have Russian duo Simple Symmetry, having made a name for themselves with releases on Moscoman's Disco Halal imprint the duo made their Eskimo debut last year remixing Paresse's 'Temple' to devastating effect and now return with their original track 'Prince of Persia'. Melodic, emotional music that isn't afraid to wear its heart on its sleeve and will no doubt become a secret weapon for many more open-minded DJs. Inspired by the northern lights that can be seen dancing nightly above his home town of Reykjavik, Icelandic producer Hermigervill's 'Disco Borealis' is another stand out piece of cosmic-scandi-disco, playful yet still primed to cause a serious commotion on the dancefloor, it's no wonder he's regularly held up as one of Iceland's top electronic producers.

    Norwegian's BOKA claim their influences range from The Avalanches to black metal, and whilst 'Space Issues' may not display any deep throated roars or existential angst it does show off a wonderfully eclectic attitude that sees the track skip between classic cosmic disco arpeggios, Skatt Bros style chanting, thumping house pianos and acidic squelches to wonderful effect. Finally to close out the collection we have a contribution from two artists who again should be no strangers to Eskimo fans, British based duo Horixon and Norwegian singer Else Born whose 'Hello' is a quiet storm of numinous pads, sparse piano chords and an almost 2-step beat that serves as the perfect outro.

    Since launching in the year 2000, Gent based Eskimo Recordings has gone onto become one of the leading electronic music labels in the world releasing genre defining artist albums and compilations from the likes of Aeroplane, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, The Glimmers, Optimo, Psychemagik and many more. Since its launch in 2013 the ‘Colour’ series, now in its 7th edition, has continued to build upon the label’s reputation, not only for discovering and curating great music but for great design and the cover for ‘The Purple Collection’ features a stunning photo by Danish photographer Ken Hermann.

    “Everything I do now started with record collecting. It’s the foundation of my career; from writing about music, DJing in clubs, putting compilations together or spending many late-night hours, glass of red wine in hand, bidding on stupid records on eBay.” – Bill Brewster
    Spanning 41 tracks, ‘Tribal Rites’ is a musical autobiography of sorts from one of dance music’s most dedicated historians, Bill Brewster. Released on 3 CDs and double vinyl via Belgium’s Eskimo Recordings, the compilation takes us on a personal journey through Bill’s 36 year long involvement in the music industry.
    Whether running DMC’s New York offices or labels including Twisted UK and Forensic, being one of Fabric’s original residents, writing (with Frank Broughton) probably the definitive overview of DJ culture, the seminal ‘Last Night A DJ Saved My Life’ and the equally essential ‘How To DJ (Properly)’, running the DJhistory website or promoting their much loved Low Life parties, Bill’s fingerprints can be found all over dance music’s past few decades.
    So whilst there are few people more qualified to compile such a thing, ‘Tribal Rites’ isn’t just a ‘House & Disco Greatest Hits’, instead we have the soundtrack to a life spent at the coalface of record collecting, of early mornings at car boot sales and late nights logged onto Discogs.
    Split into three sections, the compilation begins in the post-punk period, and through tracks such as explores the influence of dub on bands of the time such as Orang Utan, General Strike and The Raincoats. The second section takes us into that mish-mash of sounds and styles best described as ‘Balearic’ where the likes of Bobbie Gentry and Final Edition can happily co-exist and a country and western cover of Hall & Oates ‘I Can’t Go For That’ seems like the most obvious thing in the world.
    The final section then concentrates exclusively on house music, though again showcasing just what a broad church House is, able to accommodate both the spiritual yearnings of Mother Tongue’s ‘Message of Love’ and the precision tooled productions of Basic Channel’s Maurizio.
    At a moment in time when dance music is more prominent than ever and DJs are treated like pop stars, ‘Tribal Rites’ is a vital reminder that there’s a lot more to DJing than just downloading the latest Beatport chart and waving your hands in the air.


    Patrick says: DJ Historian, dance music encyclopaedia and all round legend, Bill Brewster takes the helm for Eskimo’s latest compilation, serving up the loosest of musical autobiographies for our listening pleasure. At a mammoth 41 tracks, and covering everything from post punk obscurities to tops off house, via the beardiest Balearic of course, this extensive collection is audio nirvana for all the trainspotters out there.

    Easing us into 2017 Belgium’s finest, Eskimo Recordings, returns with ‘The Red Collection’. The 6th instalment in the label’s colour series it brings together the best of the label’s recent releases with unreleased gems from their friends and family including Satin Jackets, Atella, This Soft Machine and many more. Across 13 tracks (and a bonus mix CD) ‘The Red Collection’ expertly segues between leftfield electronic pop, disco and house, taking us from the frozen north to the souks of the middle east and beyond.

    Providing us with the perfect palette cleanser Icelandic producer Hermigervill opens the compilation’s account with the crystalline electronica of ‘Solitaire’ before passing the baton onto Norwegian duo Atella, whose collaboration with Frøder (herself named on of Scandinavia’s most exciting new talents by NYLON) ‘Closer To Life’ has already been hailed by Clash as a “glittering alt pop belter” and by Earmilk as “dark and enigmatic” with “a sound to rival fellow Norwegians Röyksopp”.

