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Geoffrey O'Connor

For As Long As I Can Remember

    Geoffrey O'Connor, one time frontman for euphoric guitar pop band Crayon Fields, returns with his first solo album in seven years - but is it really a solo album? For As Long As I Can Remember is a suite of duets with some of Australia's most iconic modern singers, including Jonnine (HTRK), Sarah Mary Chadwick, Laura Jean, Sui Zhen and more. The album explores late night tales of unsublimated desire, a synth-pop cocoon world where obsessions drift slowly into the rear view mirror and exert an unsteadying backwards pull. Geoffrey's duet partners do not proffer easy love or solace, rather they challenge him, gently put him down, or glance back at a history of faded passion.

    Other guests include Nicole Thibault of Chapter artists Thibault, Jess Ribeiro, June Jones, Summer Flake's Steph Crase, Sienna Thornton (Cyanide Thornton) and Mystery Guest's Caitlyn Lesiuk. Sydney funk sophisticate Donny Benet appears on bass on two tracks. Since his previous solo album, 2014 critic favourite Fan Fiction (written up by Pitchfork, Spin, All Music and elsewhere), Geoffrey has released Crayon Fields comeback album No One Deserves You (2015) and an expanded reissue of 2009 classic All the Pleasures Of the World. He has also produced albums for Sarah Mary Chadwick, June Jones, Summer Flake and others. Geoffrey has appeared on records by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Donny Benet, been remixed by Chet Faker, and was a member of Melbourne psych pop band Montero


    1. For As Long As I Can (with Jonnine)
    2. Foolish Enough (with Laura Jean)
    3. What A Scene (with Sui Zhen)
    4. Renee (with Sienna Thornton)
    5. Strange Feeling (with Sarah Mary Chadwick)
    6. Precious Memories (with Remember Sarah Mary Chadwick)
    7. Catwalk (with Caitlyn Lesiuk)
    8. Tired Of Winning (with June Jones)
    9. Shelley Duvall (with Nicole Thibault)
    10. Tunnel Of Love (with Jess Ribeiro)
    11. Love Is Your Best Friend (with Stephanie Crase)

    Various Artists

    Strong Love : Songs Of Gay Liberation 1972 - 81

      Originally released on CD in 2012, Chapter’s landmark compilation of 70s gay musical pioneers gets a vinyl release for the first time ever – and on pink vinyl to boot! Strong Love explores the first wave of openly gay songwriting that emerged after New York's Stonewall Riots kickstarted the modern gay rights movement in 1969. It took just a few years for the defiant chanting and interlocked arms of early 70s pride marches to reverberate onto record, and Strong Love begins with one of the earliest known recordings of openly gay songwriting, 1972's A Gay Song by London hippie collective Everyone Involved.

      Across 15 tracks, the compilation takes in disarmingly personal folk, uplifting soul, outsider country and dark synth-rock. Eccentric one man band Chris Robison played with the New York Dolls and Elephant's Memory, while LA glam seducer Smokey saw members of the Stooges and Quiet Riot pass through his backing band. Steven Grossman was covered by Twiggy and Scrumbly & Martin are justifiably infamous for their work with San Francisco drag hippies the Cockettes. The songs on Strong Love illustrate the vision, talent and raw courage that drove 1970s songwriters to sacrifice popular careers for the sake of honesty and self-expression. Compiled by Chapter Music's Guy Blackman, with an evocative introduction from drummer Richard Dworkin (who played with Blackberri and Buena Vista and is one of the few to have witnessed many Strong Love artists first hand), the album is a powerful tribute to pioneering artists whose music has been neglected for too long


      Javi says: Tender folk, proto-synth weirdness, and some good ol' political stompers to boot - an important compilation worth buying for the track titles alone!


