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No Words

    Zaya is a nomadic traveler currently residing in the Arab Emirates. ‘No Words’ is a collection of ideas worked on over a three year period with the occasional swapping of ideas with his best friend in rainy Manchester. A sun-kissed collage of hazy bedroom guitar instrumentals and blissed-out passages of psychedelic? rock..


    Andy says: If only Whyte Horses, with their beautiful way with melody, were to ever release an instrumental LP......waiiiiit a minute!!!


    SIDE A
    1. Lost Souvenir
    2. Triangular Dreams
    3. Interlude 01
    4. We Made It
    5. Interlude 02
    6. Long Way To Get There
    7. Tripoli
    SIDE B
    1. Lonely Jewel
    2. Interlude 03
    3. Taste Of Gold
    4. Interlude 04
    5. Thought I Told You
    6. Had To Go

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