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Ramasandiran Somusundaram

Skinny Woman

Keeping their trawl through music's lesser tumbed pages both interesting and essential, Cinedelic treat us to the first ever reissue of the only solo album from Indian percussionist Ramasandiran Somusundaram, a former member of "Bambibanda E Melodie", "Maya" and "New Trolls Atomic System",  Produced and played alongside a large portion of New Trolls (the De Scalzi brothers, Gianni Belleno, and Giorgio Usai) "Skinny Woman" is a brilliantly anomalous album, one that mixes hard-funk and rock with the incisive and extraordinarily rhythmic side of Indian music, all wrapped in an exploito feel. The A-side opens with the party starting disco-funk-rock of the title track, but by "I Am Afraid of Loosing You", all takes a more experimental turn thanks to Clavinet, Hammond organ, lo-fi brass and a bizarre use of voices incredibly similar to Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention. The Zappa references continue in the next song, "Everybody", which starts with a distorted bass riff in a George Clinton style. Then you get to "Electronic Heart", a rhythmic bomb with a long and frankly insane flute solo (by the unmistakable Vittorio De Scalzi) in Roland Kirk / Ian Anderson style. The B-side is more psychedelic and meditative, mixing Oriental tinges and America's west coast to deliver a zen-like atmosphere (stick on "Shanghai” and sniff a little incense). Last but not least we get the immense pleasure of a bonus track “Contrabbando di fagioli”, a percussive flautal orgy, previously released only in a very rare single in 1973.


Ltd LP Info: Limited edition of 500 copies.
Includes digital download.

Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

Luis Enriquez Bacalov

L’amica (O.S.T.)

L'AMICA (1969) is an intriguing Alberto Lattuada film starring Lisa Gastoni  Gabriele Ferzetti, Elsa Martinelli, Ray Lovelock, Jean Sorel and Frank Wolff.  
This stunning soundtrack highlights the excellent piano technique and the jazz stylings of Bacalov mixed with exotic and erotic atmospheres characterized by extraordinary orchestration, harp, congas and the typical persuasive vocalism of those years (all by the great Nora Orlandi). It’s followed by "Rio, Zona Sul", refined samba-jazz on a massive percussive tapestry. "'Round Nassau” offers an elegant and dreamy atmosphere in Les Baxter’s style adding flute and female wordless vocals. "Swingin' easy in Tanganyika" is another extraordinary jazzy piece, primarily piano and drums with flourishes of resplendent fute. The side is closed by a previously unpublished version of the theme that was not included on the original Fonit Cetra LP.
The B-side rearranges the themes in a more melancholy and symphonic style without renouncing jazz as in the gem “Episodio in 3/4". The ballad "The Bitter Truth" is sung by Fiorenza Mormile in English.

Riccardo A. Luciani

Inchiesta Sul Mondo

INCHIESTA SUL MONDO is a mainly electronic experimental concept album, , on topical problems of the period in which it was released. The two records have two different arguments: STATI D’ANIMO (STATES ON MIND) and DIAGNOSI ECOLOGICA (ECOLOGICAL DIAGNOSIS). Luciani is a well-known artist in the library music scene. His affable style is the result of musical studies from childhood that allowed him to achieve a diploma in composition, choral music, choral conducting, and more. The avant-garde and contemporary classical approach places Luciano among contemporaries like Egisto Macchi.
The album comes out with a minimal graphic design as the original but with heavy cardboard gatefold cover with an original photo of the Maestro inside.

Behind this incredibly rare 1973 album lurks Campo Di Marte (the highly regarded Italian progressive rock band) in their second incarnation. After the release of their debut album the group performed at numerous concerts but only released this one album under the pseudonym of The Physicians. They were called by the producer Giuseppe Cassia in Rome to record this album, which was produced in a day, and it's amazing to feel the harmony between the band members, all from Livorno and led by the excellent guitarist Enrico Rosa who the following year would be transferred abroad in Denmark in order to better express his art. There are many memorable jazz-rock tracks on the album that recall the British band Nucleus, such as "Jazz in the Cellar", "My girl from Harlem" and "East Side Rhythm" but with a unique and personal style. The band, besides the aforementioned Enrico Rosa, included Loriano Berti, nicknamed whistle, coming from Capitolo 6 on sax and flute, Andrea Colli on drums (who in the future would also collaborate with Demetrio Stratos) and Sergio Ducilli on electric bass.


