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Nyra knocks another one out of the park on his Canoe imprint, passing out the peak time pyrotechnics on a synth heavy tip. "Both Of Us Knowing" kicks off the set, pounding out the A-side with "Fade To Grey" chord progressions, electrodisco sequences and a dark new wave vocal which has the power to put any dance floor under your spell. The synth wave stylings continue on "Video People", as poopcorn sequences, swelling cosmic waveforms and roving bass rides a solid 4/4. Turning the clock back almost two decades, this could have been a smash from the electroclash heyday. Speaking of which, "Neon Glance" sounds like the follow up to "Emerge" Fischerspooner never managed to write - all high tension sequences, stuttering vocals and glitzy techno.


To celebrate the 10th release on the mighty Canoe, Nyra hits us with a limited reissue of two of his heaviest hitters, alongside a brand new sample house smasher. The freshly wrought "Take Me To The Water" opens the set with disco bass, sweltering strings and hot horns (the sound design on that og snippet hinting at an African heritage perhaps) flipped into a filter heavy, sliced and diced house heater in time honoured Nyra fashion. Over on the flipside, the producer takes us back to CANOE006 for the acid fuelled "On & On", a disco tinged pounder alive with 303 bass and those hard AF drums, before closing the EP with "Love Safari", the killer filtered edit of Gepy & Gepy's "African Love Song" which made CANOE005 a £20 12". 

Wetsuits at the ready! Canoe 009 with Nyra on the oars it promises to be a white water rapid listen!

"Make It" sees highly frenetic programming - drums, pad stabs and staccato bass - all firing on all cylinders before a well placed diva vocal courses through the track. Thought the 90s house revival was over? Think again?

"Xecute" also pays tribute to that most golden of decades as it collages vintage breaks, old skool idents and a charging B-line into a stadium techno masterpiece that's destined for big things.

"Comet Commuter" treads that recently re-opened path of 'Cornish Acid Optimism' (coined by one KP...), concocting a track that both Ceefax, Legowelt and Squarepusher could well be jealous of. Finally, "Globe Gazer" is pure starry-eyed nocturnal techno off the highest order - further cementing Nyra's addition into the galactic hall of fame. Top stuff. 


Sil says: Unapologetic techno a la Nyra. Nothing unfamiliar in this 9th installment of the series. Rave nostalgia and memories will fill the space in between canoes.

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