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MFC Chicken

Fast Food & Broken Hearts

    Formed in 2010 above a fried chicken shop on London's Holloway Road, MFC Chicken play raw, sax-fueled r'n'r tunes about fast food & broken hearts. Formed in 2010 on top of a dirty fried chicken shop on London's Holloway Road, MFC Chicken play raw, sax-fueled rock and roll tunes about fast food and broken hearts. When tenor sax player Spencer Evoy arrived in London fresh from Canada, little did he know that his quest to reignite the spirit of the rock'n'roll sound of the American Pacific Northwest would start outside a chicken shop on the Holloway Road. Since those early days, this poultry-power rock and roll group have released four award winning LPs and a fistful of instantly collectable singles on Dirty Water Records (UK) and FOLC Records (Spain).

    The band - Spencer Evoy (Sax/Lead Vox), Ravi Low-Beer (Drums), Zig Criscuolo (Bass/Vox), and Dan Criscuolo (Guitar/Vox) - have set the UK and Europe alight with 100’s of live shows presenting their own red hot take on "the music the Sonics and The Wailers were listening to", cementing this globe-spanning gang into the finest purveyors of Pacific Northwest rhythm and blues in the land. 2020 sees the 10th anniversary of the band and the release of their newest slab of vinyl presenting 14 brand new slabs of rock and roll, frat rock and rhythm and blues. Highlights include “KFC Called The Cops On Me”, “Breakfast ‘Taters” and “Fuck You, Me”. If you love dancing but hate contemporary music… if you are desperate to hear rock'n'roll taken back to its roots… if you are hungry for the greasiest item on the rhythm and blues dance menu, then you are most definitely ready for the indescribable, unstoppable sound of MFC Chicken - the best in the land! 

    Various Artists

    The New Testament

      Sick of wimpy indie kids prodding limply at pedal boards? Into hard drugs and cannibalism? Wanna punch a cop? Well kids we’ve got the record for you! Dirty Water Records have corralled 6 of the most rabid and dangerous rock ’n’ roll bands currently stalking the planet onto one piece of bubbling wax and let em off the leash!! From the blistering opening riffs of Up All Night to the thunderous wah-wah burn out of Too High To Die, this mother pumps like a two dollar hooker in a KFC parking lot!! A 12 pack of extra crispy RnR tunes fills out this disk of delinquency, with each group frying up one unreleased track and one old favourite.

      Thus these prophets of thee party provide both a banquet of new and strange delights and a guaranteed recipe for all night partying and vandalism!! Yes that’s right pilgrim! This is a doctrine for the new world order! And no matter where you dig that underground bunker there’s no escaping the new rock ’n’ roll gospel cause these zealots come from all over pal!! From fromage fried France: LES LULLIES!! From sangria-soaked Spain: NAVE NODRIZA!! From jungle jivin’ Japan: THE FADEAWAYS!! From prozac usin’ USA: BLACK MAMBAS!! From nuclear New Zealand via lugubrious London: THE CAVEMEN!! And from maniacal Mars: The SCANERS!! Yep! Like it or not this sonic pestilence has gone global so do yourself a favour: grab a six-pack, pick yourself up a copy and study it like the bible cause this is the NEW TESTAMENT baby and the end times are near!! 


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      Weird Omen

      Surrealistic Forest

        Two LPs and four singles in, WEIRD OMEN still evade direct comparisons to … anyone. Descriptions abound: “Primitive garage, a deluge of trash brass, reverb, and fuzzzzz”, “a crypto-hypnotic garage trance, blending ‘60s tones and psychedelic neo-garage”, and “France’s strangest garage-psych-rock trio - comprised of guitar, sax, and drums. Lost somewhere betweenThe Cramps and The Kinks”. For sound-alikes, you might look to Morphine and James Chance and the Contortions, but all this tells you is that while Weird Omen has influences like everybody else does, their sound is their own. There’s a helluva pedigree here too: King Khan & the Shrines , Bee Dee Kay & the Roller Coaster, Lost Communists, Limiñanas, We Are Not Indians, Escobar, Anomalys… Balancing between a gloomy psychedelic atmosphere and fast-paced punk energy, Weird Omen manage to make some new with the old, imposing their own unique style. Refusing to succumb to one genre only, the band bravely blends garage, exotica, rockabilly, and psych.The lineup is straightforward, if unusual; a storming rhythm section comprised of drummer Remi Pablo and guitarist Sister Ray and what can only be described as a lead baritone saxophonist, Fred Rollercoaster. Weird Omen defies the current trends of garage; or more exactly, builds upon its foundations to make something completely different out of it. 

