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Various Artists

Deep Fried Funk

    Charly Records presents DEEP FRIED FUNK In 1987 with the Family Funktion team (Norman Jay & Judge Jules) Femi Fem and Marco Nelson compiled the groundbreaking album ‘Got To Get Your Own (Some Rare Grooves)’ for Charly Records. This, and its follow up volume introduced us to a strange world of obscure singles on exotic sounding labels and gave us a glimpse of what went on with members of James Brown’s gang when they stepped away from the Boss.

    Over the ensuing decades funk has been a thread through a number of emerging scenes, from acid jazz to the smartly named Deep Funk and was also mined relentlessly by hip hop and dance producers who were looking to the past, to create something for today.

    Some of these records, featured here, are now famed as classics of the genre by the likes of New Orleans producer Eddie Bo who became revered by collectors and found a new lease in life, and Lee Fields who has gone from being an obscure Carolinian artist to having his new recordings featured on TV programs. Deep Fried Funk is the descendant of those earlier Charly compilations and begins its journey with some ever-green cuts that have remained popular ever since that time. It also gathers together records from Chicago to New Orleans with many points in-between to deliver a comprehensive overview of some of the greatest, sweatiest funk ever made. Get ready to dance!

    • Funk classics and super rarities brought together for the first time.
    • Compiled by renowned collector and authority Tim Brown.
    • Curated and annotated in London by Dean Rudland (Acid Jazz).


    Disc: 1
    1. Let The Groove Move You
    2. Gossip
    3. Stick It In Your Ear Hole
    4. Brothers And Sisters
    5. Searchin' (Part 1)
    6. Hot, Funky, And Sweaty
    7. Pop, Popcorn Children
    8. Double Determination
    9. You Move Me, Pt. 2
    10. Son Of A Son Of A Slave
    11. Get Up (If You Want To Be Somebody)
    12. Everybody Gonna Give Their Thing Away To Somebody (Sometime)
    13. Gossip, Gossip
    14. A Hunk O' Funk
    Disc: 2
    1. Never Gonna Let You Go
    2. My Heart Would Never Lie To Me
    3. S.G.B. (Stone Graveyard Business)
    4. Get Out Of My Window
    5. Two Fools
    6. Itch And Scratch
    7. I Don't Dig No Phoney - Part 1
    8. Bad Thing
    9. Funky Belly
    10. Comin' To Bring You Some Soul
    11. What Do You See In Her?
    12. Mr Bump Man (Give Me A Hand), Pt. 2
    13. Moon Walk
    14. Fairchild

    Ohio Players

    Observations In Time

      Charly Records presents OBSERVATIONS IN TIME THE OHIO PLAYERS The definitive pre-fame / Pre-“Pain” overview of one of the world’s greatest funk bands. By the time the OHIO PLAYERS released their breakthough single “Pain” in 1971 they had been together since the late Fifties, originally as the Ohio Untouchables and as the Ohio Players since 1967. Within a few years they would hit superstardom with US #1 pop hits “Fire” and “Love Rollercoaster”. However, it was their earlier work with legendary producer Johnny Brantely, featured here, that created their unique “sound” and the foundation of their future success.

      This exclusive two-disc deluxe package gathers together – for the first time – all of the Johnny Brantley productions including every track originally released on single, the complete Observations In Time album, plus later compilation-only tracks and additional unreleased recordings from the vaults. Features the bands first R&B hit “Trespassin’” and the Northern Soul anthem “Love Slips Through My Fingers”. Also features the bands wacky funked-up cover version of Allen Toussaint’s classic “Mother In Law” which paved the way for the Top 20 hit “Funky Worm”. As mentioned above The Ohio Players would tgo on to become one of the most successful soul and funk groups of the decade, they were a phenomenon. It was a success that was built on the work that was done in the late 1960s, when as a band with a new identity they forged a sound that was uniquely their own.

      • One of the world’s most successful Funk bands of Seventies
      • The definitive pre-superstardom collection
      • First ever curated collection bringing together the complete Johnny Brantley productions
      • Deluxe Packaging featuring stunning original futuristic artwork fully restored • Curated and annotated by black music historian and ‘Acid Jazz’ co-owner DEAN RUDLAND.


      Disc: 1
      1. Summertime
      2. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
      3. Mother-In-Law
      4. Bad Bargain
      5. The Man I Am
      6. Stop Lying To Yourself
      7. Over The Rainbow
      8. Lonely Street
      9. Street Party
      10. Find Someone To Love
      11. Cold, Cold World

      Disc: 2
      1. I've Got To Hold On
      2. A Little Soul Party
      3. It's A Crying Shame
      4. A Thing Called Love
      5. Neighbors
      6. Alabama Soupbone - Parts1 & 2
      7. Tell Me Why
      8. I Gotta Get Away
      9. You Don't Mean It
      10. Love Slipped Through My Fingers
      11. Trespassin'
      12. Lonely Streets At Midnight


      Cokane In My Brain / Marijuana In My Brain

        Charly Records presents DILLINGER COCAINE IN MY BRAIN “Cocaine In My Brain” (aka “Cokane In My Brain”) is Dillinger’s most successful single from 1976. The now iconic song was an international club hit reaching No.1 in the Netherlands, No.2 in Belgium and No.35 in Germany. DILLINGER was born Lester Randal Bullock in Kingston, Jamaica in 1953 and, as an aspiring young musician was heavily influenced by Dennis Alcapone, even performing as a DJ under the name ‘Dennis Alcapone Jr’. His first break, and single – “Dub Organizer” – came in 1974 under ther guidance of Lee “Scratch” Perry who also instigated Bullock’s name change to Dillinger, after the notorious American gangster John Dillinger.

