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Following a joint live performance in 2016, Butter Sessions present the latest collaborative effort from Albrecht La'Brooy (Analogue Attic) & Sleep D (Butter Sessions).

This EP sees AL & SD blend their respective styles in a stimulating way.
From 50 begins the EP with steady 909 grooves and a subtle oscillating acid bass that builds into another dimension.
Hotham breaks the pace with atmospheric space leads looking down on a mountain of kick drums.
Banksia is the most psychedelic of the four, planting seeds of heavily resonating synths atop of floating drum rhythms and warm melodies.
Lastly, Sleeping Patterns takes it down a few notches into a daydream of flute-like synths and distant nostalgic vocals.

Sleep D / Roza Terenzi

Shark Tempo / Paranoia On Tap

Australia's one-stop-shop for new techno and slamming house, Butter Sessions drops a double header from label mainstay Sleep D and current hot property Roza Terenzi.

'D delivers a ratcheting, high energy techno stream train, viciously laced with acid and lysergic fx delays. Undeniably from the producer's warped mind and intent on causing as much destruction as possible to the dancefloor this is Sleep D at his demonic best.

Fellow Aussie, Roza offers up a suitably ravey and breakbeat reinforced offering for this self-professed lover of 'anything bleepy'. Its warehouse themed framework rigid enough to withstand extended play in the more demanding nightspots, it cements this producer's already well respected reputation in the new school of the dance scene.

Heavy record from Butter Session this folks, recommended. 

Cale Sextons debut LP Melondrama off Butter Sessions is here and is here to make some noise. Last seen on the imprint with his club-minded EP East Link in 2016, Melondrama accumulates over 12 months work writing in studio.

Having taken a step back from live performance, the album is a marination of Sexton's musicianship, flexing his abilities as a bass-man, and incorporating live instrumentation and drenched arrangements to tell a vivid story. With the new found freedom of playing for himself, his inspired creations span electro-synth, deep milky way ambience and mutant drum machine funk. Produced as a solo act from the bass up, he's only accompanied on Previous Employee, with drums, synth and fx from Maryouss. His zonked imagination is brought to clarity by Corey Kikos' final mix, further animated via Ben Jones' sleeve design.

Full of emotion and adventure, the nine patiently durational earworms on Melondrama are a welcome antidote to the deluge of modern electronica that's designed for speed listening. Find a comfortable seat and let the mind travel.

Melbourne native Mosam Howieson debuts on his home town label Butter Sessions. Opening track "Napalm (Romance)" is an advanced technoid number, pulsing pads n keys resisting an enslaught of electro beats as the mix gets pushed ever closer into saturated headroom before reaching a heady climax. Next track, "Brain Scatter" sees Howieson goes in for a heavy drum workout bolstered by unique sound design and expertly crafted dynamics. On the flip, label head Sleep D steps in and expands on the minimalism of "Brain Scatter" with a hypnotic bassline and industrial leaning SFX . Wrapping up the EP we have one of Japan's leading producers Wata Igarashi, debuting on Butter Sessions with his signature take on deep electronics. Peak time acid infused techno glory at its finest! The Mebourne firm have done it again...

Sleep D

Space Pillow / Confusion

From the depths of the Jackal's den, or if you like, Melbourne Australia; Butter Sessions' label boss Sleep D emerges with two new deep techno cuts - on super secretive, screen printed 7" no less! Sequenced, manufactured & hand-printed in the suburbs of Melbourne, this locally made 7 inch features tracks "Space Pillow" and "Confusion". The former, wonderfully titled, is a deep analogous trip into rippling mind music. I can't help think this would be ace music to drop acid too - there's so much going on in the recesses of the mix that you're head would just go into overdrive! Really, really strong track from one of the new pioneers of the scene. "Confusion" graces the flip, another heady track for lysergic lovers, you can almost hear the electricity crackling through the circuits on the this one! Storming stuff and although you'll be cursing him when you're trying to mix a seven at 4am in a dimly-lit nightclub, Sleep D's delivered an artistically strong package here.... if you're into that sorta thing.

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