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Random Number

Towards The Forlorn Society

    Randomnumber is the alias of musician Matt Robson, based in Catmobile's home town of Leeds. "Towards The Forlorn Society" is his debut full-length, and at just under an hour, it's an epic, emotive work. Matt realises more fully the depth of a style that has been maturing and progressing since his early noisecore releases on FFR records and his critically acclaimed work for both Rocket Racer (Tristeza, Accelera Deck etc) and Mogwai's rock action. From the furious rhythmic intensity of "The Instances" and "If It Escapes And Gets Out, Then What Do You Do?" to the more brooding, melancholy tracks like "Still Treading The Same Lanes As Last Year" and "All Things Become History", Randomnumber has imbued his music with soul and emotion. Although his music is primarily driven by layers of intricate beats, it also incorporates finely tuned melodies rarely heard in the genre.

    I Am A Robot And Proud

    Grace Days

      Based in Canada, I Am Robot And Proud is the name Shaw-han Liem works under to create his singular brand of hypnotic, beguiling electronic pop music.

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