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Canoe is back. It has been almost a year since the last one. If you are not familiar with this imprint and their tackle, it is uptempo full-on dancefloor no frills affairs. Basically good house music that goes straight to the jugular. Even the buried and dead can easily be waken up to these beats.

On this release, Nyra -label honcho- offers us two full on 45rpm killer tracks. On 'Trust You' it is all about buoyant and technicoloured sparkling house music. The typical track that deserves to be huge, with a powerful sample and a devishly great use of a simple loop.

On the 'It's Your TIme' side, things do not get weaker. Actually the opposite is true. Nyra gets more playful and creative with the breaks offering you the same formula as above and keeping the feisty vibe well alive. It is on the fast lane of the house music highway and sits perfectly on a techno set when you need to shine a bit of light to your tunnel of darkness that you have buried your dancefloor with. Full of disco lick samples and mega punchy on the beats. This is the classic track that everyone in da club tries to shazam on their phones or is asked about continuously in forums on the worldwide web.

This, my friends, is the type of record that surfaces about once a month (if) and leaves the whole dance section of this shop bouncing to the beat and wishing the track did not finish. It shows you that among all the dross, there is always hope!

Absolute stomper! Sleep at your own peril. 


Patrick says: Ooof! Nyra fires up the studio for another batch of Canoe killers, this time applying the high octane disco house treatment to Mary Wilson's "Red Hot" and Oby Onyioha's "Enjoy Your Life". Peaktime crunch!

Nyra returns to Canoe for some more buoyant and technicoloured house music. "Sounds Of The Spectrum" has a welcoming air of familiarity; like all the best 90s house music with slick piano lives, rubbery bass and big strings, garnished beautifully with a killer diva vocal hook. "Resist Dance" sees Nyra explore the emotive and deep techno, more in tune with his release for E-Dreams as he deploys a rib tickling bass-kick combo and a charged aesthetic. "Galaxxy Haze" sees skitting shaker rhythms mix with wobbly synth stabs and piercing lead lines for a space techno saga of epic proportions; transporting you perfectly through the night sky in a blur of neons and lasers.

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