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You - Remastered "Invisible" Edition

    Recorded in late 1973, You is the final instalment of the group’s Radio Gnome Invisible trilogy and was the last Gong album made before the departures of both its founder member and driving force Daevid Allen and its inspired guitarist Steve Hillage, who was soon to embark on his highly successful solo career. ‘You’ is undoubtedly the most sophisticated and best produced Gong album, its highlights including “Master Builder”, a gentle Buddhist chant which developed into a frantic live favourite, and the extended, synthesizer-driven “A Sprinkling Of Clouds”.


    Coloured LP Info: Clear "invisible" vinyl.

    Ann Sexton

    Loving You, Loving Me

      Mary Ann Sexton was born in Greenville, South Carolina, 5th February 1950 and is sadly one of the most overlooked female southern soul singers.

      She launched herself onto the secular soul scene at the dawn of the seventies as ‘Ann Sexton and the Masters Of Soul’ alongside her husband, saxophonist Melvin Burton.

      Her debut disc “You’ve Been Gone Too Long” (a Northern Soul masterpiece) was originally released on the local ‘Impel’ label before catching the ear of Nashville DJ/Producer John Richbourg who signed her to his ‘Seventy 7’ imprint. Her debut album ‘Loving You, Loving Me’ followed in 1973 featuring the single plus club favourite “I Still Love You” and the funky hit “You’re Gonna Miss Me”, Billboard R&B #47.

      Before the decade was out Ann had turned her back on the music business in favour of a career in academia. In 2003 her self-penned song “You’re Losing Me” (also featured her) appeared on the soundtrack to the hit movie ‘21 Grams’ reigniting her long-lost passion. In recent times she has appeared at several UK and European events wowing audiences with her unique talent.


      Camambert Electrique

        Formed in 1969 by Daevid Allen, one of the founder members of Soft Machine, Gong established itself as one of the most unique, innovative and experimental rock groups of the Seventies. Absurd, anarchic and powerfully psychedelic, ‘Camembert Electrique’ is the first proper Gong album.

        Originally released in France on BYG Actuel (a Charly label) in 1971, then licensed to a young Richard Branson for his fledgling Virgin label in the UK in 1974, this iconic and influential album is still devastatingly fresh-sounding in the 21st century. Weirdness, wisdom, outr rock of the ‘highest’ order - as you’d expect from the founding-father of acid-rock Daevid Allen.

        Camembert Electrique’ is released worldwide by Charly Records as a strictly limited-edition audiophile LP. The album has been remastered from the recently discovered original BYG master tape and pressed on 180-gram heavyweight vinyl. The LP is packaged in a lavish replica of the original gatefold sleeve, complete with all inserts.

        To the delight of Gong fans everywhere, the album’s original track listing, correct song titles and timings have been fully restored (they’ve been wrong since 1974....!). Samples taken from ‘Camembert Electrique’ have been included on Gong’s album ‘I See You’ (Madfish SMACD1023) recently released to critical acclaim. Gong are also performing a career-spanning live show which includes material from ‘Camembert Electrique’.

        “I have a distinct feeling that Daevid Allen is one of the few true geniuses that have been thrown up by the rock media . . . a Dylan Thomas of another age.” - Steve Turner, Beat Instrumental, 1971

        “This is a classic... Camembert Electrique remains undated after almost 30 years and hovers “strong and steamin’” over most of the Gong catalog.” - David Ross Smith, All Music Guide

        Johnny Cash

        With His Hot And Blue Guitar

          'Johnny Cash With His Hot and Blue Guitar' was the first-ever Sun album to be released on the label in October 1957. It included one side of Cash's debut hit single, 'Cry! Cry! Cry!', the classic follow-up 'Folsom Prison Blues' and the iconic 'I Walk the Line' which reached no. 1 in the US country charts and crossed over to the pop charts peaking at no. 17.

          Complete with sleeve notes by noted Sun Records authority Adam Komorowski and president of Sun Entertainment Corporation John Singleton, the LP has been remastered from the original Sun master tapes by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering Studios and cut to lacquers at half-speed for unrivalled sound quality by Barry Grint at Alchemy Mastering in London.