        After a few false starts Dillinger scored a succession of modest hits in 1975 with “Freshly”, Brace a Boy”, “Killer Man Jaro” and “CB 200”, the title track from his most successful album for Island Records. It was ‘CB 200’ that spawned the hit single “Cocaine In My Brain”, written by Dillinger and and produced by Hoo Kim. It was recorded at Channel One studios and featured Trinity on backing vocals. The song was driven by samples from the Gold record “Do It Any Way You Wanna” by American funk band People’s Choice. Dillinger toured Europe on the strength of the hit and was referenced by Joe Strummer in The Clash’s track “(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais”. Our chosen B-side is the 1979 reprise “Marijuana In My Brain”, also written by Dillinger, which resulted in album of the same name.


        Martin says: Stone cold classic Dillinger biznis. His biggest selling single and a key blueprint of early dancehall.


        1. Marijuana In My Brain
        2. Cokane In My Brain

        The Yardbirds

        The Best Of The Yardbirds

          Charly Records presents THE BEST OF THE YARDBIRDS.

          The Yardbirds blend of blues, rock and pyschedelia paved the way for heavy rock… The definitive introduction to one of the UK's most successful and influential groups of the Sixties. This comprehensive band overview draws on the hugley important Giorgio Gomelsky recordings that defined the sound of The Yardbirds during their pivotal period 1963 through 1966. The distinctive and groundbreaking blues style of Eric Clapton features on half these tracks, whilst Jeff Beck and his pioneering brand of swaggering, ear-bending, psychedelic rock takes lead guitar duties on the rest. The compilation features the group's hits from the era, including the top 10 singles “Shapes Of Things”, “For Your Love”, “Still I'm Sad” and “Heart Full Of Soul”, as well as “Stroll On” from the soundtrack to the cult 1960’s film ‘Blow-Up’ scored by Herbie Hancock. Part of a new and lavish “Best of” series highlighting the key artists in the Charly Records catalogue.


          1. The Train Kept A-Rollin'
          2. For Your Love
          3. You're A Better Man Than I
          4. Evil Hearted You
          5. Shapes Of Things
          6. I Ain't Done Wrong
          7. Heart Full Of Soul
          8. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
          9. Still I'm Sad
          10. I Wish You Would
          11. I'm A Man
          12. I Ain't Got You
          13. Stroll On (From The Motion Picture "Blow Up")
          14. I'm Not Talking

          Various Artists

          Shades Of Soul

            This first edition of ‘Shades of Soul’ is presented on 180g heavyweight audiophile vinyl in single sleeve packaging complete with liner notes and Club Soul insert.
            ‘Shades of Soul’ explores the sophisticated side of Northern Soul with a smooth collection of soulful recordings that have, over time, become known as “Crossover”. Here we have perennial dancefloor favourites from Gene Townsel, Johnny Adams, Eddie Billups and Jackey Beavers plus more recent reactivations such as “I’ve Just Got To Tell Somebody” by Gloria Lynne thanks to DJ Richard Searling. We also feature the rarest of the rare courtesy of Point Of View, The Harmonics and Gerald Taylor. Sixteen mid and up-tempo grooves that showcase the crossover from Northern to Modern Soul.

            TRACK LISTING

            Gene Townsel - I’m Walking Away 
            The Winstons - Colour Him Father
            Brief Encounter - (Don’t You See) I’m Crazy About You
            Gloria Lynne With Stanley Turrentine - I’ve Just Gotta Tell Somebody
            Johnny Adams - You’re A Bad Habit, Baby
            Eddie Billups - Shake Off That Dream
            Jackey Beavers - Lover Come Back
            Lee Bates - (What Am I Gonna Do) What Am I Gonna Say?
            Point Of View - I’m Superman
            The Harmonics - Be Your Man
            Touch Of Class - You Got To Know Better
            The Unexpected - Open Up Your Heart
            Bobby Foster -  If You Really Need A Friend ( Call On Me )
            Gerald Taylor - I’m Coming Home
            Doris Duke - The Feeling Is Right
            Ella Washington - Stop Giving Your Man Away

            Various Artists

            Sun Records - Flyin' Saucers Rock N Roll


              Four of Sun Records' biggest names on one superb EP highlighting the label's finest Rockabilly cuts. Featuring Billy Riley's clarion call 'Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll' together with Carl Perkins' hipster anthem 'Put Your Cat Clothes On', the EP also features an alternate version of Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee' and Warren Smith's magnificent 'Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache'. All four tracks came to prominence during the mid-70s European Rock'n'Roll revival.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Billy Lee Riley - Flyin' Saucers Rock 'N' Roll
              2. Carl Perkins - Put Your Cat Clothes On
              3. Jerry Lee Lewis - Drinkin' Wine Sop-Dee-O-Dee
              4. Warren Smith - Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache

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