      Side A:
      1. Everyone Involved - A Gay Song
      2. Charlie Murphy - Gay Spirit 
      3. Blackberri - It’s Okay
      4. Smokey - Strong Love
      5. Robert Campbell - Dreamboy
      6. Mike Cohen - Evil & Lusty

      Side B:
      7. Lavender Country – Cryin’ These Cocksucking Tears
      8. Chris Robison - Big Strong Man In  My Life
      9. Steven Grossman – Out
      10. Tom Robinson - Good To Be Gay
      11. Buena Vista - Hot Magazine
      12. International Gay Society – Stand Up For Your Rights
      13. Scrumbly & Martin - Hots For A Hustler
      14. Paul Wagner - The One

      Digital Only (via Download Card)
      15 Conan - Tell OI’ Anita

      Crayon Fields

      All The Pleasures Of The World (Deluxe Edition)

        Melbourne, Australia minor key pop magicians Crayon Fields released their second album All The Pleasures Of The World in 2009. Just over a decade later they revisit this era-defining album with a deluxe vinyl reissue, including new liner notes and a raft of bonus tracks. All the Pleasures catapulted Crayon Fields from Melbourne hometown favourites to internationally acclaimed cult heroes. It was one of the year's most acclaimed Australian releases, earning a glowing review on Pitchfork and landing in countless end of year best of lists. The band headed to the US and UK/Europe for a series of tours, performing for KEXP, playing Pitchfork and Brooklyn Vegan shows at SXSW and CMJ and slogging their way from Austin to Estonia. In Australia they shared stages with the likes of Cornelius, Stereolab, Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Built to Spill. With its loping bass lines, swooning strings and eerie, hypnotic harmonies, All The Pleasures Of The World quickly assumed the status of a 21st century indie classic. The initial vinyl run sold out very quickly, and for the last decade fans have been harrassing the band for a repress. Crayon Fields have gone one step beyond, with newly penned liner notes from frontman Geoffrey O'Connor as well as Melbourne novelist/scriptwriter Anna Barnes (Content). The first pressing is in blue/green "galaxy swirl" coloured vinyl, and the band have raided their archives to unearth a trove of rare bonus tracks. These include single B-sides, covers of Abba, Roxette and Kath Bloom, and even moog-driven lounge instrumental versions of key singles Mirror Ball and the album title track. 


        Side A:
        1. Mirror Ball
        2. Voice Of Paradise
        3. All The Pleasures Of The World
        4. Timeless
        5. Celebrate
        Side B:
        1. Graceless
        2. Where The Light Isn’t Cruel
        3. Disappear
        4. Lucky Again
        5. You Could Wind Up Anywhere

        Digital Bonus Tracks:
        11. How Loved You Are
        12. So Much Time
        13. Come Here (Kath Bloom)
        14. Mirror Ball (demo Version)
        15. Take A Chance On Me (Abba)
        16. All The Pleasures Of The World (Moog Version)
        17. Mirror Ball (Moog Version)
        18. It Must Have Been Love (Roxette)

        First album in 8 years after serious accident. Produced by Geoffrey O’Connnor (Crayon Fields), Darcy Baylis and Travis Cook (Collarbones). Do With Me What U Will is the second album by Melbourne noir pop artist Jessica Says. Jessica's debut album We Need To Talk was released in 2009, but the following year Jessica fractured her spine and pelvis falling from a first-floor hotel window. Do With Me What U Will is Jessica's first new album after her long recovery. Inspired by her treatment in hospital, Jessica also spent the last years studying to become a nurse, and now works in a Melbourne hospital.

        The album was recorded with longtime collaborator Geoffrey O’Connor (Crayon Fields Summer Flake, Sarah Mary Chadwick) and features production on key tracks from Travis Cook of Collarbones and Melbourne electronic auteur Darcy Baylis. A classically trained cellist, Jessica moves seamlessly between hi-sheen pop and dark, string-driven confessionals. "The songs are about girlhood, mental illness and desire, mostly at the same time,” Jessica says. Do With Me What U Will is a vivid account of the progression from fiery pubescent longing, through adolescent anxiety/self loathing and emotional numbness, before discovering the possibility of a sexuality driven by desire rather than low self opinion. “The music is inspired by the women who guided me through the strange passage of adolescence,” says Jessica. “The sublime candy pop of Britney Spears and the emotional intensity of Dory Previn." 


        1. Xanax Baby
        2. Look So Good Feel So Bad
        3. Fairest Of Them All
        4. Collarbones
        5. Rock Candy
        6. Oliver
        7. Queen Of The Night
        8. Fun Factory
        9. Still
        10. Rosemary 

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