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Josienne Clarke

Parenthesis, I

    On Parenthesis, I, Josienne Clarke has not only embraced her past but has also redefined herself in the present, presenting a body of work that is shimmering, warm, intimate, and at times, profoundly heart-wrenching. Throughout her career, Clarke has been both a Rough Trade-signed artist and a BBC Radio 2 Folk Award-winner, two opposing poles that neatly sum up her inability to be pigeonholed. Parenthesis, I is a masterful journey through her personal and musical evolution, drawing influence from folk greats Nick Drake and Sandy Denny, as well as more contemporary artists like Julia jacklin, Courtney Marie Andrews, Anaïs Mitchell and Lucy Dacus.


    1.  Friendly Teeth
    2.  Spherical
    3.  Fear Of Falling
    4.  Do You Know Now
    5.  Looking Glass
    6.  Forbearing
    7.  Most Of All
    8.  Double-Edged Sword
    9.  Firecracker
    10.  Dead Woman’s Bones
    11.  The Calm
    12.  Parenthesis, I
    13.  Magic Somehow


    Point Clear

      “A superb band. One of the best in Britain.” - Stuart Maconie, BBC Radio 6

       “Candidate are Britain’s most tasteful, witty and thoughtful band. Joyous... splices Nick Drake’s pastoral euphoria with West Coast hippie harmonies... thrums like early Fairport Convention.” - Stewart Lee, Sunday Times Album Of The Week

      “Like Midlake’s ‘The Trials Of Van Occupanther’, the results blend ancient and modern sensibilities... A well-crafted, engrossing work of the imagination.” - The Independent

      “With their beautifully spun vocal harmonies, thoughtful lyrics and alluring melodies, the band recall the likes of Crosby Stills & Nash... while always keeping one foot in the ancient roots of Brit-folk.” - Uncut Magazine


      1. Come On
      2. Dolphin Racing
      3. Saturation
      4. Pepper's Ghost
      5. Jonathan
      6. Walk Aboard
      7. Bigger Than Us
      8. Widow's Penny
      9. Tom And Tracy
      10. Matsui Serenade
      11. Newfoundland (album Version)
      12. How To Never Die
      13. Stop

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