        The Scaners

        The Scaners II

          French gonzo-synth punks and intergalactic scuzzball house band. Miscreants from a future generation. Clad in white from head to toe, bug-eye shades peer out through a dirty water fog. They play a blistering set of songs that will propel, or had already propelled, them through the atmosphere on a fix of adrenalin in 2019. Is it the past or the future, for the present seems far away? Their second album, put simply, ‘II’, is a breakthrough moment, when the crawling Lo Spider once again takes control of this paranoiac, extra-terrestrial-abducted and abducting quartet and bounces the finished 12 doses into the hands of garage master Jim Diamond for mastering.

          The result? Another bombastic, swirling garage acid trip through the stratosphere. Insane flights in the spiked punch bowl that is our galaxy. Destination: UNKNOWN. Lifeform: UNIDENTIFIED. Infection: CONFIRMED. Once again, as on their debut album, that which hit many ‘best of 2018’ lists, we are hurtling through space, kidnapped and unaware of where we head. With THE SCANERS as our only guides we’re tripping through on hyperspeed right from opener Please Abduct Me. Gonzo space punk a-go-go. The songs on II fly by full of alien abandon. More new-wave than their debut, but still an intergalactic riot. In 1947 they crash-landed. In 1977 they took off. In 2017 they returned and in 2019 they are preparing for a full invasion.

          Finally the British Government are taking the imminent threat seriously. “The take-home message here is that there’s probably something out there, but we don’t know what it is. It’s an extraordinary revelation, not least because it directly contradicts the many specific denials that the US government has issued previously when asked about this subject, and their involvement in it. This isn’t quite the ‘spaceship in a hangar’ smoking gun the UFO lobby was hoping for. This is real!” Europe is on the move, succumbing to the infectious tractor beam-like tunes of The Scaners. All that is left is for the rest of the world to awake from their lucid dream state, shake off their shackles, and take flight. 


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          Jack Cades

          Music For Children

            Superbeat group The Jack Cades bring you the best of Thee Vicars, Baron Four, Higher State, Speedball Jr, State Records And Hipsville. The Jack Cades were born in late 2017 when Mike (Lead Guitar, Vocals) and Elsa (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals) decided to record some of their songs at Mole's (Drums) notorious State Records Studios in Folkestone, Kent. They invited John Gibbs (The Masonics, The Wildebeests) to record bass on some of their songs at the time, which resulted in a mini debut LP "Music for Children”. At first, the band wasn't sure if it could work full-time as everybody was pretty busy on the Garage/Soul/Freakbeat/other undefined musical genre scene. Mike, Mole, and Elsa were all in other bands (The Baron Four, The Embrooks, The Galileo 7, The Missing Souls...) But, after recording, it wasn't a difficult decision to make. It sounded too good!

            The Jack Cades had to play live! They then had the brilliant idea of asking the lovely Alexandra (Speedball Jr) to join them on bass, who accepted the proposition, thankfully. The Jack Cades is a mix of a shared passion for inspirational sounds such as 1960s Garage bands, Snotty Punk from the 1970s, Sun-kissed sweaty Rhythm n' Blues, and a lot of inspirational people. If this means nothing to you, it doesn't matter. Just listen to The Jack Cades and come see them play live, as music is for the soul and the ears, not for the eyes! 

            Hollywood Sinners

            Khöme Kakkä

              Hi intensity Spanish garage punk band channel the Sonics and the Gories through their garage punk latino filter in both Spanish and English. RIYL - Recommended if you like The Sonics, Wau Y Los Aaarghs!!!, The Gories. One of the most dynamic groups you could wish to see, this is surely how The Sonics would sound were they were young Spainsh guys in their twenties today in the early 21st Century. Faster than a fast food order from a chick on roller skates, this is more a gang than a band, and are here to fuck shit up and die young! Spain’s garage rock kings make the craziest and noisiest Latino garage rock’n’roll music ever – a mixture of seventies punk rock and the the most fun sixties garage band sounds.

