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Conscious Consumer (RSD24 EDITION)



    X-Ray Spex

    Conscious Consumer - 2023 Reissue

      The sophomore and final studio album from punk icons - X-Ray Spex.

      The highly sought after album received a very limited CD only release in 1995 on Receiver Records in the UK and has been officially unavailable for the past 27 years!

      The album reunited the iconic X-Ray Spex vocalist - Poly Styrene with original X-Ray Spex saxophonist - Lora Logic and bassist - Paul Dean, as well as guitar from Kula Shaker frontman Crispian Mills under his then pseudonym Red Spectre.

      This release has been remastered from the original master tapes and is available on LP for the first time ever! Including the original and expanded artwork, including previously unpublished lyrics and original sleeve notes from Poly.

      Pop culture is full of classic albums that slip between the cracks. In recent years the late Poly Styrene and X-Ray Spex have achieved iconic status with their 1978 debut ‘Germfree Adolescents’ album but the group’s follow up album 'Conscious Consumer’ released 17 years later has been lost to the sands of time.

      These days most people don’t even realise that X-Ray Spex had a follow up to what is now embraced as one of the classics of the punk rock period. This lovingly compiled revisit puts the spotlight on a lost gem that has many of the hallmarks of the debut but is sieved through a different lens. ‘Conscious Consumer’ was an upgrade of the classic debut with a same punk rock urgency and themes of consumerism but with a poppier edge and a more considered wisdom gleamed from the ups and downs of life from the perspective of an older, wiser, Krishna devotee.

      In 1995 the album was an unexpected comeback and a lost classic. It was the first new material recorded by the band for years despite many of the songs being written a decade before. On release, though, the album disappeared into a void being out of sync with the times and before Poly got her deserved iconic status.

      The band who also re-formed in 1991, 1995 and 2008 are now revered worldwide for sparking a new kind of attitude in music. The late Poly is now a pop culture pin-up for an originality and feminism that barely existed at the time. Her acerbic, witty and brilliant lyrics and distinctive voice have stood the test of time, and along with the band’s original sax player Lora Logic, she has become part of the punk rock narrative. The fuzzy snapshots of the brief early lineup see the sassy and sharp dressed teenager core oozing talent, originality and style in a freeze frame of pop culture punk rock perfection.

      Listening to the album again after a long break, Paul Dean is surprised.

      “‘Conscious Consumer’ now sounds so much better than I remember. It wasn’t properly released at the time and so no one knows about it. If you love Germfree Adolescents you will love ‘Conscious Consumer’ they are linked together. X-Ray Spex didn’t have just one great album it was two!”


      Side A
      1. Cigarettes
      2. Junk Food Junkie
      3. Crystal Clear
      4. India
      5. Dog In Sweden
      6. Hi Chaperone
      Side B
      7. Good Time Girl
      8. Melancholy
      9. Sophia
      10. Peace Meal
      11. Prayer For Peace
      12. Party

      Steven Clark (a.k.a Sci-Fi Steven from disco/punk legends bis) returns with his one-man-band project Batteries what seems like seconds after last year's self-titled snappy New-Wave debut. The debut's dystopian potential future themes remain, but this time both the musical and lyrical safety nets have been removed. With the "Devo plays Queens Of The Stone Age or vice versa" mantra still a loose guide, The Finishing Line opens with the vague reassurance of lost Punk 45 "The Fall-In-Love Club" before the safety is removed for the unhinged journey ahead. Remnants of Bill Nelson's Red Noise, Cardiacs and early Blur b-sides abound in "Mutual Enemies" and "Hidden Tracks" while there's edgy American metallic synth punk in "Pigs", "Pankhurst" and "Children Be Normal" which recalls Jesus Lizard and Brainiac. It's a restless itchy record, fleeting pop melodies are crushed by industrial strength guitars, but one that is a cohesive reward and illustrates Steven's unique musical vision. 


      1. The Fall-In-Love Club
      2. Pankhurst
      3. Hidden Tracks
      4. Pigs
      5. The Rules Are Wrong
      6. Mutual Enemies
      7. Future Studies
      8. Children Be Normal
      9. Data Intercourse
      10. Gather By The Sea
      11. Business As A Euphemism
      12. The Finishing Line

      Batteries is the self-titled debut solo album by Steven Clark (professionally known as Sci-Fi Steven) from Glasgow's Punk/Disco legends bis. An exercise in short, sharp new-wave snappiness, Steven has ramped up the guitars and latent aggression to create a new sound which has already been compared to Devo playing Queens of The Stone Age or vice-versa. Nagging melodies abound with some darker twists and a cynical sense of positivity informs the lyrics. There's plenty of pop hooks for the bis faithful, but Batteries is an angrier beast. Contains anthemic lead track "Batteries" and the viciously wonky pop of "Human Requirements”. 