Barry says: Transcendent and bracing progressive jazz-rock from Italy on this vital reissue from Cinedelic. Smooth but intricate instrumentals, (the progression and development more than a nod to their prog roots) with a groove and craftmanship that emanates through every stanza. A lost (and now re-found) classic.


Ltd LP Info: Limited edition LP + download card.

This 1975 album is a studio session organized by Maestro Giacomo Dell'Orso (the husband of Edda) here released under his given name and not the Oscar Lindok pseudonym he's better known for. This album had the simple purpose of a fun and playful session without preconceived models. The result is a carefree album, from the friendly cover (Orso means Bear) to the music that is interwoven with bossa nova, samba, jazz and funk in a style that recalls in many ways the work of Maestro Piero Piccioni. Dell'Orso plays organ, electric piano and Bulisacchio (a synth with metal slats that simulate bass), Nino Rapicavoli on flute and sax, Jimmy Tamborelli on guitars and Ciro Cocozza on percussion.


Ltd LP includes MP3 Download Code.

Neapolitan born Franco Chiari was an eclectic artist whose polymathy on the keyboard made him stand out from the crowd. He played the piano, accordion, synthesizer, vibraphone and marimba in both jazz and symphony and picked up countless acolades for his virtuoso skills. For three consecutive years (1957/58/59) he won the National Jazz referendum, was vibraphonist in the national TV Orchestra and participated in numerous important broadcasts. In this album however, originally released in 1973 and now his most sought after work, he rearranges the compositions of Mario Bertolazzi electronically with the use of synthesizer on rhythms ranging from latin beats to funk. The result is a groovy voyage through lounge funk ("Rio Tu Ed Io"), electronic oddness ("Mi Manchi Troppo"), proto chipset ("Love Rides To Montecarlo") and dusty Bossa ("Bossanova Du Du Da").


Ltd LP Info: Numbered limited edition with digital downloads included and an amazing cover with splashes of paint, making each copy unique and unrepeatable.

Nora Orlandi

Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah

Cinedelic take us back to 1968 and the early days of giallo cinema with an official soundtrack reissue of "Il Dolce Corpo Di Deborah" by composer and multi-instrumentalist Nora Orlandi. Orlandi's style is unmistakable and unconventional, with a compositional use of semitone intervals accentuated by vocalizing and sound carpet of piano or distorted Hammond organ, all seasoned with rhythmic jazz. The result is an eerie and unnevering sound which perfectly suits the dark and surreal scenes on screen, whether it be gently distorting the jazzy pop of the day for a club setting or ratcheting the tension in one of the darker moments. This remastered stereo reissue comes with a replica sleeve of the original release but boasts four bonus tracks not originally included - molto bene!


Ltd LP Info: Limited edition of 500 copies in a glossy sleeve.

Stelvio Cipriani

Rhythmical Movement

    Maestro Cipriani is one of the most known and appreciated composers of Italian soundtracks, whose unmistakable style makes it one of the most appreciated and collected. "Rhythmical Movement" came out only as a promo-library LP for CAM records in 1980 and is therefore a very rare album pressed in limited quantity. But what impresses most is the high level content and, as explicitly expressed in the title, no rhythm decreases. After a jazz intro depart sequentially tunes full of funk, soul, samba and disco, with references also to the classic tradition of Italian poliziotteschi for which Cipriani is the absolute Master. Alternating on a drum and congas base are wahwah guitar, but also often distorted as in fierce riffs of "Storm in a teacup" and "Do not tamper with my things", piano-electric and horns. Two tracks, "What can I do" and "Living and Loving" were composed with Michael Fraser, the famous UK musician and producer very active in Italy since the early 70s. Also of note are the curious "Percussion Gun" and "Chicago U.S.A." built on the popular bassline of "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" by Iron Butterfly. An unmissable record to listen and dance to, with a wonderful minimal mirror-cover with title in relief.