              Their live shows are legendary all over Europe – whether they’re new to you or are your favourite band, they are simply irresistible. The songs are fast, loud, cheap, nasty, snotty, catchy, and sweaty…simple yet tight tunes that will stick to your head like superglue! And they really know how to translate a rock’n’roll party to a recording. As one reviewer said of their last album, “One gets a straight punch of beer-soaked realism that’s the closest thing to a reproduction of a live show... the band connects with the audience by shooting sonic adrenaline straight to the brainstem.” Like putting up a good fight or making out in the back seat of a vintage Chevy this is a band that will get your blood pumping, your heart racing, your legs jumping and leave you begging for more. 

              MFC Chicken

              It's... MFC Chicken Time!

                It’s been six years since Spencer Evoy arrived in London and convened a group of frantic, hungry musicians on top of a dirty Holloway Road chicken shack to take part in a sacred mission to bring Pacific Northwest style rock’n’roll to the British public. In that time, MFC Chicken have unleashed two LPs, three singles and whole lot of mayhem on thrilled and unsuspecting audiences across Europe and beyond. The poultry-loving group have made a name for themselves, becoming one of the hottest garage rock’n’roll acts in the UK, and have thrilled sweaty crowds all across Europe with with their own red hot take on what’s been described as ‘the music the Sonics were listening to’. As one reviewer wrote, the band features ‘sax so oily it should be scooped up, whacked on yer barnet and fashioned into a DA’. After spending a good year or more honing their set and finding out which songs make the girls dance (i.e. all of them!), their debut album Music for Chicken cemented the globe-spanning gang as the finest purveyors of this style of rockin’ and rollin’ rhythm’n’blues in the land. Next came the even-better sophomore album Solid Gravy! in 2014 .

                (One reviewer said, ‘This is the first record that I’ve heard this year that does strange things to my internal organs!’), and now the chicken loving public can brace themselves for the third, even more thrilling long player, because once again It’s…MFC Chicken Time! This time around the boys have once more made sure to capture the raw live sound that has driven audiences wild time and time again. They’ve chosen tracks that get folks twistin’, stompin’ and shoutin’ and laid them down to tape with plenty of their special seasoning. It’s guaranteed to get any public, private or personal party cookin’. So do you love dancing but hate contemporary music? Are you desperate to hear garage rock’n’roll really taken back to its roots? If so, then you most definitely ready for that indescribable, unstoppable Chicken sound: the latest and greatest item on the rock’n’roll dance menu. 

                Archie And The Bunkers

                Archie And The Bunkers

                ARCHIE AND THE BUNKERS is Emmet on (drums/vocals) and Cullen (organ/vocals). Formed in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2013, the teenaged brothers began recording music in their basement, self-producing their first two EPs with a raw garage-punk sound that draws heavily from their diverse musical influences, ranging from jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith, and Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes, to punk icons Dead Boys (they opened for original member Cheetah Chrome earlier this year), The Stooges, The Screamers, The Damned, and more. On stage, these home-schooled siblings attack their songs with a frenetic energy that whips the audience into a frenzy.

                The unique growl of sixteen-year-old Cullen’s whirring, overdriven organ and the driving beat of Emmett’s four-piece drum kit leave gig-goers in shock at the sonic assault levied by a group made up of just two boys. As a local reviewer wrote, the boys “sometimes draw initial attention from a crowd because of their tender years. But their ages belie the talent and powerhouse show they put on every time they hit a stage.” The twelve songs on this, their debut album, were recorded at the famed Ghetto Recorders in Detroit, with near legendary producer/engineer Jim Diamond capturing that unique Archie sound that’s been dubbed ‘Hi-Fi Organ Punk.’ Fourteen-year-old Emmett, however, prefers to describe their sound as, ‘rock’n’roll that’s been peeled back to its raw foundation’. Having played a number of high profile gigs in recent months, including support to The Sonics at the Beachland Ballroom in their home town this summer, these kids are scorching hot and ready to break out, not just out of Cleveland, but internationally.

                ‘The novelty of their ages drops away the minute they begin to play,’ says Matt Fields, manager at the Beachland. ‘These guys are frickin’ stars, man. They are total pros. The first time I saw them my jaw hit the floor. Every time they play, within two songs everybody at the bar has left their seats to go stand in front of the stage to watch and listen to them. I haven't felt this strongly about a new band in a long time. They have no pretention, no inhibition. They are just having so much fun with the music. They are mind-blowing players. And such nice kids.’ 

