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    Helmet's highly anticipated new album, "LEFT," marks their triumphant return to the studio after a seven-year hiatus. This sonic masterpiece, expertly mixed and produced by the acclaimed Jim Kaufman and mastered by 20-time Grammy Award winner Howie Weinberg (Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins and many more), solidifies Helmet's position as one of America's most influential alternative rock bands.


    SIDE A
    1. Holiday
    2. Gun Fluf
    3. NYC Tough Guy
    4. Make-Up
    5. Big Shot
    SIDE B
    6. Bombastic
    7. Reprise
    8. Dislocated
    9. Tell Me Again
    10. Powder Puff
    11. Resolution

    The Damned


      46 years after releasing the ground-breaking debut, “Damned Damned Damned”, The Damned return with “DARKADELIC”, their twelfth studio album. The album, from the band that launched punk and invented goth, once again innovating and expanding upon their unique universe. The “The Invisible Man” track is a showcase for Captain Sensible’s riffadelic guitarwork and David Vanian’s snarling baritone vocals. “DARKADELIC” barrels along from there and features some of The Damned’s sharpest song writing and genre-bending performances reaching peaks with other tracks such as “You’re Gonna Realise” and “Beware of the Clowns”, drenched in classic horror movie references, nods to swinging 60’s London, and a refined palette of musical influences. The Damned will indeed paint the world DARKADELIC in 2023.


      1. The Invisible Man
      2. Bad Weather Girl
      3. You’re Gonna Realise
      4. Beware Of The Clown
      5. Western Promise
      6. Wake The Dead
      7. Follow Me
      8. Motorcycle Man
      9. Girl I’ll Stop At Nothing
      10. Leader Of The Gang
      11. From Your Lips
      12. Roderick

      Gary Numan

      Scarred - Live At Brixton Academy

        "Scarred" is a live album recorded during the 2002 performances at the legendary "Brixton Academy" in London. The selection of songs covers a large part of his career to date, so in addition to hits such as "Pure", "Cars", "Are 'Friends' Electric?", the two previously released studio albums "Exile" and "Pure" are extensively covered. On this album, you experience an impulsive, vocally confident Gary Numan, a band that plays together superbly and a euphoric audience that is under the spell of this exceptional musician. The sound aspect, which can become a disturbing factor in some live recordings, does not disappoint at all. Here you are right in the middle of the action.


        Side A
        1. Intro
        2. Pure
        3. Me, I Disconnect
        4. The Angel Wars
        5. My Jesus
        6. Films

        Side B:
        1. Magic
        2. Rip
        3. Cars
        4. Metal
        5. Little Invitro
        6. Down In The Park

        Side C
        1. This Wreckage
        2. Dead Heaven
        3. I Can’t Breathe
        4. Are ‘Friends’ Electric

        Side D
        1. A Prayer For The Unborn
        2. Listen To My Voice
        3. Replicas
        4. Observer
        5. Dance
        6. Tracks

        The The

        The Comeback Special

          After 20 years of absence THE THE celebrated their comeback with a glorious UK and US Tour in 2018, topped by a sold-out performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London, the so called “Comeback Special”.

          What started as an unforgettable live experience now turns into something even bigger as THE THE announce their new live album and make the whole comeback experience available to fans worldwide.


          Global Eyes
          Sweet Bird Of Truth
          Flesh And Bones
          Beat(en) Generation
          Armageddon Days
          We Can’t Stop What’s Coming
          Phantom Walls
          Love Is Stronger
          Dogs Of Lust
          Helpline Operator
          This Is The Night
          This Is The Day
          Soul Catcher
          Bugle Boy
          Beyond Love
          Slow Emotion Replay
          Like A Sun Rising Replay
          I’ve Been Waiting For Tomorrow (all Of My Life)
          True Happiness
          Uncertain Smile
          Lonely Planet

          New Model Army

          From Here

            Formed in Bradford in 1980, New Model Army's beginnings were inspired by Northern Soul, Punk Rock and the incendiary atmosphere of the times. Since then, they have had a long, creative and eventful journey. They have been massively influential in 'post-punk', 'folkrock', 'political-rock', 'goth', 'metal' and all kinds of musical sub-cultures but they have steadfastly refused to belong to any club or style.

            Members have changed over the years and musical styles have evolved but at the heart of the band Justin has remained, along with a distinct and sincere belief in the power of music to inspire and effect change on both a personal and political scale, locally and globally.

            'From Here' was recorded earlier on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske at the beautiful Ocean Sound Recordings studio and reflects the spectacular isolation of that environment yet has profound messages for the world we all live in and the times we are experiencing. The album was mostly written in just two months and recorded in only nine days and is the follow up on the two hugely acclaimed albums Between Dog And Wolf (2013) and Winter (2016). New Model Army decided to work again with Lee Smith and Jamie Lockhart, with whom they have developed a productive relationship over a few years and who persuaded them to leave a lot of the details of the music to spontaneity.

            “This album has a feel that is different to our other albums, but it still contains all the elements that characterise our peculiarly unidentifiable music – perhaps even more than ever. And “From Here” was an obvious title. The record belongs to a very special place and a particular time – what is happening in the world, where we are as a band and where we are as people.”

            Lloyd Cole


              “Guesswork”, as the title suggests, is a record about the uncertainty of the world as one enters their third act. In terms of song count, it is Lloyd Cole's shortest, however, it is the longest in terms of minutes but the shortest in terms of word count. This is symbolistic for the authorial confidence that comes with the passing of time.

              Going beyond Cole's latest “songs” album, the critically acclaimed “Standards” in 2013, “Guesswork's” musical style is mostly comprised of electronic sounds. Once Lloyd Cole had formulated a sonic picture of the record he wanted to make, the arrival of each new song gradually brought that picture into focus. His distinguishable voice and sophisticated lyricism invite the listener into the mindset of someone who has reached old age and is coming to terms with this.

              As Cole puts it: “Because really what have we got to lose?”. At times, the experience of listening to Guesswork is akin to sitting in a sleek, state-of-the-art departure lounge, unsure of quite where you're waiting to go.

              'Dead To The World' is the long anticipated new studio album in seven years. With this album, mixed by Jay Baumgardner (Bush, POD, Papa Roach, Evanescence), Helmet have once again proven to be one of America's most influential alternative rock bands. Dead To The World comes with heavy guitar riffs, blasting drums and the distinctive voice of front man Page Hamilton. The album is energy at its purest form. Every track adds its unique flavour to mix of hard rock, alternative, metal and punk, showing the world again how versatile a rock album can be.

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