          The reissue series has been personally overseen by Singleton in Nashville and Charly Records founder Jean-Luc Young, continuing the long relationship between the companies begun by Shelby Singleton and Young over 40 years ago.


          Coloured LP Info: Limited blue coloured vinyl.


          Angels Egg - Remastered "Invisible" Edition

            Gong’s quintessential trilogy comprised of the albums ‘Flying Teapot’, ‘Angel’s Egg’ and ‘You’ are reissued worldwide by BYG / Charly Records, remastered in 2015 from the original tapes by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering Studios. ‘Angel’s Egg’ is not your usual progressive rock album. Very quirky, with many, mostly brief compositions, the album is a tad less spacy than ‘Flying Teapot’, with just a few psychedelic-inspired lyrics, and is very technically adept. This eclectic composition travels through several movements and time changes and comes across as a perpetually progressing piece. The album sees the classic Gong line-up in full swing with primo Daevid Allen vocals and lyrics, and Steve Hillage’s first full inclusion to the band bearing fruit with musical quality akin to his solo work.


            Coloured LP Info: Clear "invisible" vinyl.


            One Nation Under A Groove

              Masterminded by the larger-than-life figure of George Clinton, Funkadelic was a key element of his highly influential P-Funk empire. With their unique combination of rock, psychedelia and soul music, Funkadelic crossed over into the pop mainstream and gained an international following, becoming one of the most important groups in the evolution of funk.

              With their roots in the late 60’s, this boundary-defying creative powerhouse was a source of inspiration during the worldwide explosion of rap and hip-hop in the 1980’s and 90’s. Regarded by many as the greatest funk album of all time, ‘One Nation Under A Groove’ was recorded at United Sound in Detroit and includes a live track from their concert appearance at the Monroe Civic Center in Louisiana in April 1978. The band’s tenth studio album, ‘One Nation...’ was also their most commercial and its title track spawned an international hit (and a US R&B No.1).

              Renowned for their wacky, cartoon-inspired artwork this is one of Funkadelic’s most memorable and lauded creations. Featuring keyboardist and songwriter Walter “Junie” Morrison, the album also captures Michael Hampton at the pinnacle of his development as a guitarist.

              An original ‘clash single’ featuring two Alan Toussaint teammates going head-to-head on one northern soul classic including Willie Harper’s superior version on 7” vinyl for the first time inspired by the new 16-track all-nighter LP. The All-Nighter has been an integral part of “the scene” since the phrase Northern Soul first came into popular use following the now legendary Blues & Soul article entitled “The Up-North Soul Groove” in June 1970 by journalist Dave Godin (issue no.36). During the heyday of the Northern Soul scene the All-Nighter was the preferred format for the travelling soul fan. It separated the scene’s top venues from the hundreds of regional soul nights in pubs, clubs and community halls across the land. The All-Nighter was the ultimate experience and the only place to hear the best, the rarest and the breaking sounds spun by the leading DJ’s.

              Willie Harper’s originally unreleased recording of the Toussaint dance classic “Here Comes the Hurt Again”, a feature track on the All-Nighter compilation, is put into direct competition with its B-side recording from Lee Dorsey of the same track on this new 7” on Club Soul. Both recordings have recently been remastered for a sound that will take Soul revellers back to the heat of ‘60s dancefloors as though it were yesterday. Presented on dinked vinyl in single sleeve packaging.

              Point Of View / Cliff Holmes

              I'm Superman / I Need Ya' Baby

              Two rare and highly collectible modern soul dancefloor fillers from instant records taken from the sophisticated ‘shades of soul’ and northern soul ‘all-dayer’ LPs. Shades of Soul’ explores the sophisticated side of Northern Soul with a smooth collection of sixteen mid and up-tempo grooves that showcase the crossover from Northern to Modern Soul. The sound of the ‘All-Dayer’  evolved from a time when rare club soul was moving away from its roots in Detroit and experimenting with a new beat that coalesced at the legendary Manchester Ritz, which reigned supreme as the country’s most forward-thinking AllDayer. This created a melting pot of the very best of the underground soul scene, attractive to a wider, younger audience, leading to a national interest in Soul AllDayers, and eventually heralding the rave era.

