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One of DEEWEE’s newest family members, 25-year-old Belgian musician and producer, Mozes Mosuse aka Movulango shares news of his debut EP “Mirror In Man” - out 18th November.

“We’ve always called him the psychedelic romantic of the studio,” say David & Stephen Dewaele, founders of DEEWEE / Soulwax.

“Mirror in Man” is proof that you shouldn’t put a time limit on creativity. An utterly forward-thinking five-track musical adventure taking in psychedelic folk jams, woozy electronica and looped-up beats, it is the culmination of a five-year process for Movulango. A journey that has seen Mozes transform from dancefloor-slaying producer (his previous credits include being one-half of Ego Troopers and Future Sound of Antwerp) to a kind of West Coast pop art Balearic troubadour.


A1. The Peak
A2. Too Absurd
A3 Through The Motions
B1. Other Way
B2. Dozed Off

James Righton

Jim, I'm Still Here

    ‘Jim, I’m Still Here’ is the second album from James Righton under his own name; produced by David & Stephen Dewaele of Soulwax and released on their label DEEWEE, the album follows The Performer released in 2020. James’ musical past is well documented; as the frontman of the genre inventing Klaxons, he helped create a revolution in British music and spawned a youth subculture. ‘Jim, I’m Still Here’ is a captivating meditation on the artists experience of the pandemic as James looks to conceptualize the myriad of emotions and events into a fascinating third person narrative. One of the album tracks features Benny Andersson from Swedish pop legendary band ABBA, with whom James has been working on putting together their new live band.


    1. Livestream Superstar
    2. Pause
    3. Touch
    4. Release Party
    5. Real World Park
    6. Never Give Up On The City 
    7. A Day At The Races
    8. I Want To Live
    9. Lover Boy
    10. Empty Rooms
    11. Playing To Win
    12. Farewell Superstar

    Bolis Pupul

    Neon Buddha

    Fresh off the back of a debut album with sidekick Charlotte Adigéry Belgium-Chinese musician Bolis Pupul explores themes of heritage and identity on his new solo two-track 12": "Neon Buddha" - on Soulwax's highly credible Deewee label.

    Mixing widescreen electronica – think early Mr Fingers-like techno and Yellow Magic Orchestra’s exuberant man-machine minimalism – with the warm-hearted and wonky naivete of Belgian New Beat Bolis’ singular sonics are at once playful emotive unrelenting and tender.

    The title track is inspired by a dream Bolis had of a pagoda in Hong Kong featuring a contemplative Buddha made of neon lights. The music is similarly bright and exciting – an insistent acid squiggle giving the track the requisite Weatherall-friendly A Love from Outer Space chug.


    Matt says: Wide-screen electronica & stadium braindance from the Soulwax curated label. Bolis Pupul's wild harnessing of instruments reminds me of classic Modeselektor and his synthetic and expansive sonic canvases are an absolute overload on the senses.


    A. Neon Buddha
    B. Rendez-Voodoo

    Form an orderly queue! It's Sworn Virgins on Deewee! The front cover might have Martin in a hot flush but it's the barnstormin, oddball hay disco of the "The Male Man" that's really twisting our melons! Bucking hard in your finest Levi's, cowboy hat not included on this ode to postal delivery persons across the globe! 

    Three more tracks of wierdo-wave disco accompany the lead track.     Then there's "Searchin For Hiro" which is like Baxter Dury on meth; concluded with the electroid hynagogia of final track, "RWA" which again, has Baxter Dury inflections set to sequences of strung out old drum boxes and broken keyboards.

    The vinyl is housed in a UV Gloss Sleeve with a heavyweight printed inner. Limited edition. 


    Matt says: Barndancing eccentricity from the quirky darlings of oddball disco - Sworn Virgins. Kicks like a mule and possesses one of the funniest lyrics we've heard for a while. Don't sleep!


    A1. The Male Man
    A2. Slide Little Monster
    B1. Searchin For Hiro
    B2. RWA

    After coming to prominence as the frontman of the Mercury Prize-winning Klaxons, recording with Arctic Monkeys and crafting his Shock Machine project, James Righton releases his debut solo album “The Performer”.

