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The Autumn Defense

The Autumn Defense

    Broken Horse present the self titled and 3rd album by Wilco offshoot The Autumn Defense (John Stirratt and Pat Sansone of Wilco). After the release of their second album in 2003, The Autumn Defense, multi-instrumentalists John Stirratt and Pat Sansone, realized that there was indeed an audience for their Simon & Garfunkel/Bread influenced soft-rock that they hadn't truly appreciated, and like most things took some time to develop. "The Autumn Defense" is the culmination and continuation of what the band has reached for in the last two records, from the Philly-soul of "Feel You Now", to the baroque "Estate Remains", the bossa "City Bells" to the classic Southern-California sound of "We Would Never Die." Playing this album next to Wilco's Sky Blue Sky which followed "The Autumn Defense" a few months later, it becomes clear how integral both Stirratt and Sansone are to the current Wilco sound in what is looking likely to be it's most successful and enduring line up.


    Grow Up Or Sleep In

      "Grow Up Or Sleep In" follows in the melodic tradition of such North American greats as The Shins, Pavement, Built To Spill and The New Pornographers yet is fused with Connor's unique day to day lyrical examination of every day young American life.

      Cam Butler

      Go Slow

        Solo album from leader / guitarist from Silver Ray. "Go Slow" contains five Butler original alongside the re-working of the traditional sea shanty "Shenandoah". Although Silver Ray are often compared to Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky etc. this album goes much further. Imagine the atmospheric guitar twang of Friends Of Dean Martinez meeting the epic instrumentals of David Axelrod on "Songs Of Innocence".

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