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A Sky Without Stars

    One of the most captivating re-inventions of an artist in the last decade. ELIZA returns with a bold new LP titled ‘A Sky Without Stars’, which, in the face of a multitude of problems in the world, invites us to look up, gain perspective, and remember the important things in life.

    The title came because she wanted to point at the reality of the skies, and that we never get to see the stars in London or any city in the world. We are shrouded under a self-oppressive veil of light pollution. This, she feels, could be one of the major sources of many of the world’s problems - a fracture in our relationship with nature, which makes us lose sight of our place in the universe, and our infinitesimally small size within it.

    In tones as smooth as honey, she draws us in and delves into the darkness. And drawing on the sonics of the 70s, songs are laden with a wool-warm and satin-soft sound, lending them a feel that is at once sullen, saturnine, sensual and seductive.


    Straight Talker
    A Tear For The Dreadful
    Everywhere I’ll Ever Be
    ME Vs ME
    Heat Of The Moon
    On The Cusp
    Abandon The Rule
    In A Minute
    Whoever You Are

    Kojaque follows his critically acclaimed cult concept record, Deli Daydreams, with an expansive, urgent debut album. In this landmark debut, Kojaque mines both his emotional interior as an artist, and the external forces of a love triangle barrelling towards chaos. Town’s Dead is a mind-bending, explosive and expansive trip, documenting a tumultuous love triangle that unfolds across New Year’s Eve in a place where gentrification poses as much a threat as the violence of street dealers.

    Sonically, the record smashes any previous expectations, stretching an aural palate that leaps from rage to solace, from clattering musical combustions to tender ruminations. The tremendous scope and scale of Town’s Dead demonstrates an artist utterly untethered to assumptions about what a particular voice or genre should be, and instead explores radical musical territory. Dark corners of parks, bedrooms, clubs, streets, and psyches are excavated, and pouring over the rubble is an artist who refuses to conform, unafraid of the vulnerabilities that are exposed when the voice rings true, because there’s just no point in being anything else. Kojaque is part of a new wave of Irish artists flooding the world with blistering and sophisticated literature, film and music - ideas and work that emerged from a social revolution stonewalled by late-stage capitalism. Welcome to that state of mind, where the path less travelled is the only one worth taking.


    1. Heartbreak
    2. New Year, Who’s This? (Interlude)
    3. Town's Dead
    4. Wickid Tongues
    5. Shmelly
    6. That Deep
    7. Black Sheep Part I
    8. Rover
    9. Jinty Boy Blues
    10. No Hands
    11. Part II
    12. Sex N’ Drugs Feat. Celia Tiab
    13. Fallin For It
    14. Coming Up
    15. Casio Feat. Maverick Sabre
    16. Curtains 

    At just 21-years-old, p-rallel has cultivated a reputation that most can only ever dream of. He’s become a go-to producer in the scene and one of the most important polymaths of his generation, partly responsible for changing the future of the London clubbing and sonic landscape.

    His latest EP, ‘Soundboy’, oozes confidence and style as p-rallel delivers his strongest project yet. Features include Greentea Peng, Louis Culture, Nayana IZ, Lord Apex and Venna, as well as a remix from IZCO and an extended instrumental version of ‘soulboy’, exclusive to this vinyl format.


    Matt says: Nice package that spans hip-hop, garage & drum & bass: rising star Green Tea Peng's distinct delivery pairing beautifully with lead track, "Soulboy".


    Soulboy (Ft. Greentea Peng)
    WestBorn (Ft. Venna)
    Packed Bags (Ft. Louis Culture)
    Know Why (Ft. Nayana IZ)
    Been Living (Ft. Lord Apex)
    Soulboy (IZCO Remix)
    Soulboy (Instrumental)

    In his second artist album, "Fantast", the Claptone universe is at its deepest and most vivid. He is the master of his domain and in his most artful offering yet the assured 13 tracks of "Fantast" come together to create an album full of varied colours and atmospheric textures.

    In music Claptone seeks not to create a world of secrecy but one of great depth and intrigue. An enigma with a tireless desire for creativity and thirst for new music, Claptone has brought together a diverse group of collaborators such as Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke, Blaenavon, Tender, Jones, Zola Blood, Austra’s Katie Stelmanis, The Boxer Rebellion’s Nathan Nicholson, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Joan As Policewoman and Matt Simons.


    Birdsong (ft Zola Blood)
    In The Night (ft Ben Duffy)
    Under The Moon (ft Nathan Nicholson)
    Stay The Night (ft Tender)
    Stronger (ft Ben Duffy)
    Ain’t A Bad Thing (ft Jones)
    Wildside (ft Matt Simons)
    Abyss Of Love (ft Nathan Nicholson)
    La Esperanza (ft Katie Stelmanis)
    A Waiting Game (ft Nathan Nicholson)
    Cruising (So They Say) (ft Kele)
    Animal (ft Clap Your Hands Say Yeah)
    Alone (ft Blaenavon)



      DBFC - aka the duo comprised of Manchester born David Shaw and Parisian Dombrance - release their debut album ‘Jenks’.

      The pair met in 2012, drawn together by a Parisian underworld that flitted between techno and psychedelia, club culture and rock mythology. Refusing to place down boundaries, the two simply went into the studio, turned on their equipment and jammed - debut album ‘Jenks’ followed naturally.

      Reminiscent of Primal Scream’s halcyon era, or New Order’s ground-breaking run of 12” singles, DBFC thrive on the intersection between electronic and organic.


      Bad River
      Disco Coco
      In The Car
      The Ride
      New Life
      Staying Home
      The Rest Of The World

      Matt & Kim


        New York duo Matt & Kim presents highly anticipated third full-length album, "Sidewalks".

        "Sidewalks" combines the best of Matt & Kim’s talents: their destructive dance-punk melodies, thunderous drumming and off-beat lyrics. The album was written by Matt & Kim and recorded with producers Ben Allen (Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, Beastie Boys, Deerhunter) and Oliver Straus in Atlanta and New York respectively.


        Moribayasa - Inc. Argy / DJ Kaos Remixes

          London based French DJ / producer delivers his third and strongest EP for Different. "Moribayasa" is a techno / house track with a shamanic African twist - bumping kuduro beats with a hint of electro and UK bass. It's sure to appeal to fans of Boys Noize, Brodinski, Turbo.

          The EP also has stellar remixes from Argy and DJ Kaos. Argy (Permanent Vacation, Versatile etc) creates a driving techno rework that's much tougher and four-to-the-floor. Coming in with something a bit spookier is DJ Kaos, who comes up with a slower, sci-fi tinted remix that grooves along in a house stylee.

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