              These two singles from 1975 on the standout Instant Records label showcase the power that high-heat Modern Soul had, and still has, on dancefloors across the UK. Point of View’s rarest-of-rare and fantastic in-demand single “I’m Superman” and Cliff Holmes’ “I Need Ya’ Baby” are both essential cuts for any discerning Northern Soul collection and are now available as one 7” in a single sleeve featuring replica Instant labels

              13th Floor Elevators

              Bull Of The Woods

                During a turbulent time for the Elevators, caused by drug issues and incarceration for vocalist Roky Erickson, lead guitarist Stacy Sutherland ran the recordings for these two albums, featuring a frequently-changing line-up. The result is this fine post-psychedelic rock album in ‘Bull of the Woods’, which features on Disc 2. The first disc is dedicated to the lost ‘third’ album; ‘A Love That’s Sound’ features alternate recordings taken from the original acetate, 2-track master and multi-track masters. Audio restoration and final mastering to disc was handled by Andrew Thompson at Sound Performance in 2008. The remastering and remixing were completed in 2007 by Walt Andrus and was engineered by Stuart Sullivan.

                Genre-defining, pioneering, unique and utterly timeless, The 13th Floor Elevators continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians. R.E.M., The Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, ZZ Top, Spacemen 3, Echo and the Bunnymen, Julian Cope and many more have covered their songs. On 10th May 2015, the surviving members of the band (Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, Ronnie Leatherman and John Ike Walton) performed a 50th Anniversary reunion concert at the Austin Psych Fest. So significant was the event, it was covered by the media worldwide and in the band’s honour, the name of the festival was changed to Levitation - a key track from ‘Easter Everywhere’.

                13th Floor Elevators

                The Psychedelic Sounds Of...

                  ‘The Psychedelic Sounds of...’, the Elevators’ ground-breaking debut from 1966 lays claim to be the first psychedelic rock album and is certainly the first to use the word ‘psychedelic’. Known for founder Tommy Hall’s use of the electric jug and Roky Erickson’s emotive singing of Hall’s poetic lyrics, the band influenced music as we know it, including material from legends such as the Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Jim Morrison and Janis Joplin. As well as influencing a genre, the Elevators developed a culture based on mind-expansion through experimentation with psychoactive drugs in a US state that had particularly harsh laws on their recreational use, effectively making the band members psychedelic outlaws.

                  Following a 49-year hiatus, the cult psych band returned in 2015 for a performance at the annual psychedelic festival in their home city of Austin, Texas, which changed its name in commemoration: from Austin Psych Fest to Levitation, a song from their second album ‘Easter Everywhere’. The event was recorded and will be released in 2019 by Charly Records in conjunction with International Artists.

                  This 2CD edition of ‘The Psychedelic Sounds of...’ is the ultimate deluxe edition of the album. Disc 1 is the original mono audio remastered in 2008 from the original vinyl. Disc 2 is the 1966 stereo audio remastered from the original 2-track master in 2009 by Paul Drummond and Andrew Thompson at Sound Performance and features the tracks in the band’s intended running order. Also included on the second disc are 5 ‘cold desk’ mixes made by Bob Sullivan during the band’s recording session, which provides a rare glimpse of the raw recordings before the band added echo and reverb.

                  The Litter


                    Minneapolis was their home turf. But in the decades that followed, appreciation for Distortions swelled to tidal wave proportions among fans of amped-up, ramped-up, balls-to-the-wall rock ‘n’ roll. Headlined by two red-hot, stone-cold killers, “Action Woman” and ”Soul Searchin’”’ both penned by producer Warren Kendrick, Distortions is arguably the greatest private-press garage band album of the era. The Litter formed in 1966 as a merger between two popular Twin Cities combos.

                    FORMAT INFORMATION

                    Coloured LP Info: Red vinyl with black swirls.

                    13th Floor Elevators

                    Easter Everywhere

                      The only 13th Floor Elevators LP to make the Billboard chart captures the group at their absolute peak. Released in November 1967, a year after their debut LP ‘Psychedelic Sounds of...’, the band, critics and fans alike consider ‘Easter Everywhere’ to be the Elevator’s finest work. Produced by Lelan Rogers, the music is delivered with an informed power and intensity of knowing. Even the quieter tracks, “Dust” and “Had To Tell You” display a restrained beauty and purity of vision which perfectly counterbalances the intensity of “Earthquake” and “Slip Inside This House”.

