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A match made in dancefloor heaven, as two worlds collide with LDN partystarters Make A Dance committing their official remix of indie rock four-piece, Django Django’s percussive bumper ‘Don't Touch That Dial’ to vinyl for a limited pressing, complete with vinyl only dub mix on the flip.

Already squarely aimed at the club, the Make A Dance duo take the original to stratospheric heights, flipping it into a body-popping, electro bomb which sits Japanese singer Yuuko’s vocals centre stage intertwined with glitching synth lines and acid armoury to turn this into a full frontal, downright infectious firecracker.

On the B, the vinyl only exclusive dub mix let’s those juiced up, electro grooves fly as deft hints of Yuuko’s vocals bounce around your brain.

Cop now or forever hold your peace.


A1. Don’t Touch That Dial Feat. Yuuko Sings (Make A Dance Remix)
B1. Don’t Touch That Dial Feat. Yuuko Sings (Make A Dance ‘Vinyl Only’

Django Django

Off Planet

    Entitled Off Planet, the 5th studio album from Django Django is a 21 track album splitted into four parts. Originally destined to be four experimental EPs but immediately transformed into a proper album when they started the recording session, Off Planet features some of the most exciting and dynamic music Django Django have ever produced. Harking back to their more experimental and electronic roots, the album also features guest such as Self Esteem, Jack Penate and others. 


    Liam says: Django Django are back with an absolute banger of a project! Originally planned as 4 EPs, 'Off Planet' eventually merged into this 21 track cosmic odyssey. With features from the likes of Self Esteem and Stealing Sheep, Django Django delve into hypnotic disco, interplanetary acid house and psych-rock slop - mega, mega stuff!


    Vinyl Tracklisting:
    A Side (Off Planet Part 1)
    1. Wishbone
    2. Complete Me Feat. Self Esteem
    3. Osaka
    4. Hands High Feat. Refound
    5. Lunar Vibrations Feat. Isabelle Woodhouse
    B Side (Off Planet Part 2)
    1. Don't Touch That Dial Feat. Yuuko
    2. Back 2 Back Feat. Patience
    3. Squid Inc.
    4. Come Down
    5. Golden Cross
    C Side (Off Planet Part 3)
    1. No Time Feat. Jack Peñate
    2. A New Way Through
    3. Galaxy Mood Feat. Toya Delazy
    4. The Oh Zone
    5. Dead Machine Feat. Stealing Sheep
    6. Dumdrum
    D Side (Off Planet Part 4)
    1. Fluxus
    2. Slipstream
    3. Who You Know Feat. Bernardo
    4. Black Cadillac
    5. Gazelle

    CD Tracklisting:
    CD1 (Off Planet Parts 1 & 2)
    1. Wishbone
    2. Complete Me Feat. Self Esteem
    3. Osaka
    4. Hands High Feat. Refound
    5. Lunar Vibrations Feat. Isabelle Woodhouse
    6. Don't Touch That Dial Feat. Yuuko
    7. Back 2 Back Feat. Patience
    8. Squid Inc.
    9. Come Down
    10. Golden Cross
    CD2 (Off Planet Parts 3 & 4)
    1. No Time Feat. Jack Peñate
    2. A New Way Through
    3. Galaxy Mood Feat. Toya Delazy
    4. The Oh Zone
    5. Dead Machine Feat. Stealing Sheep
    6. Dumdrum
    7. Fluxus
    8. Slipstream
    9. Who You Know Feat. Bernardo
    10. Black Cadillac
    11. Gazelle

    Django Django

    Django Django - 10th Anniversary Edition

      Django Django will be releasing a 10th-anniversary reissue of their self-titled Mercury Prize-nominated debut album. The original album will be re-released alongside a second disc of the entire album mixed by dub pioneer Mad Professor. The edition is officially announced 13th April with the release of The Mad Professor Dub of their iconic single 'Default' .


      Hail Bop
      Zumm Zumm
      Hand Of Man
      Love's Dart
      Life's A Beach
      Skies Over Cairo
      Silver Rays
      Introduction Dub
      Hail Bop Dub
      Default Dub
      Firewater Dub
      Waveforms Dub
      Zumm Zumm Dub
      Hand Of Man Dub
      Love's Dart Dub
      Wor Dub
      Storm Dub
      Life's A Beach Dub
      Skies Over Cairo Dub
      Silver Rays Dub

      Pictish Trail

      Natural Successor - Inc Django Django Mix

        A purgative surrender to nature’s whim driven by a clattering machine drumbeat and rolled in a puddle of filthy dirty fuzz, ‘Natural Successor’ is the riotous new single from isle of Eigg based Scottish psychedelic electronic-pop ogre Johnny Lynch AKA Pictish Trail.

