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Timothy J. Fairplay

I Lay Awake At Night Scheming

    "Recorded mainly at Dungeon Module (1) - my last studio in London, except for ‘Castle Force’ recorded at current studio Dungeon Module 2. To some extent a lost album, the bulk of the album was made for a project which never came to fruition, and like ‘A Snowstorm In The Tropics’ there’s a few tracks which have been my live sets for a few years but have never had a proper release."

    Raw emotional synth and rhythm tracks for late nights in the dungeon. Cassette and Digital. Cassette comes in cool 80s video game/90s rave tape pack style case!


    1. I Lay Awake At Night Scheming
    2. Creeping Anxiety
    3. The Next Day
    4. Castle Force
    5. When's The Call?
    6. Hidden Entrance
    7. There's No Use
    8. Without Warning

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