                      On 10th May 2015, the surviving members of the band (Roky Erickson, Tommy Hall, Ronnie Leatherman and John Ike Walton) performed a 50th Anniversary reunion concert at the Austin Psych Fest. So significant was the event, it was covered by the media worldwide and in the band’s honour, the name of the festival was changed to Levitation - a key track from ‘Easter Everywhere’.

                      Disc 1 is the rare mono version of the album remastered from the original vinyl - surviving International Artists suggests that as few as 120 mono stock copies were sold to order. The mono mix offers a more solid sound throughout, with a notable heavier bass mix compared to the stereo amongst other key differences. Disc 2 is the original stereo mix, remastered in 2009 from the 2-track master by Paul Drummond and Andrew Thompson from Sound Performance. The second disc also features bonus rare recording session outtake “Fire in My Bones”, which was remastered in 2007 by Walt Andrus.

                      The All-Nighter has been an integral part of “the scene” since the phrase Northern Soul first came into popular use following the now legendary Blues & Soul article entitled “The Up-North Soul Groove” in June 1970 by journalist Dave Godin (issue no.36). During the heyday of the Northern Soul scene the ‘All-Nighter’ was the preferred format for the travelling soul fan. It separated the scene’s top venues from the hundreds of regional soul nights in pubs, clubs and community halls across the land. The All-Nighter was the ultimate experience and the only place to hear the best, the rarest and the breaking sounds spun by the leading DJ’s. It was born in Manchester’s Twisted Wheel in September 1963, found its feet (its dancing feet) at the Golden Torch in Stokeon-Trent from 1970-72, and truly came of age at the Wigan Casino Soul Club from ‘73 onwards establishing itself as the premier National and even International event of the 70’s.

                      All 16 ‘All-Nighter’ tracks on this newly curated compilation have been remastered from analogue tapes and original vinyl. It is pressed to audiophile heavyweight 180g vinyl housed in a single sleeve complete with new liner notes and cover photography from Brian Cannon. ‘All-Nighter’ joins the All-Dayer in a growing catalogue of premium music on the Club Soul imprint - including crossover hits compilation Shades of Soul, and newly compiled LP’s that celebrate the clubs of the original Northern Soul Scene - The Scene Club, The Twisted Wheel, Wigan Casino Soul Club, Catacombs and the forthcoming The Golden Torch.

                      The Trashmen

                      Surfin' Bird - The Very Best Of

                        The ostentatiously self-proclaimed “Surfin’ sound of the mid-west” the Trashmen shot back into public consciousness when the single “Surfin’ Bird” narrowly missed the number one slot in the UK singles chart in 2010 after a massively successful online movement which arose from the use of the song in an episode of the popular cartoon Family Guy. “Surfin’ Bird” has also been recorded by numerous artists including the Ramones, The Cramps and the thrash metal band Sodom as well as being used in movies and television shows including Stanley Kubrick’s ‘Full Metal Jacket’. ‘Surfin’ Bird - The Very Best of the Trashmen’ also proves that they were more than a one-hit novelty act, as it features an ace cover of Dick Dale’s “Misirlou”, made famous by Quentin Tarantino’s classic cult movie Pulp Fiction, a selection of well-executed surf instrumentals, slightly surf-inflected covers of “It’s So Easy” and “Money,” and some specially commissioned surf and hot-rod songs

                        FORMAT INFORMATION

                        LP Info: 180g vinyl.

                        Gong’s quintessential trilogy, comprising of the albums ‘Flying Teapot’, ‘Angels Egg’ and ‘You’ was reissued worldwide by BYG / Charly Records, remastered in 2015 from the original tapes by Nick Robbins at Soundmastering Studios. The current line-up, which features Kavus Torabi (Knifeworld) following the passing of founder Daevid Allen, is enjoying the success and worldwide tour of 2016 album ‘Rejoice! I’m Dead!’ and have revealed the first of their 2019 festival appearances at the UK’s HRH Prog.

                        ‘Flying Teapot’ is an avant-garde collection of sound effects, jazzy improvisation and comic vocals, all displaying the group’s sense of humour and wacky approach to their music. “The Pot Head Pixies” and “The Witch’s Spell” are perfect examples of their unique musical style. It was also the first album to feature the psychedelic music innovator Steve Hillage, who would go on to become a full band member for the following two albums from the ‘Radio Gnome Invisible Trilogy’.

