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Abdullah Ibrahim

Good News From Africa

    Reissue of Abdullah Ibrahim's stunning 1974 LP 'Good News From Africa' recorded with bassist Johnny Dyani.

    Pianist-composer Abdullah Ibrahim ( formerly known as "Dollar Brand") has long ranked among South Africa's giants alongside Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba and the late Kippie Mokoetsi.

    A master of improvisation with a distinctive African edge, the exiled Cape Town musician has developed a musical style over the past 30 years that defies categorization. Rather, it is a fascinating mosaic of diverse traditions including African rutal and township rhythms, classical jazz, and gospel. South African folk melodies are enriched with Western harmonies, coalescing into a gracefullly fluid and intensely spiritual whole.

    Best known for his hypnotic and introspective stream- of- consciousness compositions and his innovative interpretations of Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk and Billy Strayhorn classics, Ibrahim's music is at once accessible and complex, intriguing and lyrical. He has indefatigably explored and fused classical jazz with the multitude of influences that make up traditional and contemporary South Afrian music.


    Ntsikana's Bell
    Good News
    Waya- Wa- Egoli 
    Adhan & Allah-O-Akbar
    The Pilgrim
    The Pilgrim

    Charlie Mariano

    Deep In A Dream

      Saxophonist supreme Charlie Mariano returns to his roots with a decidedly dreamy and romantic set of rarely performed standards. His alto coupled with pianist Bob Degan has a feel of the Coltrane / Tyner partnership on John Coltrane's "Ballads" album and this is a virtuoso performance infused with feeling. It's quite simply one of the finest sessions from his long an illustrious career. Slip it onto the player in the wee small hours and feel that cool plaintive vibe.

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