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Dire Straits

Money For Nothing - 2022 Reissue

    Reissue of the first Dire Straits greatest hits collection, originally released in October 1988 and featuring songs from their first five albums.

    Fully remastered by Bob Ludwig, and cut by Bernie Grundman, this vinyl reissue includes ‘Telegraph Road (Live Remix)’ which was previously only available on the original CD format, and a brand new mix of ‘Portobello Belle (Live)’. It is cut over four sides of vinyl for the first time.


    Barry says: I remember having a copy of this on CD when I was younger, and thoroughly believed it to be a proper album. Imagine my surprise then when it turned out it's just a really good compilation. Andy and I were talking about just this the other week. I love Dire Straits, and this is the best 'album' that never was.


    LP1 - Side A
    Sultans Of Swing (5:46)
    Down To The Waterline (4:01)
    Portobello Belle (Live: Alternative Out-take) (4:33) – Previously Unreleased Version
    LP1 - Side B
    Twisting By The Pool (Remix) (3:30)
    Tunnel Of Love (8:10)
    Romeo And Juliet (5:56)
    LP2 - Side C
    Where Do You Think You're Going (3:30)
    Walk Of Life (4:08)
    Private Investigations (5:50)
    LP2 - Side D
    Telegraph Road (Live Remix) (11:59) – Previously Unreleased On Vinyl
    Money For Nothing (Single Edit) (4:06)
    Brothers In Arms (Edit) (4:49)

    Dire Straits

    Brothers In Arms (Half Speed Master)

      Half-speed vinyl release of the Dire Straits number 1 album Brothers In Arms, mastered by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. Originally released in 1985, the album features the singles ‘Money For Nothing’, ‘Walk Of Life’, ‘So Far Away’, ‘Brothers In Arms’ and ‘Your Latest Trick’. The winner of multiple Grammy awards, the album was the first ever to be certified 10-times platinum in the UK and is one of the world’s best-selling albums. Part of the UMC half-speed range, the package includes a branded obi-strip and a certificate of authenticity from Abbey Road.


      Side 1

      So Far Away
      Money For Nothing

      Side 2

      Walk Of Life
      Your Latest Trick

      Side 3

      Why Worry
      Ride Across The River

      Side 4

      The Man’s Too Strong
      One World
      Brothers In Arms

      Dire Straits

      Love Over Gold

        Universal Music are proud to make available the Dire Straits studio album selection as limited edition individual LPs, beatifully presented and repressed on 180 gram heavwight vinyl.

        "Adding a new rhythm guitarist, Dire Straits expands its sounds and ambitions on the sprawling Love Over Gold. In a sense, the album is their prog rock effort, containing only five songs, including the 14-minute opener "Telegraph Road." - AllMusic.


        Martin says: Featuring one of the most unusual radio hits ever- "Private Investigations" seemed to vanish completely during it's ultra quiet bits (in those medium-wave radio days!) this record also has Knopfler's most epic song in his canon: "Telegraph Road" rolled between massively melodic guitar passages and doomy/ beautiful verses to wondrous effect.

        Dire Straits

        Making Movies - 2014 Reissue

          Universal Music are proud to make available the Dire Straits studio album selection as limited edition individual LPs, beatifully presented and repressed on 180 gram heavwight vinyl.

          "Without second guitarist David Knopfler, Dire Straits began to move away from its roots rock origins into a jazzier variation of country-rock and singer/songwriter folk-rock. Naturally, this means that Mark Knopfler's ambitions as a songwriter are growing, as the storytelling pretensions of Making Movies indicate. Fortunately, his skills are increasing, as the lovely "Romeo and Juliet," "Tunnel of Love," and "Skateaway" indicate. And Making Movies is helped by a new wave-tinged pop production, which actually helps Knopfler's jazzy inclinations take hold. The record runs out of steam toward the end, closing with the borderline offensive "Les Boys," but the remainder of Making Movies ranks among the band's finest work." - AllMusic.


          Martin says: More Springsteen than Dylan, but with a way with melody that was all Knopfler's own. The first side is seamless and features the still brilliant "Romeo and Juliet".

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