    Making a quick detour east to the city of Kazan in Russia fast rising producer Antenna delivers an ode to his favourite hookah tobacco in the shape of ‘Love 66’, a breezy slo-mo disco gem filled with Balearic charm. Returning to Scandinavia Philco Fiction’s Turid Alida Solberg delivers her solo debut as Else Born, the heartbreaking ‘This Time/Remember’ lauded as a “masterclass in modern electronic pop” by The Line of Best Fit upon its original release last November.
    As we begin to push the tempo it’s the turn of Japanese based, British producer Max Essa who after critically acclaimed releases for labels such as Is It Balearic?, Lex Wax and Mareh Music makes a welcome debut on Eskimo with ‘Your Cathedrals Reimagined’, a sublime moment of electronic funk. With the party in full swing, it’s time for one of Eskimo’s biggest hitters in recent years Satin Jackets to do what they do best, bringing together their original brand of diva funk and smooth disco and the refreshing vocals of the talented Niya Wells. A perfect fusion of electro-pop, disco and soul.
    LA based French duo Blue Motel follow up their recent remix for Else Born with their first original material for the label. Showing just why they’ve already been called upon to add their French touch to the likes of Classix, Poolside and Kraak & Smaak, ‘Lunch With The King’ is the kind of divine House music that French producers do so well, swirling electronic melodies and pulsating bass lines combing to joyous effect.

    Next up we have Greek producer NTEIBINT whose ‘Love’ goes to show just why he has become one of Eskimo’s go to artists in recent years, timeless and indelible music for both body and soul. Dutch DJs SHMLSS take time out from running their vinyl only label XXX and curating the disco playlist at 22Tracks Amsterdam to bring us ‘Train Ride to the Middle East’, a heady psychedelic brew of twisted disco and Middle Eastern sounds that hints at the eclectic nature of their own DJ sets.
    With the party in full swing Romanian twins The Gemini Brothers take us deep into House territory with the hypnotic bleeps and beats of ‘Travel Inside’ and leaving us with no doubt whilst their productions have received strong support from everyone from Andrew Weatherall to Tiga, Psychemagik to John Talabot. Over to Germany next and producer Rey & Kjavik whose ‘Akya’ draws inspiration from his DJ travels in Istanbul and beyond. The resulting mix of throbbing bass, head spinning synths and chants will leave you in little wonder why he’s considered one of Germany’s most exciting new producers.

    Ending the compilation on a high Eskimo turn to two of their regular faces. Australian born, Munich based TSM aka This Soft Machine delivers an outstanding cut of otherworldly disco with a futurist sheen complete with Swedish singer Erik Lindestad aka The Land Below on the vocals and plenty of cowbell. Finally easing us into the night are duo Horixon whose ‘The Beekeeper’ features vocals from Birsen from one of Belgium’s fastest rising acts Hydrogen Sea. For The Red Collection, Horixon’s label friends Atella have reworked the original to create the perfect closing track for The Red Collection.

    Since launching in the year 2000, Ghent based Eskimo Recordings has gone onto become one of the leading electronic music labels in the world releasing genre defining artist albums and compilations from the likes of Aeroplane, Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas, The Glimmers, Optimo, Psychemagik and many more. Since its launch in 2013 the ‘colour’ series, now in its 6th edition, has continued to build upon the label’s reputation, not only for discovering and curating great music but for great design and the cover for ‘The Red Collection’ features a stunning photo by Berlin artist Julia Baier taken from her acclaimed series ‘Water Matters’.


    2xCD Info: CD plus Bonus Mix CD.

    Acclaimed digging, DJ and production duo Psychemagik return with another spectacular compilation of lost gems and cosmic grooves taken from all over the musical map. "Ritual Chants" is an earthbound odyssey from the distant stars, spanning 3 discs, respectfully embellishing Psychemagik’s taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often unusual. "Ritual Chants" skilfully shows insights into applying retro finds into a contemporary setting, much of the material acquired via world tours and capturing the excitement of finding lost jewels and sharing them to crowds across the planet. After spending a day on Venusian shores and an evening dancing under distant dimensional stars, Psychemagik are reading to set the mood for "Love". Switching seemlessly between otherworldly ambience, mystical fusion and balls out Balearic, this third and final instalment of the "Ritual Chants" series cushions us down to earth with a big sonic snuggle. Three deep and dreamlike tracks pass without the hint of a kickdrum before the mind expanding alpha waves of Chac Mool's "Ofrenda" tap into a rhythmic pulse. As we dip through the B and C-sides we're greeted by low slung grooves and detours into psychedelic pop and 70s fusion, while the D-side houses amongst other gems, Karat's "Auf Den Meeren" a blue eyed kosmische-funk masterpiece which steals the show for me. Another masterful collection from the unstoppable Psychemagik.

    ‘Ritual Chants’ is a stellar earthbound and outer space odyssey spanning 3 discs, respectfully embellishing Psychemagik’s taste and passion for the wonderful, the sublime and very often unusual.

    Ritual Chants skilfully shows insights into applying retro finds into a contemporary setting, much of the material acquired via world tours and capturing the excitement of finding lost jewels and sharing them to crowds across the planet. 

