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Floating Above Everything Else

    The debut album from Keeley, Ireland’s rising stars of the modern dreampop scene. Fronted by enigmatic singer-songwriter-guitarist Keeley Moss, whose singular vision has created an amazing buzz amongst the global dreampop and nu-gaze music scene. Her songs draw from the energy of classic rock and the lyricism of folk and pop traditions, exuding a maturity about which Irish broadcaster Fiachna Ó Braonáin noted...
    "Keeley goes further and deeper and carries us into a musical dreamworld that reaches in and out all at once."

    Produced by Alan Maguire with mixes by veteran engineer Paul Tipler (House Of Love, Placebo, Stereolab).

    Features the internationally acclaimed rocker “The Glitter And The Glue” as heard on Steve Lamacq, Radcliffe & Maconie (6Music), Mickey Bradley (BBC Radio Ulster), Rhys Mwyn (BBC Radio Cymru), and John Kennedy (Radio X), for whom she recorded a session in October 2022.

    Vinyl and CD come with a special lyric insert.


    01. Seeing Everything
    02. Arrive Alive
    03. The Glitter And The Glue
    04. Floating Above Everything Else
    05. To A London Sunrise
    06. Echo Everywhere
    07. Forever’s Where You Are
    08. Never Here Always There
    09. You Never Made It That Far
    10. Totally Entranced
    11. Shine A Light


    82-84: We Hate You South African Bastards!

      Comes in a sleeve that is recreated to be as close as possible to the original 1984 release on Rough Trade. Housed in an outer plastic jacket We Hate You South African Bastards! was the second album by the Irish band Microdisney (Cathal Coughlan and Sean O'Hagan), originally released by Rough Trade in 1984. The album consists of their early recordings before they moved from Cork to London, including songs that became favorites of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. The cover art was designed by the Welsh musician and artist Jon Langford, a founding member of The Mekons and The Three Johns.


      1. Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost
      2. Michael Murphy
      3. Love Your Enemies
      4. Fiction Land
      5. Pink Skinned Man
      6. Patrick Moore Says You Can’t Sleep Here
      7. Hello Rascals
      8. Pretoria Quickstep

      Damian O’Neill

      An Crann

        The long-awaited second solo album from The Undertones guitarist Damian O'Neill is an exquisitely inventive collection of largely instrumental tracks, mixed by veteran producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Placebo, Julian Cope, House Of Love). The title "An Crann" is Irish for "The Tree", a symbol of growth and inspiration.

        Telefís (Cathal Coughlan & Jacknife Lee)

        A Dó

          Telefís is Cathal Coughlan & Jacknife Lee. Features guest appearances from Sean O'Hagan, Will Sergeant, A Certain Ratio and Jah Wobble.

          Telefís, the groundbreaking collaboration between two Irish iconoclasts, revered singer-songwriter Cathal Coughlan and world-renowned producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee, will release their second album "a Dó" (number two) on October 7th. Following the release of "a hAon" (number one) in March 2022, Cathal and Jacknife continued to work on music and completed the record at the end of Spring. Then sadly Cathal Coughlan died on May 18th. Their debut album 'a hAon' was widely acclaimed by the UK and Irish press and received national radio play on 6Music, Radio X, RTE, Newstalk, and dozens of other outlets. The album playfully dissected the early days of Irish society in the TV era through a prism of electronic dance music, drawing on what they saw as a 'corrosive nostalgia'. It also paid homage to their musical heroes of the punk and post-punk era. Kraftwerk fighting with The Human League for a parking spot on Capel Street.

          But amongst the muscular beats and distressed synth stabs there were also strange ballads, haunting melodies and somber reflections. 'a Dó' continues to broaden these sonic horizons and opens up the band's output to outside collaborators. We have guest appearances from Cathal's longtime friend and Microdisney co-founder and High Llamas main man Sean O'Hagan on the first single "Space Is Us", Echo & The Bunnymen's Will Sergeant guests on two tracks, legendary Mancunians A Certain Ratio on another. The inimitable Jah Wobble also contributes bass smarts following his dub odyssey with the band on their single "Falun Gong Dancer" earlier this year.

          As with the first album, national UK and Irish press and radio will be solicited from all the key outlets, with a series of excellent singles leading the charge, accompanied by arresting visuals and videos created by Jacknife Lee.

          This album will stand testament to the ingenuity of Cathal Coughlan, one of Ireland's most revered singer-songwriters, lyricists, commentators and polymaths. RIP.


          01. Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse
          02. Swinging At The Hypnodrome
          03. Space Is Us (with Sean O'Hagan)
          04. Stock Photo Guy (with A Certain Ratio)
          05. Hare Coursing In Mayfair
          06. Airstrip
          07. The Age Of Cling (with Will Sergeant)
          08. The Casiotone Angelus
          09. Strawboy Supernova
          10. Feed The Light
          11. We See Showbands
          12. The Carthagians
          13. Circling Over Shannon (with Jah Wobble)
          14. On A Country Road


          Drawn To The Flame

            Dublin's highly revered psychedelic dreampop quartet KEELEY release their first ever commercial CD in the wake of two acclaimed EPs in 2021. Led by enigmatic frontwoman and songwriter Keeley Moss, this Irish outfit went from strength to strength last Summer with the success of break-out single "The Glitter And The Glue" from their debut EP 'Brave Warrior', which attracted airplay from 6Music's Steve Lamacq, Radcliffe & Maconie and spins on BBC Radio Ulster, BBC Radio Cymru in the UK, and national airplay in Ireland from RTE, Newstalk, 8Radio, Radio Nova and many more.

