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Kelley Stoltz

Hard Feelings

    Well, yes please… Sir Kelley Stoltz, king of songs.. avatar of 80s pop done in a 60s pop fashion..and vice versa..drops (dropped) a 17 tracker for Bandcamp day, and forgot to tell us to sell our copies in..he woke, put it up, and boom…he sold out of his load on Friday… so, now its our turn.. cheers Kelley!! He even invents a new sub-genre for his tunes.. 17 Incredible tracks! This time Kelley genre plays in the POWER-PUB world, with dashes of Undertones, Stiff Records, 80's Iggy evenly applied. A chance buy of a $75 Japanese Electric Guitar conducive only to power chords, and repeated spins of the Mick Trouble LP made for a wild week of recording this edgy delight. Recorded Fall 2019 at Electric Duck Studios SF, CA. Mastered by Sir Mikey Young. Brought to you by Chuffed Records, a Puzzling Records Company.


    1. Hard Feelings
    2. Teenage
    3. Loosen Up 01:59
    4. It's Crap 02:12
    5. Low Resolution 02:05
    6. People In Power 02:44
    7. Now That You're Gone 02:14
    8. Me & My Mohawk 01:44
    9. Japanese Sweat 01:45
    10. Disappearing 02:41
    11. Taking The Train 01:41
    12. What Goes Up 03:02
    13. Driving Myself Crazy 02:52
    14. Rinse & Repeat 02:21
    15. Too Good To Be True 02:57
    16. I Wanna Sleep 02:17
    17. War 02:39 

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