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    With ‘Althaea’, Trailer Trash Tracys follow-up to 2012’s critically acclaimed debut album ‘Ester’, the band continue their investigations into the farther flung reaches of pop music, with stunning results.

    Spanning 10 deeply esoteric tracks, ‘Althaea’ sees the band drift further afield from traditional song structures to create a new aural lexicon of their own, one as influenced by Filipino carnival music and Latin rhythms as it was by Japanese tropical music from the 80s. Even at their most outwardly pop - the pristine ‘Eden Machine’, for instance, or the swooning ‘Kalesa’ - there is a baroque splendour and heightened sensuality. The interplay of light and dark - the foreign and the familiar - brings forth an album with manifold pleasures, one which rewards repeated listening and further exploration.

    The album is also a soundtrack to Filipino filmmakers Raya Martin and Charles Salazar’s forthcoming film with the same name. On their collaboration Raya says, “‘Althaea’ is a narrative about being stuck in a strange mystical island. It’s a landscape that’s at once familiar, aggressive, drifting, odd and unexpected. The music by Trailer Trash Tracys perfectly transports us to this place hidden in all of us.”


    Barry says: From tropical rhythms and silken marimba hits, through to grooving summery numbers, and more full-force rhythmic rock 'Althaea' is packed with moments of pure perfection. A brilliant outing, and just a hint of what's to come.


    Smoked River
    Eden Machine
    Going Gardens
    Money For Moondogs
    Betty’s Cavatina
    100 Aspects Of The Moon

    After the critically lauded ‘Boys Outside’, ex-Beta Band mainman Steve Mason delivers his magnum opus ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’.

    ‘Monkey Minds In The Devil’s Time’ is an album saturated with politics. With a title referring to the Buddhist term for an easily distracted brain, the album features 20 songs - 9 recorded in London with producer Dan Carey and 11 short linking pieces self-produced in Mason’s Fife studio.

    All songs on the album were written by Mason, while Dan Carey appears on bass throughout the record, and acclaimed London MC Mystro provides vocals on ‘More Money, More Fire’.


    1. The Old Problem
    2. Lie Awake
    3. Flyover ‘98
    4. A Lot Of Love
    5. The Last Of Heroes
    6. Lonely
    7. Safe Population
    8. Friends For Ever More
    9. Seen It All Before
    10. From Hate We Hope
    11. Oh My Lord
    12. Goodbye Youth
    13. Never Be Alone
    14. Behind The Curtains
    14. More Money, More Fire
    16. Fire!
    17. Operation Mason
    18. Fight Them Back
    19. Towers Of Power
    20. Come To Me

    1. Seen It All Before (Greg Wilson Remix)
    2. Come To Me (Greg Wilson Remix)

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