    Compiled by Danny McLewin, the renowned record digger of the duo, the 3 discs are carefully programmed and sequenced into 3 themes: Beach, Love & Dance, all of which tenderly demonstrate curious ears with a respectful nod to the past and the future via such touchstones as the pre-new age emanations of ‘Water Sports’ by Man Parrish, a beautiful tranquil and cascading synth poem which soothes and pulses, and the sublime and haunting ‘God’s Garden’ by John J. Francis, which hints at a forthcoming new age of thinking.

    On disc 2 (Love) the semi discordant funk of Zru Vogue’s ‘Do the Zru’, reminiscent of a later era Can, laced with thumb piano and an addictive head nod groove finds its place alongside the Gallic seduction of ‘L’Amour Joue Au Violon’ by Jeanette, a real string-swept lost masterpiece reminiscent of ‘Melody Nelson’ era Serge Gainsbourg. The booming drum machine mechanics of ‘Hangin’ Out In Space’ by Tony Wilson does exactly what it says: a galactic deep fried boogie which will have even robots shaking their metalware into the long wee hours, as will the hypnotic Arabic infused brew made by Golden Hands on ‘Take Me Back’.

    While disc 3 (Dance) opens the door to the thick of the night, with phenomenal and unknown cuts such as ‘Love and Happiness’ by Mansour Sallas and Ennio Morricone’s disco infused hybrid cut ‘Dance On’ adding magic and mysticism to this bountiful line, and high quality floor polishers such as Popcorn Makers ‘Nothing’, a sweaty gyrating slice of European sleaze bringing the delightful 3 course meal of ‘Ritual Chants’ to a close.
    Psychemagik are unique in their perspective, not only is their ability to seek out rare musical treasures from the worldwide musical domain astounding, but there’s also a supernatural nature to their curation. They are a duo as infamous for their production technique as their DJ skills, their prolific edits laced with subtle studio production re-interpreting vintage gems and giving them a contemporary bounce. Mixmag named them their ‘Stars Of 2012’ and their remix output includes Bryan Ferry, Roisin Murphy, Noel Gallagher, Haim, Azari & III, Wang Chung, Paul Weller and Metronomy, with FACT mag summing up their skills best when they observed their “ear for mind-expanding dance floor mysticism”.


    Patrick says: No strangers to a top compilation, Psychemagik follow their ‘Magic’ series with this three disc, six LP voyage into the furthest reaches of the digging dimension. Prepare to take a trip along an astral highway of unheard grooves.

    Various Artists

    Eskimonde - A Decade Of Eskimo Recordings

      Eskimo Recordings bring us a special luxurious 5xCD 'Best Of' box set, finished with gold foil and including a fold-out poster featuring all of the Eskimo artwork.

      The two first CDs are retrospective and select the very best from our extensive back catalogue. CD 3 includes 12 new and unreleased remixes from the likes of DJ Harvey, Solomun, Deetron, Moonlight Matters... To conclude in style, there are two bonus mixes from The Glimmers, including a few exclusives too.

      John Burgess September 2012:
      “I was working as editor at dance magazine Jockey Slut when the first Eskimo compilation arrived in the year 2000. It immediately caused a stir with the erudite staff. Firstly the artwork and packaging was a cut above the rest: unfashionably lime green, on a matt card containing minimal information and the statement ‘Contains 100% Pure Emotion’. It also came from Ghent in Belgium and wasn’t the banging techno R&S had made the city renowned for.”

      Beginning with Harry Thumann’s 'Underwater' (which annoyed someone in the office because they had been the proudowner of a rare copy for many years) and featuring 70s disco and funk by the likes of War and Fatback Band. There was also the deathless pop soul of Hall & Oates’ 'I Can’t Go For That' (which was reprised later as a sample on De La Soul’s 'Say No Go', the closing track) but also obscure acid hip house tracks like KC Flight’s Planet E and new soul gem 'Revival' by Martine Girault. We didn’t know what Eskimo was, who Dirk, Mo & Benoelie were who had compiled this triple vinyl selection but we could tell this was a labour of love and we were keen to know more.

      The compilations that followed stuck to the Eskimo ethos that new and old music, when well selected, could form something fresh. For want of a better word it was balearic in attitude, akin to DJ Alfredo’s approach in Ibiza’s Amnesia in the late 80s. What united this music was its timeless quality and originality. Volumes 24 plucked nuggets like Laidback’s 70s mood-pop Bakerman and juxtaposed it with the pervhouse 'I Called U' from Lil Louis. Relatively well known tracks like Frankie Knuckles 'Your Love' were included but so were offbeat curios like Dubtribe Soundsystem’s Do It Now and rarities like Felix Da Housecat’s 'My Life Muzik'.

      The music within Eskimonde is so far removed from the synthetic throwaway world of EDM. This music is well-heeled, organic and sensuous, teetering on the edge of disco and rock, the pace hypnotic to coax you into a trance without the need for theatrics and histrionics. It will of course be beautifully packaged like it’s predecessors and cherished by its owners.


      CD Box Set Info: 5xCD box set.

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