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Chris & Cosey

Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether - 2023 Reissue

    2007’s Feral Vapours of the Silver Ether will be available here for the first time on vinyl, and was the second release under the Carter Tutti name. On it, the electronic and the acoustic are merged in a seamless, crafted album that is awash with echoes of the sea, the moon, the open road, and flatlands.


    Side One:
    1/So Slow The Knife (Edit)
    2/Lowlands (Edit)
    3/Torn Window (Edit)
    4/Woven Clouds (Edit)
    5/It Was

    Side Two:
    1/Breathless Endings
    2/Forest Floor
    3/Acid Tongue (Edit)
    4/The Sun Shone That Day
    5/Feral Vapours (Edit)

    Chris & Cosey

    Muzik Fantastique! - 2023 Reissue

      1993’s Muzik Fantastique! is receiving its first ever vinyl issue. The album finds Chris & Cosey in one of their most dynamic and melodic periods with an album that slides towards subtler grooves and textures.


      Side One:
      1/ Fantastique (Edit)
      2/ Sound Of Sound (Edit)
      3/ Masqued (Edit)
      4/ Apocalypso (Edit)
      5/ Frakira

      Side Two:
      1/ Hidden Man
      2/ Visions Love (Edit)
      3/ Loves Lost Immortal (Edit)
      4/ Eternal (Edit)
      5/ Neverneverland
      6/ Melancholia

      Chris & Cosey

      Elemental Seven - 2023 Reissue

        Chris & Cosey’s Elemental 7 – available here for the first time in 40 years - is the soundtrack to the film of the same name (on Cabaret Voltaire’s Doublevision video imprint) that saw the duo working once more with John Lacey – Lacey had previously worked with Cosey in COUM Transmissions and introduced Chris Carter to the collective. The album’s highlight and one of their best loved songs, ‘Dancing Ghosts’, sounds as fresh and relevant today as it must have on its original release.


        Side One:
        1/ Dancing Ghosts
        2/ Temple Bar (Edit)
        3/ Meeting Mr. Evans
        Side Two:
        1/ The Final Calling
        2/ Sidereal
        3/ Invisible Spectrum (Edit)
        4/ Well Spring Of Life

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