      01. Batteries
      02. Flashbacks
      03. Human Requirements
      04. Suicide Everything
      05. Rumour Vs. Lie
      06. Wah! Kinder
      07. Stuck In The Arteries
      08. Cannibals
      09. Straight To Video
      10. London
      11. Anorexia Poster Girls
      12. Destroy My Machines

      Carina Round


        Following the release of her fourth critically acclaimed studio album “Tigermending”, British singer/songwriter Carina Round returns from a brief spell of touring and recording with her other musical endeavours Puscifer and Early Winters with a full-length remix album of its predecessor, the aptly titled “Tigermixes”. Collaborating with a host of talent from both her native England and resident US, “Tigermixes” is an exaggerated, re-imagination of Round’s skillfully crafted works, quite unlike any of her releases to date.

        Boasting the remix and production efforts of an eclectic cut of standout acts including: Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan and Mat Mitchell), Curt Smith (Tears For Fears), Phil Mossman (LCD Soundsystem) and personally selected underground and breakthrough talents, including members of Carina's musical family who worked closely on the making and touring of Tigermending, features re-workings of all eleven tracks from the original album, together with the physical release debut of the fan favourite bonus track “Got to Go” [2000 Years BC Remix] Feat. Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins). 


        Side A: 01. Pick Up The Phone [The Swan Sisters Remix] 02. The Last Time [Sonoio Remix] 03. Girl And The Ghost [Puscifer Remix] Side B: 04. You And Me [The Beta Machine Remix] 05. Set Fire [Mang-Kon Remix] 06. You Will Be Loved [Curt Smith & The Reverend Charlton Pettus Remix] Side C: 07. Marcel Marcel / The Arrangement [Gary Go Vs. Thorne Remix] 08. Weird Dream [Avan Lava Remix] 09. Mother’s Pride [Hillstromania Remix] Side D: 10. The Secret Of Drowning [Phil Mossman Remix] 11. Simplicity Hurts [Glitterous Remix] 12. Go To Go [2000 Years BC Remix] Feat. Billy Corgan


        Data Panik Etcetera - White Vinyl Edition


          The influential and ever underrated Glasgow, Scotland trio return with "data Panik etcetera" - a release that brings us up to date with recordings from the year spent re-branded at data Panik, alongside other aborted attempts to record a 4th, and definitive, bis album. Hardcore fans have been desperate to get their hands on these recordings, and the band have carefully selected and remastered the pick of the bunch - which sit neatly together to create a cohesive whole. The band have still been playing storming sets live over the last few years, surprising punters at places such as Primavera in Barcelona and 2013's Indietracks Festival as headliner and new material has crept into the set-list. Consider this a friendly catch-up before bis begin again where they left off. Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco, to give them their professional monikers, were big in the late 1990's for such highlights as being the first unsigned band on Top Of The Pops (allegedly), creating the theme tune to the massive Hanna-Barbera cartoon "The Powerpuff Girls", having their own Casio G-Shock watch released in Japan and moving from their punk-rock roots to have a huge underground European dance hit with "Eurodisco". Taking influences from Devo, XTC, Huggy Bear, Bikini Kill and The Plastics, bis have also inspired other for 20 years now - being a reference point for a host of artists such as CSS, Los Campesinos!, Joanna Gruesome and Chvrches. The band also featured in NME's list of Top 20 Cult Heroes and featured in their Top 50 Britpop anthems. Albums "The New Transistor Heroes" (Under-fi pop/punk songs with twitches into disco, hip-hop and synth-pop), "Social Dancing" (Glossy electro-pop that somehow failed to take the world by storm) and "Return To Central" (An expansive rebirth, taking in Eno, Moroder and Can like a bunch of hipsters - sales negligible) showcased the over-development of their creators, always keen to move onto the next project. With "data Panik etcetera" the inspirations had moved onto strict, skinny-tie, new-wave pop songs (Control The Radical, Minimum Wage, Retail of the Details), awkward XTC play Chic disco (Cubis (I Love You), Music Lovers, Too Much Not Enough) and disconcerting Goth-Techno (Sense Not Sense, Flesh Remover). Rulers and the States, meanwhile, has already featured heavily on a Scottish Television advert with it's nagging Sparksy riff. Released by Do Yourself In, "data Panik etcetera" comes in vinyl format (180g white vinyl).


          01. Control The Radical
          02. Minimum Wage
          03. Rulers And The States
          04. Cubis (I Love You)
          05. Sense Not Sense
          06. Mechanical Love
          07. Too Much Not Enough
          08. Retail Of The Detail
          09. Music Lovers
          10. The Young Mothers
          11. Flesh Remover
          12 (That Love Ain’t) Justified

          LP Bonus Download Tracks :
          13. Insider
          14. Thrill Is Yours

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