    ‘The Performer’ stands in stark contrast to the electro-hedonism of Righton’s work with Klaxons. Instead, it spins through various points from 1970 onwards. It touches on the suave art-lounge of Roxy Music, the jangly grooves of R.E.M., the sumptuous psychedelia of latter day Beach Boys and the songwriting gift of Nick Lowe. In short, it uses classic elements as the groundwork for something which feels a natural fit for now.

    The album flits between two core themes. Fatherhood has changed Righton’s life. It’s altered the relationship with his wife Keira Knightley, which he explores on the 90s-tinged pop-rock of “Start” and the crescendo that soars through “Lessons In Dreamland, Pt2”. But there are simpler emotions too, with the unrequited love and sweet harmonies of “Edie”, a song he wrote for his daughter when she was just a few days old.

    “The Performer” was written, performed and produced by James Righton, with the help of some select collaborators. James Ford (The Last Shadow Puppets, Simian Mobile Disco) performed drums throughout and bass on two tracks; Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas, Microdisney) contributed string arrangements; saxophone was provided by Jorja Chalmers (Bryan Ferry) and Josephine Stephenson (Thom Yorke, Ex:Re) contributed additional piano and string arrangements.


    The Performer
    See The Monster
    Devil Is Loose
    Lessons In Dreamland, Pt. 1
    Are You With Me?
    Heavy Heart
    Lessons In Dreamland, Pt. 2

    Asa Moto

    Playtime EP

      The brothers Dewaele tempt Ghent outfit Asa Moto back to their irresistible Deewee imprint for a third EP,  this time delivering six radically different pieces of music, providing something for everyone. Dance floor : covered. Kitchen: covered. Hi Fi: check. Car: sorted. EarPod: done. Up to you to find out which one was made for which.
      The unhinged action opens with the wonky electronix and odd synth-funk of "Soon Please", a shoulder rolling hit of gurgling bass and garbled sequencing which sounds like a load of amphibians on amphetamines. "Kifesh" and "Playtime"  stomp and romp their way through New Beat idents, NDW vocals and electrodisco bass, coupling cosmic quirk with krautish sound design. Skipping to the B-side we get hit with the rolling bass meets City Pop melody of "Hynek Maneuvre" (as tasty an Asian fusion dish as you'll sample all year), the warping leadlines and bleeping rhythms of "Worrying", and classic synth pop of "Twenty Six". Slo-mo with energy! 



        Comprised of 12 tracks, named "Essential One" – "Essential Twelve", each song on the album is based around the word ‘essential’. Recorded in just under two weeks, "Essential" was created using the gear they didn’t use for their celebrated 2017 LP "From Deewee", which was recorded with the band in one take.

        The band elaborate: 'When we were approached to make an Essential Mix for the BBC in May 2017, we chose to do what every sane human being would do, we decided to lock ourselves into our studio for two weeks and make an hour of new music based around the word 'Essential', instead of preparing a mix of already existing music. The product of this otherwise unwise decision is something we ended up being very proud of and is now being released on the piece of plastic you’re are currently holding in your hands.'

        Stylistically it's fist bumping to stadium-electro whilst it tips its hat respectfully to techno; nothing new there then, and fans of the OG Soulwax sound have got plenty to get stuck into here - it's like Modeselektor's nympho sister who's into roller derby and warehouse raves. 


        Matt says: Fuckin' ell it seems like only yesterday that we were getting all dewy-eyed over the iconic "2 Many DJs" mix CD. Now everyone's favourite stadium dance superstars are back on Radio 1 AGAIN, and they've made a whole hour of BRAND NEW MUSIC. Yay!


        Essential One
        Essential Two
        Essential Three
        Essential Four
        Essential Five
        Essential Six
        Essential Seven
        Essential Eight
        Essential Nine
        Essential Ten
        Essential Eleven
        Essential Twelve 

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