                        “In 1978 America’s Billboard Magazine voted Wigan Casino the World’s Best Disco. Over 4-million soul fans passed through the Casino doors, it really was a wonderful time.” - Russ Winstanley

                        While other clubs may be able to argue they were the birthplace of Northern Soul in the UK, few can claim to have the same popularity or influence as the mighty Wigan Casino. The venue became a Mecca for fans of rare, imported soul records, with a passionate, dedicated fanbase. No-one could have predicted the club’s enormity and impact on Northern Soul. Perhaps it was a combination of circumstances: the untimely demise of the Golden Torch in Stoke-On-Trent, the escape from the workplace that the “scene” offered, a sense of belonging, and something your parents couldn’t begin to understand!
                        This new LP album, presented on 180g heavyweight audiophile vinyl with sleeve notes, collects some of the classic tracks that were played at the famous club from 1973-81 including exclusive songs not on the 2013 CD edition (CHARLY661X).
                        It features a host of legendary artists including The Ringleaders, The Jerms, Ohio Players, Blanch Carter, The Inspirations, The Young Savages, Little Richie, Maurice Williams, Ron Holden, The Combinations, The C.O.D.’s and more.

                        The Ringleaders

                        Baby What Has Happened To Our Love

                        The Ringleaders were a 4-piece vocal group from Saginaw, Michigan. They signed to M-Pac! Records in 1966 as The Perfectos but changed to The Ringleaders ahead of their debut release 'Let's Start Over', a gorgeous teen ballad that was a local hit at the time.

                        It failed to chart nationally but later won the hearts of the UK Northern Soul scene for it's up tempo flip side 'Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love' which remains a popular dance floor record today.

                        Here, for the very first time, Club Soul proudly present "I'd Like To Win You Over", a stunning finger clicking dancer recorded at the same session as "Baby!" 

                        Reissued on replica m-pac! label, and is cut pure analogue from the original master tapes.

                        94 East Feat. Prince

                        Just Another Sucker

                          Charly turn up another essential bit of Prince here, with a 12" pressing of purple legend's earlist work. Formed in December 1975 by Pepe Willie (the former husband of Prince's cousin), 94 East was the Minneapolis-based funk group with which Prince first came to prominence. Willie was a key player in launching Prince's career, spotting his many talents and quickly enlisting the young maestro into 94 East (named after Interstate 94 in Minneapolis). Alongside Willie, Prince composed one song for them, "Just Another Sucker", newly remastered for this release along with "One Man Jam". These are two of a collection of epic tracks laid down by the band between December 1975 and February 1979, with Prince's nascent musical power to the fore. The band disbanded in 1979 when Prince became a star in his own right. And the rest is history...

                          Various Artists

                          Sun Records - Flyin' Saucers Rock N Roll


                            Four of Sun Records' biggest names on one superb EP highlighting the label's finest Rockabilly cuts. Featuring Billy Riley's clarion call 'Flyin' Saucers Rock'n'Roll' together with Carl Perkins' hipster anthem 'Put Your Cat Clothes On', the EP also features an alternate version of Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee' and Warren Smith's magnificent 'Red Cadillac And A Black Moustache'. All four tracks came to prominence during the mid-70s European Rock'n'Roll revival.

                            13th Floor Elevators

                            Easter Everywhere - Double Vinyl Edition

                              A double heavyweight vinyl edition of the Elevators’ acclaimed 1967 album featuring re-mastered mono and stereo mixes. Previously only available as part of the ‘Music Of The Spheres’ box set, this is the first official mono vinyl reissue of Easter Everywhere since 1967. Easter Everywhere was the 13th Floor Elevators second album. Widely regarded as the band’s peak, the album captures the band before the drug abuse, mental health problems and run-ins with the law that lead to their premature demise took hold.

                              ‘Their masterpiece. Easter Everywhere is an all-time higher key document. With a measured Erickson vocal and a blissful Sutherland solo, ‘Slip Inside This House’ is eight minutes of constant build: the guide for a new enlightenment. The rest isn’t bad either...’’ -Mojo

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