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Emeli Sandé

How Were We To Know

    Introduced to the world ten years ago, Emeli Sandé MBE has become an icon of British singer-songwriting; emotional, honest, and prolific in the kind of manner that cements you as a go-to artist for heartfelt pop sensibility. This latest pop record is reminiscent of 2012, when Emeli had her first breakout hit.

    How Were We To Know is Emeli's second independent album release through Chrysalis Records. “There was a lot I wanted to say about myself, and I hope that through the lyrics people will get to understand me on a deeper level.”

    How Were We To Know’s 11 tracks explore intimate encounters with love in all its forms, along with the risk required to pursue it. “Once you’ve been hurt, it’s very hard to pick up the pieces again and allow yourself to be vulnerable,” Sandé says. “So I think these songs explore the bravery of love, and loving others but also yourself. These songs were pieces of a puzzle I had to put together, and now feels like the right time to share them.”

    The album features production from Jonny Coffer (Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus), Jim Jonsin (ASAP Rocky, Usher, Eminem), DI Genius (Drake, Raye, Sean Paul), Rxwntree, Chris Loco and Mac & Phil.


    SIDE A:
    1. All This Love
    2. My Boy Likes To Party
    3. Lighthouse
    4. How Were We To Know
    5. Too Much
    6. Nothing We Can't Handle

    SIDE B:
    1. Like I Loved You
    2. There For You
    3. True Colours
    4. End Of Time
    5. Love

    CD Only Bonus Track:
    1. Cos Of You

    Emeli Sandé / John Grant

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      2. Day Is Done - John Grant

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