    Sharon 'Mhati' Chatam (Reverberi)


      Originally released in 1973 on RCA, this obscure library music title was produced by Maestro Gianfranco Reverberi using the pseudonym of Ninety as previously done before for other records like Psycheground Group Library on Lupus and the 2 Underground Set releases. The style is different from the aforementioned LPs and is closest to the style of murky erotic cult soundtracks created for Renato Polselli (Delirio Caldo, Riti Magie e segrete orge nel Trecento, etc.) as “Fire Shadows in the sunset" features congas, groovy piano, spacey synthesizers and vocals. It contains many other amazing tracks like "I've Got An Idea" which includes insane fat drums, hypnotic bass, trippy piano and beautiful phased flutes, or the jazz groove "Closed In a Drugstore”, the uptempo funk "You're So Vain” (Carly Simon), the hip hop drum on the cover versions of “Daniel” (Elton John, Bernie Taupin), “Sylvia’s Mother” (Shel Silverstein) and “Vincent” (Don McLean), and the slow psychedelic cinematic lounge of “Quel che non saprei dirti mai a parole”.


      LP Info: Limited edition of 500 copies with Cinedelic glossy cover with title on cover in relief. Includes digital download code.

      The Fine Machine


      The Fine Machine are Oscar Lindok (Giacomo Dell’Orso), Donimak (Nico Fidenco) and Proluton (Gianni Dell’Orso). Their 1972 album 'Habitat' is representative of the variety and quality of Italian library music releases from the era. Thealbum features a handful of killer breaks, lots of percussion and liberal use of flute, piano / organ and electric guitar. Mainly built around funk tracks (“Shut Paranoia”, “Obsessing Promenade”, “Hand Shake”, “Crazy Eel”, “Wait for me”), the LP includes also the vocal bossa cut “Snobbery”, the hard Latin-beat of “Raging Beat”, the ethereal psych Giallo-movie style “God Is infinite” with Edda’s vocalism, and the oriental “The Eastern Question”. 

      "A true classic from CAM, one of only two library LPs they issued with picture sleeves. Amazing music, with spooky drums and progressive ideas to die for. I first saw and heard this back in about 2005, but I’ve never managed to get one. So thank you, Cinedelic." - Jonny Trunk (Vice / Record Collector / Mojo UK)


      Ltd LP Info: Limited edition of 500 copies in a glossy cover.

      The Bid-On (Giuliano Sorgini)

      Sorry Puppet

        Reprint of the rare 1972 library LP by Maestro Giuliano Sorgini under the pseudonyms of Raskovich and The Bid-On. Originally released in just a few copies for a small label owned by a friend of Maestro Sorgini, this LP includes 12 really beautiful tracks with positive vibes. From jazz dance, bossa nova, funk, and some killer breaks, with lots of percussion, growling flute and honking sax.

        Reissued with the original minimal artwork designed by Giuliano Sorgini drawn with chalk on a black sheet. Glossy Cinedelic cover. Limited to 600 copies.

        The Black Fire


          'Cream' by The Black Fire is a nearly impossible to find Italian LP from 1973. A Library album that mix several themes including sexy and psychedelic whispered scat vocals, space synth lounge, lazy bossa with harpsichord, fender rhodes and a lot of congas, bongos and insane flutes; it also includes the killer wah-wah funk tune “Alcoholic” used years later as the opening song of the kung fu movie Operation Cobra aka Squadra Omicidi Chiama Cobra.

          Original colourful artwork by the painter G. Pinna in a glossy Cinedelic cover. Limited to 600 copies.

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