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Fear Before The March Of Flames

Art Damage

    Formed in July 2002, Fear Before The March Of Flames have developed a distinctive sound, a head on collision of intricate song structures, shifting time signatures and an overall filthy temper to produce an intense and inventive blend of metal, post hardcore and crunching indie rock. Easy listening this is not. Takes up where At the Drive In, The Blood Brothers and Dillinger Escape Plan leave off and trashes them in the process.

    Time In Malta

    Alone With The Alone

      The follow up to "A Second Engine", Time In Malta's excellent debut, sees them adopt a more aggressive and refined approach, with more brutal breakdowns, complex song structures and extended acoustic intros making for a singular hardcore sound. Todd Gullion's distinctive vocals are lower in the mix and are more effective for that, flowing effortlessly into the music. A very impressive, powerful release.

      Silent Drive

      Love Is Worth It

        Members of Bane, Dasai and Drowning Man get together to craft a surprisingly subtle, intricate and beautiful album, that still manages to retain the explosive drive of punk. If the brooding, delicate opening bars and soulful, haunting vocals lull you into a false sense of security, it's very quickly, but very delightfully, blown away by a blazing, anguished aural assault...



          Taking a short break to compose and work on their second album has done Fairweather no end of good. They've returned with a no-holds-barred emotionally rampaging disc that builds on the stop gap four-track EP "Alaska" and moves into even more dynamic and sophisticated territory. "Lusitania" is an hour long journey filled with tension, hope and the human condition: a breathtaking album that moves emo in a new and positive direction.

          This Day Forward

          In Response

            This Day Forward will pound you and drag you kicking and screaming into their nightmare dreamscapes of love, hate, regret and fear cocooned in scream soaked deliveries, and racy mood fluctuations. This is heavy with a very big Hurrrr!!. Now on the excellent Equal Vision label they riff, they utilise downer vocals, they're not scared of melodic breakdowns and unexpected tranquil passages it all adds up to something way beyond post hardcore badness.

            Give Up The Ghost

            Background Music

              This debut full length from one of the most important bands in the contemporary hardcore scene. "Background Music"? It's anything but, in fact it's the sort of music that comes right up to you and pokes you in the eye, rips your arm off and clubs you with the bloodied stump. The band changed its name to Give Up The Ghost after the original American Nightmare, a band based outside of Philadelphia, objected to the use of their name and trademark. Wes Eisold has a voice from the primordial slime and Tim Cossar and Brian Masek use their guitars like lethal weapons. Oh boy they're nasty. It's fast-paced, heavy music with throaty vocals and intense, angry lyrics. A blend of traditional hardcore, punk and metal that takes no prisoners and expects no mercy.

              Breaking Pangaea


                Breaking Pangaea's dynamic marriage of soaring guitars and sweeping vocals is reminiscent of New Found Glory and Jets to Brazil or Jimmy Eat World. Toured/touring with Coheed & Cambria, Further Seems Forever, Hey Mercedes and Elliot. Recorded at Big Blue Meenie studios (Thursday, Taking Back Sunday). Dropped enough names there have I?????

                The Hope Conspiracy


                  The Hope Conspiracy's mix of explosive power, controlled chaos and unbridled aggression equals one hell of a din and their second album could seriously damage your health. Will appeal to fans of bands like American Nightmare, Boysetsfire and Converge.



                    New EP from the excellent emo-core outfit Faiweather which contains three new tracks. An inspired mix of riff and lyrical intensity with hints of Slint, Fugazi and Sonic Youth.

                    Time In Malta

                    A Second Engine

                      Time In Malta could become one of the new gods of riff if the well-crafted, perfect blend of aggression and melody on their debut full length release is anything to go by. This really gets your palms sweating, with elements of stoner, hardcore, metal, punk and emo, this is recommended for fans of such bands as Soundgarden, Boysetsfire, Poison The Well and the Dillinger Escape Plan.

                      Prevent Falls

                      A Newer More Shattered You

                        This album features 11 tracks packed with the urgency of post-hardcore coupled with the catchiness of the current indie-punk scene. They're a band full of possibilities, pushing the boundaries of the new melodic rock scene with this impressive first offering.



                          Burn are back and they are more explosive than ever! The new version of the band features the core members from before (Chaka - vocals, Gavin - guitar, Alan - drums) who went on to form Ornage 9mm, Die 116 and Quicksand respectively! With Vic from from Inside Out and Manny from Glassjaw on board the members have blended together to make an awe inspiring release. With "Cleanse", Burn have undergone a hardcore renaissance.

                          Liar's Academy

                          No News Is Good News

                            Liar's Academy are a melodic pop / rock / post punk outfit from Baltimore formed during 2000, following the break up of Ryan Shelkett and Evan Tanner's previous band, Cross My Heart. This album is a close companion to Shelkett's band on Deep Elm, Dead Red Sea. Polished, melodic, hook-laden songs that will appeal to emocore fans.


                            Give Blood

                              During the five years since the release of their first EP, Bane have grown into the leaders of the new hardcore movement. "Give Blood" is undoubtedly Bane's most commanding and highly anticipated release to date. The album was produced and engineered by Brian McTernan (Cave In, Hot Water Music, Snapcase) and this really is a truly intense experience for the listener.


                              When Forever Comes Crashing

                                As their latest album "Jane Doe" testifies, they simply don't come any heavier, nastier or more intense than Converge. This is their 1998 album and it's as heavy as buggery.


                                Petitioning The Empty Sky

                                  1995 and the storm clouds of doom start to Converge on the unsupecting boys in the pit.


                                  Jane Doe

                                    "Jane Doe" is dangerously heavy, the most devastating release of Converge's long career. They've re-defined and created a new standard for a hardcore / metal band. Converge are one of the leaders of a scene they practically single-handedly created over the last decade and "Jane Doe" is nothing less than one of the heaviest metal / hardcore titles you are ever likely to experience.


                                    Still Loves You

                                      Taking no prisoners and pummeling you into a comatose state of submission is Drowningman's speciality. The opening lyric, "Fuck you too!" sets the tone and the invective and anger on display here could make serial killers of us all or act as a cathartic release of tension. You pay your money you make your choice.


                                      Drowningman Still Loves You

                                        Five killer tracks from Drowningman that will leave old fans in awe and convert even more to their punishing and passionate sound. Fine tuned metal riffage and dark sarcasm with an added dose of melody into a brutal arsenal of new songs. It's their best and most innovative work to date.


                                        If They Move. Kill Them

                                          Fairweather : very young, very intense, brooding, energetic and melodic. They've toured loads and are signed to the same label as Saves the Day another excellent young indie/emocore band. Their music is about passion, intensity and movement through life and they're pretty impressive.

                                          Killing Flame

                                          Another Breath

                                            The members of TKF are some of hardcore's founding fathers. Featuring Joe D.Foster (Ignite/Uniform Choice), Joe Nelson (Triggerman), Gavin Oglesby (No For An Answer) and Ed McKirdy (Hands Tied), TKF are bringing back the hardcore spirit of the '80s - determinedly old skool.

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