        Set for release on limited-edition 12” vinyl by Fire Records, with support from Johnny’s own label Lost Map Records, it’s the first taste of a set of brand-new Pictish recordings produced by longterm collaborater Rob Jones (The Voluntary Butler Scheme, The Gene Dudley Group).

        The 12” single features exclusive remixes by Django Django and Makeness


        Matt says: Always nice to hear from the driving force that is Johnny Lynch. "Natural Successor" is soaring psychedlic rock with stadium potential. Django Django jump on board with a baggy, ALFOS-friendly tweak too. Then Makeness twist things up with a frenzied jungle refix.


        A1. Natural Successor
        A2. Natural Successor (Instrumental)
        B1. Natural Successor (Django Django’s Fazed And Confused Mix)
        B2. Natural Successor (Makeness Remix)

        Django Django

        Glowing In The Dark

          Over the course of their extraordinarily accomplished discography to date, Django Django have constantly headed left where others have gone right. Described by The Guardian as “capable of making music that sounds close to perfection”, they are known for their genre defying eclectic sound and their new album “Glowing in the Dark” heralds, once again, the beginning of a thrilling new era for the band.

          Glowing in the Dark has a running theme of escape: from despair, from constraints, from small town life, and even, in dreams, from the Earth. The brilliant title track and new single, for instance, soars gloriously towards the stratosphere. A track built around a sample from one of Dave Maclean’s spoken word records then plushly upholstered with Moog synths and drum loops, it is accompanied by some eye strobing visuals from rapidly ascending NYC artist and illustrator Braulio Amado.


          Barry says: Django Django (So good they named th.. No - Ed.) hit us with their newest album since 2018, and while the songwriting is pure DD, their increased reliance on woozy synths and bombastic basslines lend a more shimmering, poppy edge.


          1. Spirals
          2. Right The Wrongs
          3. Got Me Worried
          4. Waking Up Feat. Charlotte Gainsbourg
          5. Free From Gravity
          6. Headrush
          7. The Ark
          8. Night Of The Buffalo
          9. The World Will Turn
          10. Kick The Devil Out
          11. Glowing In The Dark
          12. Hold Fast
          13. Asking For More

          Django Django

          Marble Skies

            After the brilliant, rave-shaped grooves and expansive arrangements of its predecessor, ‘Marble Skies’ is a more concise and focused offering which recalls the dynamic, genre-blurring music of their debut. It’s a return to form; an album which finds them returning to the handmade, cut-and-paste approach of the past. Upon finishing the ‘Born To Saturn’ tour, Dave ventured to LA to work on a production project, whilst the other band members went to India with the British Council. When they returned, the new album process began with a back-to-basics approach which recalled the DIY ethos of the band’s early days, Django Django – minus an absent Maclean – assembled at Urchin Studios in Tottenham, London with Metronomy drummer Anna Prior to experiment with the idea of coming up with new tracks through loose jamming sessions. After ten days of recording, there was plenty of raw material to send up to Dave (then back in his hometown of Dundee) for him to edit, refine and evolve. As ever, all four band members (completed by Tommy Grace on synths and bassist Jimmy Dixon) contributed to the band’s music, melodies and lyrics as the final album took shape. Parts of ‘Marble Skies’ find Django Django sailing into uncharted territories, not least the driving title track (propelled by Prior’s drumming), with its echoes of Krautrock and Suicide. Meanwhile, the hazy Zombies-like summer pop of ‘Champagne’, which explores the joys and ills of alcohol, was inspired by the band’s over-indulgence during a boat trip on the Seine that was hosted by their label. Those drawn to the more dance-orientated side of Django Django will find much to love in the twisted ‘80s electro pop of ‘In Your Beat’ and the dancehall-influenced ‘Surface To Air’, a dreamy-headed pop song fronted by Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club. The collaboration came as a result of the two bands meeting up at SXSW some years ago, where Rebecca and Dave in particular bonded over shared interests in R&B, hip-hop and dancehall. Another more surprising collaborator is Jan Hammer, the Czech-born, American-based jazz-fusion and electronic artist who shares writing credits with the band on the gorgeously floaty ‘Sundials’. If there’s a mood running through ‘Marble Skies’, it’s one of reflection on things past and present, and finding some kind of peace with your place in the grand scheme of things. 

            TRACK LISTING

            Side 1
            1. Marble Skies
            2. Surface To Air
            3. Champagne
            4. Tic Tac Toe
            5. Further
            Side 2
            1. Sundials
            2. Beam Me Up
            3. In Your Beat
            4. Real Gone
            5. Fountains

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