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DSO load up number four in their so far sell-out series. If 90s R&B refixes are your thing, look no further!

A low slung, highly swung, chunky house refix of Kelis' "I Hate You So Much Right Now" which does exactly what it says on the tin graces side A. Perfect for house or garage warm up slots...

"Don't Ever" utilizes some smooth neo-soul vocals from Maxwell with some deep house instrumentals to make an early evening groover that'll get the place simmering nicely.

Both sides cut nice n loud for the DJs! Check!

Recommended if you like: EEE, Roza Terenzi, Plush Managements, Stamp, Deewah etc etc. 


Patrick says: For the fourth instalment of the series the DSO firm power up Kelis' "I Hate You So Much Right Now" and Maxwell's "Ascension" in a swinging house style.


A1. Caught
B1. Don´t Ever


Vol. 3

Only three releases in and DSO are already setting out their stall as a buy on sight label to look out for. Round three of this insatiably sassy series sees a double dose of ‘90s R&B powerhouses reimagined into bumpin' house heaters that are certified head turners from the get-go. 

On the A-side Brandi & Monica's harp-led hit "The Boy Is Mine" gets a bass heavy house tickle not too far away from that Kornel Kovacs flip from a few years back. On the flip, Mase's Bad Boy jam-a-thon, "Do You Wanna Get $?" gets housed the fuck up, arming the working DJ with a hip house update for the new decade.


A1. Boy
B1. Wanna Get

The first jam on DSO landed only a mere month ago, and lasted about thirteen minutes in the shop before it sold out. In other words, this is buy on sight folks! Once again, it's another mystery melting pot of housed up, RnB flavoured, sample heaven lands on DSO. Absolute party starters! 

On the A-side, "Baggage" boasts a skipping 4/4, warm bassline and magnificent sample manipulation as Mary J's unmistakable voice gets pitched up, looped and stretched into house heaven! On the flipside the mystery producers house the living fuck out of Raphael Saadiq and Q-Tip's "Get Involved", notching up another no nonsense slice of groove heavy house.


A1. Baggage
B1. Involved

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