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Danger Mouse

The Early Years 2001-2003

    With Danger Mouse's "Cheat Codes" already poking for that hip-hop LP of year slot; we're really lucky to receive one of his earliest projects repressed on vinyl once again.

    Five rare remixes (or blends if you prefer) from DJ Danger Mouse's murky past, mastering his technique before attempting the "The Grey Album". The two most successful are where Nas meets Portishead's "Sour Times" and Suzanne Vega's trippy "Tom's Diner" joins with that killer Dre beat off Fiddy's "In Da Club", both perfect for club play. The other three mixes see Audio Two battle Air, OutKast take on Funkadelic and Xzibit merge with Radiohead.

    Gotta move fast on these units...


    Matt says: Under-the-counter, nudge and wink business from early Danger Mouse which has been the subject of prohibition for quite some time. Best snaffle these before they get outlawed once more!


    Nas Vs. Portishead - It Ain't Hard To Tell
    Audio Two Vs. Air - Top Billin
    Suzanne Vega Vs. 50 Cent - Tom's Diner
    Outkast Vs. Funkadelic - Whole World
    Xzibit Vs. Radiohead - Paparazzi

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