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The Zion Disc / Dub Store Records reissue attack continues with another two tracker from Sons Of Negus. Ras Michael (Michael George Henry) recorded under a number of names, and with an ever changing set of musicians. In the mid-60s he formed the Sons Of Negus, a Rastafarian group of drummers and singers as well as founding his own Zion Disc label which continued into the 70s. It's from this period that these tracks are from, although it's proved quite hard to pin point the exact date! "Run Agressors Run" keeps an upbeat, lighthearted tone through the dark socio-political lyrics contained within. "Ethiopian National Anthem" is equally optimistic, obviously paying tribute to the motherland as Ras Michael delivers a heartfelt and dynamic vocal part. Excellent!


A. Run Agressors Run
B. Ethiopian National Anthem

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