                Beck, in a Spanish press conference, said: “Los Chicos are my favourite Spanish band.” Los Chicos is a five-man rock’n’roll machine constructed from the best parts of all the best components of 20th century rock’n’roll and rythm’n’blues. They put the ingredients into the mix...and then kick the livin’ shite out of it! It's a sound that, on stage, explodes into a powerful and exhuberant rock'n'roll party. Featuring a line up that makes the Cramps’ audience at Napa State look normal – a fast talking highclimbing frontman, a shaven-headed evil Doctor Pineapple, a bubble-permed bassist, and last but not least the only real twin guitar team treading the boards today, Spain’s best band gather new fans everywhere they go. It's your turn next! For this, their fifth album, recorded in the summer heat of Madrid in four days and mixed in another three by Mike Mariconda, Los Chicos have collaborated with well-respected Spanish artistes such as Josele Santiago from Los Enemigos and Hendrik Röver from Los Deltonos. There cannot be a more direct, more raw, less artificial recording available today. In the Spain of today this is the only way to deal with the problems, primarily economic, affecting Spanish society and the band members in particular: beer, good parties and much laughter. And this comes out in the recording, along with a dash of anger. And, in part thanks to the current climate, this may be the most powerful sound they’ve ever achieved.

                Los Chicos

                We Sound Amazing But We Look Like Shit

                  From Madrid, Spain, this is a six-man rock’n’roll machine constructed from the best parts of real rhythm’n’blues (as opposed to the pop music that gets called “R&B” these days), raucous garage rock, gritty pub’n’punk rock...and a good measure of gospel. They put all those ingredients into the mix . . .and then kick the livin’ shite out of it. Yes, it’s their pure faith in the powers of amplification and alcohol that saw them on a previous visit to the UK get a room of 200 sinners down on to their knees before taking each and every one of ‘em straight outta the venue, and making a party in the nearby McDonalds before heading to an Indian restaurant (and really bringing rock’n’roll to the people!), leaving mayhem in their wake.

                  Featuring a line up that makes the Cramps’ audience at Napa State look normal – a fast talking high-climbing frontman, a half nekkid sax blower, a shaven-headed evil Doctor Pineapple, a bubble-permed bassist, and last but not least the only real twin guitar team treading the boards today. This release includes as guests, Mike Chandler of The Raunch Hands (backing vocals), Steve Greenfield of The Fleshtones and Andy G & the Roller Kings (baritone sax) on “We Sound Amazing. . .” with, on “Wreckin’ Rome”, the talented Australian Johnny Casino playing guitar. Plus the whole caboodle is produced by Mike Mariconda. These are sounds that will get any rock’n’roll party jumping!

                  The Wildebeests are something of a garage-rock supergroup, seeing as the group consists of John Gibbs (The Kaisers, Holly Golightly Band, The Masonics), Lenny Helsing (Thanes, Green Telescope) and, last but not least, Russ Wilkins (Pop Rivets, Milkshakes and Delmonas). These three old gits all cut their teeth playing raw beat music and generally causing a rumpus aurally and have been doing so since before the likes of the Arctic Monkeys et al were born (which obviously means that they're at least twice as good as any of those young whippernsappers!). When their paths crossed they found that they had the same old cranky, rusty equipment plus some new(ish) shiny tunes that had accumulated along the way and, hey, the Wildebeests were born! Finding themselves fueled by enthusiasm, dunce caps and other ingredients, like finding out that they all shared the same attitudes and ideas when it came to what 'making a right old honest bloody racket' was all about... thusly the Wildebeests did verily go forth and bang, scrape, thump and twang. Could the world be their oyster? Nope. But this doesn't deter them from jabbing a knife in its side and trying to prise it open These self-styled Lairds of the Boss Racket have been polluting the world's ears for what seems like an eternity now what with each member's previous bands and with the sheer volume of recordings, records and gigs that they've seen fit to unleash upon an unsuspecting public. And due to the sheer quality of the new songs (recorded by the unparalleled genius of Jorge Explosion at Circo Pirotti in Gijon, Spain) Dirty Water Records figured it was about time they assisted them in their mission. And that mission is... to make the best, most to-tapping, garage-beat sounds in the world!

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