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MTV Unplugged Live

    DMA’S are set to release the ‘MTV Unplugged Live’ album. It was recorded at Melbourne’s intimate Memo Music Hall last October, with DMA’s becoming one of the first Australian bands to play the iconic MTV Unplugged session. It’s a format steeped in history following classic sets from Nirvana, Oasis, R.E.M. and many more.

    Renowned for their ragged, anthemic energy often inspired by the Britpop and Manchester scenes, ‘MTV Unplugged Live’ finds DMA’S stripping their songbook back to basics. Focusing on acoustic guitar, piano, violin and cello, these new arrangements unveil fresh new perspectives on the songs. Some now carry a folk vibe, while others hone in on the poignancy of the band’s lyrics.


    Barry says: It's when performed acoustically that the tactile songwriting and tender balladry of DMA's songwriting really comes into its own, and shows the stylistic similarities and melodic leanings of this Australian trio to our most beloved 90's britpop staples.


    Ltd LP Info: Limited to 1000 copies in the UK.

    An indie trio from Sydney, Australia that throws back to the Manchester scene of the early '90s, DMA's came together around 2012 when Johnny Took and Tommy O'Dell -- members of the local rock band Underlights -- started writing songs with guitarist Matt Mason. Working together as three songwriters, the trio quickly developed a sound that drew from early-'90s Manchurian indie rock, with particular likenesses to some of the scene's greats like Oasis, Primal Scream, and Happy Mondays. 

    Their latest sees the three-piece taking their melodic jangling snarl and smoothing out the edges into a thoroughly polished whole, 'Dawning' for example displaying the melodicism of the obvious manc comparisons, but with a modern twist, employing hazed-out synths and shimmering reverb while 'Warsaw' wouldn't sound out of place in a feel-good set-piece, featuring solar flare and hazy edges, all warming the senses before the slow and tingling comedown of the latter passages. 

    It's a more nuanced outing, but still employing the benchmarks that gave the band their inital appeal. Brilliantly executed, and perfectly pitched, this is a perfect follow-up and companion to their last outing. Superb. 



      Hailing from Sydney, upstart trio DMA’s have been causing a stir down under, with a sold out national tour and bucketloads of hype surrounding them.

      The buzz has followed them across the pond, with NME, XFM and Radio 1 all onboard, giving airtime love to their debut ‘Feels Like 37’ and a tangible electricity in the air in anticipation of this mini album.

      International festival slots await and with an peerless live reputation, stardom is surely set to swiftly follow. Armed with a stack of radio bothering guitar led tunes and bolstered by swagger, their unshakable self-belief is more than well placed.

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