            Armed with seven new songs which showcase the maturity and breadth of KEELEY's songwriting, this mini-album bristles with lush harmonies, muscular beats and inventive atmospherics, skipping gleefully across genres and further establishing Keeley Moss as one of Ireland's most creative and visionary songwriters. As with previous songs, this set highlights Keeley's ongoing fascination with the murder and short life of German backpacker Inga Maria-Hauser, who was brutally murdered in Northern Ireland in 1988 and whose case has still to be solved. As an authority on the subject, Keeley has recently appeared in "Murder In The Badlands", a moving BBC documentary that further explores Inga-Maria's case.

            With an in-depth Anglo-Irish media campaign due to begin in May around the single "Shadow On The Hills", KEELEY will spend 2022 touring the UK and Ireland, winning hearts and minds with her inimitable brand of retro-futuristic psychedelic pop. Her devoted and ever-expanding social media followers will be regularly updated on the progress of "Drawn To The Flame" and will be directed to retail outlets on both sides of the Irish Sea.

            The album was produced by Keeley and Alan Maguire and features mixes by Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Placebo, The House Of Love) and piano and organ contributions from Morgan Fisher (Love Affair, Mott The Hoople, Queen)


            A HAon

              Following the acclaim of Cathal Coughlan's long-awaited solo album "Song of Co- Aklan" in March 2021, Dimple Discs is proud to present the debut album by Telefis, the label's most ambitious album to date, and one that features two of Ireland's most beloved figures in popular music. Part celebration, part satire, Telefis (pronounced Tele-feesh, the Gaelic word for Television) is an exploration of Irish nostalgia and modern global hierarchies, strange characters and caricatures springing from Coughlan's fertile imagination, while Jacknife Lee creates irresistible electro-funk backdrops full of melodic, squelchy synths and thunderous basslines. A unique electronic pop collaboration between two Irish iconoclasts – acclaimed producer Garret "Jacknife" Lee (U2, REM, Two Door Cinema Club) and singer-lyricist Cathal Coughlan (Microdisney, The Fatima Mansions)

              TRACK LISTING

              SIDE 1

              1. Seo É Glór Na Teilifíse
              2. Mister Imperator
              3. We Need
              4. Falun Gong Dancer
              5. The Symphonies Of Danny La Rue
              6. Archbishop Beardmouth At The ChemOlympics

              SIDE 2

              1. The Imperial Angelus
              2. Sex Bunting
              3. Ballytransnational
              4. There Goes Waterface
              5. Picadors
              6. Stampede
              7. Stop The Lights

              The Undertones

              Dig What You Need

                - A 'best-of' collection that focuses on the band's post-reformation catalogue from 2003-2007
                - All music digitally remastered
                - All music appearing on vinyl for the first time
                - All tracks completely remixed by acclaimed producer Paul Tipler.

                Possibly one of the greatest pop-rock bands of all time, Derry's The Undertones have roots that go back 45 years to the 1977 punk explosion when they were beloved and championed by BBC DJ John Peel. Their reputation as recording artists and a brilliant live act has carried them through the recent two decades since they reformed in 1999 with new singer Paul McLoone. "Dig What You Need" collects the best of their two reformation albums, 2003's "Get What You Need" and 2007's "Dig Yourself Deep". Both albums have been digitally remastered and both are being released for the first time on vinyl. In addition, all tracks have been remixed by producer Paul Tipler (Stereolab, Elastica, Idlewild, Placebo, Julian Cope, The House Of Love).

                Since their reformation, the band has toured several times across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe, Japan, Turkey and North America, with highlights that include Glastonbury and a pre-g ame performance at Celtic Park in Glasgow before a UEFA Cup play-off between Celtic and Arsenal. The band is much loved in all quarters of the British music media, with their debut album being voted into the Q Magazine Top 100 albums of all time.

                TRACK LISTING

                01. Thrill Me
                02. Enough
                03. Here Comes The Rain
                04. She's So Sweet
                05. Fight My Corner
                06. You Can't Say That
                07. We All Talked About You
                08. Oh Please
                09. Dig Yourself Deep
                10. Winter Sun
                11. I Need Your Love The Way It Used To Be
                12. Joyland
                13. I'm Recommending Me


                Brave Warrior

                  The first physical release from new Irish dreampop sensations Keeley is a 4-track 10" single featuring the summer 2021 hit "The Glitter and the Glue".

                  TRACK LISTING

                  A1. The Glitter And The Glue
                  A2. Last Words
                  B1. Never Here Always There
                  B2. You Never Made It That Far

                  Dragon Welding

                  Lights Behind The Eyes

                    The second solo LP from the legendary Wolfhounds' Andy Golding under his anagrammatic Dragon Welding moniker is a wondrous tapestry of ambient guitar instrumentals and sonic manipulations. This is music that channels the cosmic experimentations of 70s German avant-garde rock with a dark Essex twist that somehow has glorious poptones. 

                    Damian O'Neill & The Monotones

                    Refit Revise Reprise

                      Damian O'Neill is the lead guitarist of the Undertones. Damian wrote several singles and many album tracks during the career of The Undertones, often writing with bassist Michael Bradley. Together, they wrote "My Perfect Cousin" which turned out to be The Undertones highest chart entry (top ten).

                      Damian has recently taken the opportunity to record a selection of material for solo release, under the name Damian O'Neill and The Monotones, in long player and compact disc format. Co produced, engineered and mixed by Damian, Andy Ramsay (ex Stereolab) and Paul Tipler with musical contributions from Sean O'Hagan (The High Llamas) amongst others.

                      There's some old, new, borrowed and blue on this record. You'll hear new songs and instrumental tracks that are guaranteed to thrill and melt your heart plus Damian's delved into his musical past and revamped selected self penned Undertones/That Petrol Emotion songs too.

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