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Demob Happy

Divine Machines

    From ‘OK Computer’ to ‘Screamadelica’, history has shown that a band’s third album is when shit starts to get real. When, after an introductory debut and a second that tests new waters, the particular alchemy of a group stamps its personality in ways that no other configuration of individuals can do; when the outside voices have been tempered and all that’s left is a perfect cocktail of confidence, skill and momentum. It’s a theory that’s been proven time and time again, and one that Newcastle trio Demob Happy are underlining with ‘Divine Machines’: a third album that harnesses their delicate tightrope of heaviness and melody, sweetness and riffs, and rides it up to the stratosphere.


    Barry says: 'Divine Machines' shows Demob happy have perfectly harnessed the psychedelic heft and 60's leaning rock and / or roll of bands like The Dandy Warhols or one-time psych pals The Brian Jonestown Massacre. It's playful and melodic but filled with moments of unyielding heft and soring riffs.


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